Minn. Public Workers Get Governor Greeting

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota state employees are returning for their first full week of work after a prolonged shutdown, and some got a handshake from Gov. Mark Dayton on the way in.

The Democrat stood outside two state buildings Monday to thank state workers and welcome them back. More than 22,000 were on the sidelines for almost three weeks during a budget standoff between Dayton and legislative Republicans.

Most actually returned to work on Thursday when darkened state agencies came back on line.

While most workers at the Transportation Department’s headquarters stopped for a brief handshake, some state employees posed for photos with Dayton and one woman offered the governor a flower she brought for her desk. Dayton declined.

State workers won’t be eligible for back pay for lost work time.

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  • Jason

    I would have punched him in the face before I ever shook his hand. He and the other politicians of Minnesota didn’t do their jobs, and now he wants to act like it’s some big perk for the workers that were out of work to shake his hand. Yeah Dayton stroke your ego some more.

    • Marjorie

      You are an absolute idio6t. I hope you are now and never will be a state employee.

  • mike

    Yeah I bet those workers all sucked up to dayton , no one had guts to tell him what they really felt!

    • dave

      Only the the ones that shook his hand.

    • dave

      In your dreams maybe

  • The reality

    Off of paid vacation on to paid vacation.

  • Redneck Purist

    Wow, that’s soooo cool. Dayton greeted the returning workers. I just got chills.

  • Kevin

    Gov Google eyes (hide your money in South Dakota – then push to tax the rich….except you becasue you put your money in trust in South Dakota) has never come to my work to greet me! I hope he told them the days of govt unions are coming to an end as are they cushy retirement plants.. Gov Google Eyes and others like him just skirt tax laws….Go get those evil rich Goggle eyes…..but get yourself first….

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