Cougar That Roamed Wis. Killed In Car Crash

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) — State wildlife officials say DNA tests show a cougar that roamed Minnesota and Wisconsin was killed in a car crash in Connecticut last month.

The animal was killed June 11 near Milford, Conn. It was first detected by police in Champlin, Minn., in December 2009. Biologists used trail camera photos, tracks and DNA tests on biological samples such as scat and hair to determine it crossed the St. Croix River into Wisconsin and wandered across the state into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the spring of 2010.

The cougar would have traveled 1,055 miles in a straight line, a new record for movement of a known cougar. However, biologists believe it walked between 1,600 and 1,800 miles, traveling through Canada and down through New York into Connecticut.

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  • Mr. Me

    that’s a lot of walking for a sexy, older woman, too bad she got hit by a car though, I like cougars

  • Ellen

    And just how much did the DNR waste on tracking and testing this cougar?
    Just another example of government waste. Track criminals, not animals.

    • likes cougars

      Ellen wishes she was a cougar. Instead she is only a sow.

  • Finally, honest reporting

    All the dnr does is pick up random piles of scat and send it off to a local university like Mankato State for free testing. The results are then data based and later cross referenced like this case. Anyways…….That is amazing that this cat went that far! Only if it could tell its stories haha.

  • woodduck

    Wow, I’ve seen some Cougars from Minnesota in Cancun before, and they didn’t even make the news…

  • Dee Enar

    The Cougar was a /\/\ILF.
    Man… I will miss her

  • Red Neck Purist

    Never thought you could track one by looking at their scat. I need to start hanging out by the ladies room.

  • The Architect

    How did the cougar get a drivers license without a valid photo ID? Probably got free health insurance too…

  • Harris Pilton

    I know that cougar, she used to frequent all the bars in that area.

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