Dayton Calls Elections For 2 Minn. Senate Seats

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton has called special elections for two open Minnesota Senate seats long represented by Democrats — one in Brooklyn Park, the other in Minneapolis.

Dayton scheduled contests Tuesday to fill the seats of Sen. Linda Berglin, who is resigning, and Sen. Linda Scheid (schyd), who died last month.

Both special elections will be held on Oct. 18, with primaries on Sept. 13 if needed.

Scheid represented the Brooklyn Park area in the Legislature for three decades. Her seat has been vacant since she died June 15 after fighting ovarian cancer.

Berglin announced her resignation Monday after almost four decades representing Minneapolis in the Legislature. She is the longest-serving woman senator in state history.

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    Dayton sux.

    • Tea Bag

      Get off our side….

      This is a typical DFL response…..

      Grow up….

    • Sanity

      So do you. Just so you know it’s spelled Sucks, but who can blame your 3rd grade education

      • InSanity

        Your a bloody joke…you don’t say nothing about the GOPSUX guy!

        • InSanity

          Sorry..YOU’RE a bloody joke!

  • John

    kevin and I are flying to New York this weekend to get married. Wish us well.

  • kevin

    John, your a lib. and no one cares what you think. Now get a job with Oberstar. OPS ,he not working I forgot.

  • thgir


    It’s “you’re”, not to mention “oops”.

    • luvin kevin

      Isn’t it fun to mock kevin and then watch to see what his maniac response will be? I look forward to it every day. I love his spelling and grammar.

  • American made

    Maybe Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park will wake up and finally vote for someone who will represent them and not in there for themselves.

    • Spectre

      I’ll wager that you sit on your brains…

    • Jake

      Sure would be good to see, but I doubt that it will happen.

  • Kyle

    Hopefully, they will elect someone representative of themselves, ultra-progressives. John and Kevin I wish you the best in new york!

    • John

      Thanks Kyle. It should be a wonderful wedding.

  • Bring it on

    I love the idea…let’s see which way the people vote!!!!

  • Undercover

    With all the “victims” in Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis, I’m sure they will be replaced by good party redistributionists.

  • barrister

    Linda Berglin and Linda Scheid did more for healthcare,and the working
    people than anybody else in Minnesota

  • Dale Gribble

    Now Scheid can raise taxes in Hell! Good riddance to traitors.

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