ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Federal authorities say they’ve moved to stop a ring suspected of illegally netting and selling walleye on two Indian reservations in northern Minnesota.

The U.S. attorney’s office says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service led the weekend crackdown on the Leech Lake and Red Lake reservations. Spokeswoman Jeanne Cooney tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press no one has been charged in the operation, which also involved the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and local police.

Tribal members often are allowed fish with methods such as netting that are illegal elsewhere in Minnesota.

The Pioneer Press reports allegations of illegal walleye netting have floated for years around Leech Lake and Lake Winnibigoshish, both of which are partly within reservation boundaries. Leech Lake Band members can net walleye for personal consumption only.

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Comments (69)
  1. Testicles are now optional at birth says:

    Nothing like urine on our ancestors headstones. When are we going to repeal tribal rights and treat everyone equal????

    1. The Architect says:

      Here’s what I hear when I read stupid comments like yours…


  2. skaloc says:

    Why exactly do they have more rights than every other citizen ? (Gambling, Dual citizenship, Tribes Do not pay State taxes but get benefits like roads and electricity)

    1. The Architect says:

      They don’t. You just don’t understand the situation. I’m not surprised. Most people don’t. There are moron white people in the state of MN who think the Native Americans should fork over the amount of money the state needs to balance the budget. I mean dang… How arrogant and stupid can a whitey get??

      1. Supreme Court evidence says:

        No you do not get it. This is not about money. Go back to Rudy Perpich days and look over the facts. He with the stroke of a pen changed our ways just like that. Funny thing is it is semi not legal. If the states would have real power over the government like it really should be then this problem would be no more. But since things are ran by the all might president that is not the case here. My grandfather knows more about indian affairs related to the state of Minnesota than almost anyone else that is a resident here. Sit back with your two cent comments and shut the front door! I posted the first comment and I stand by it! If you knew half of what you speak about you would be a smart man, but you know nothing because you speak about everything.

        1. The Architect says:


          This is about an alleged fishing violation. Seems they should just address that issue, and not all of a sudden bring back the 1800s and rekindle the debate about what whitey should do with the redskins…

        2. too easy says:

          Trust me Supreme….if you see “The Architect’s” prior posts…..he doesn’t really contribute anything….just a bunch of words to provoke an angry response….

          I’m all for it though…..he’s just too easy to make fun of!

          1. The Architect says:


            Not for you, apparently. You can’t even contradict my opinions with facts or logic.

            What does that say about you? LMFAO. Talk about too easy…

        3. jordanj says:

          Another Democrat signing over what’s not his to give. They all share everything but what belongs to them, their entitlement. Look what Weiner took home!

  3. gonzo says:

    How unfortunate. This will certainly raise opposition to tribal fishing practices and tribal efforts to expand their fishing rights. Native Americans are humans too, and there are bad apples in every barrel. What would be interesting to know, is what the rest of the people on the reservation think of this. Do they feel they are within their rights to do this? Certainly this is something that is bad for the whole group.

  4. tom says:

    Fence them in the reservation, stop our elec and road repair to them, they want it all to be their way, well give it to them, cost to reconnect elec to them a nice million a year , they can afford it, their casino’s take our money yet they complain about FISH????? come on make it equal to all mns

    1. K. says:

      This the Red Lake Indian Reservation they are talking about and I don’t think they have a casino. In fact, I think they are the poorest reservation in MN. Just because Mystic Lake Sioux are rich, don’t assume all native Americans are. In fact, I know of some native Americans who are half Sioux, have their ancestry proven to the 1863 census, and still can’t become a member of the Mystic Lake group for political reasons. Political meaning, they have members on the board who don’t have one drop of native American blood in their veins and don’t want to share anymore of the lute.

      1. Leave your house for once says:

        Funny because the town of Red Lake has a casino. It is over a year old too. The other reservation they are talking about is in the Walker area. They also have a casino too. Would you like me to keep going?

    2. leroy aitkin says:

      tom, where is your ablity to think. the u.s goverment. put the native ppl on the reservation..these are the rights that the u.s. goverment to us. (from gonzo. bad apples in every barrel) every leech lake band is not bad. when i fish off the reservation i buy a state lic”s.. as far as casinos you choose to spend ur monsy at the casinos, i lose my money as well. i do not blame a whole race for actions of a few. read the historys books. tom who is buying the fish, other band members or non-band members .your way of thinking is a disease and spreads….. leech lake band member

      1. Lip service only hurts you says:

        Leroy your disease is called alcoholism. My cabin is technically on “your” reservation and I hate driving by the dumps you guys call houses. Put down the booze and pick up a shovel. “We” have been doing it for over a hundred years now. When are you guys going to start? I say this with exceptions to the few that this does not apply to, both white and dark skinned. I know a nice young man that went to school and is now a police officer up there. Very proud of him!

    3. The Architect says:

      The casinos don’t take our money. If they end up with yours it’s because you volutarily GAVE it to them.

      They don’t owe Minnesota a darn thing, Tom.

      1. Architect two and a half says:

        The casinos don’t take our money. If they end up with yours it’s because you volutarily GAVE it to them.

        They don’t owe Minnesota a darn thing, Tom

    4. Ignorance must be bliss! says:

      I see people talking like they know that everyone who lives on a reservation is in a million dollar house and has more money than they know what to do with. How many of you have ever been on a reservation? If you have you would never be speaking like this as they are as much a ghetto as any other place called “projects”. The assumption that all Native’s have a lot of money because of casino’s is just as idiotic as people believing that all white people are rich because they have been in power for so long.
      To the other idiots like tom who say “their casino’s take our money”, guess what moron, you were the one that gambled it away. Now you are mad at the person that took it? That shows the intelligence of the people posting. Trailer park trash trying to belittle people who live on reservations like they are more important and better than them…. Now that is funny! Your ignorance is showing, you may want to tuck that back in fool.

  5. Chuck says:

    As of now, I think we should change the pledge of allegiance from “one nation under God” to “one nation and a whole bunch of independant nations, under God” Why? Because that is what we in the US have!!!!!

  6. Richard Sadler says:

    We need a Racino to compete against this powerhouse of tribes. They have written handbooks on how to keep the elderly folks of minnesota coming back to there casino. Believe me I worked at Mystic Lake. They do not like any other race than there own! They have hundreds of politicians in there pocket book.

  7. Sue says:

    The article doesn’t say who was actualling doing it? Was it the native american’s or was it some one else?

    1. Sue says:

      Sorry……actually doing it

  8. Max says:

    Wow, it sure doesn’t take much to get the racism going on here , does it? As Sue implies, the article doesn’t say who is suspected, but some folks sure like to jump to conclusions consistent with their racist views. You all seem to forget that White folks essentially stole the land from Native Americans and spent a couple hundred years trying to eradicate their culture. You demonstrate a rather selective knowledge of history…

    1. me says:

      Yeah, and they spent a lot of their time trying to eradicate each others culture by fighting amongst tribes. But that would also be part of your selective knowledge of history. According to Max the only thing you need to know is that everything bad that ever happened in the world is the white mans fault.

    2. Tony says:

      “White folks stole there land” argument is getting a bit old. People have been conquering each other for ever. The indians were 100’s of years behind the rest of the world. There is a dirty side to the food chain sorry to say.

    3. Maxed out on bs says:

      The white man doesn’t use a net to catch walleyes! And the white man cleaned house on the natives! Its called a war. We won they lost. If it wasn’t for our kind ways they would still be in the dirt, and probably down in Arizona or Mexico by now. The Sioux uprising was nothing compared to what a gatling gun would have done back then. If you ask me they did not have enough ropes back then. Take the back seat Max your information is not worthy.

      1. The Architect says:

        So we should have treated the Native Americans similar to how Hitler treated the Jews and just exterminated them?

        I don’t think that would have been a popular decision, buddy… I’m just sayin…

        1. Architect two and a half says:

          So we should have treated the Native Americans similar to how Hitler treated the Jews and just exterminated them?

          I don’t think that would have been a popular decision, buddy… I’m just sayin…

  9. Tony says:

    There are reservations with 70% unemployment, 70% alcoholic, 50% obeseity and 50% diabetic rates all on the same reservation. But I supoose this isn’t their fault at all….. This is what happens when the government gives you just enough to get by so you don’t have to do anything. The casino arrangement is a joke, I won’t even go there.

    1. The Architect says:

      So… Lower than the regular public then…

      1. Architect two and a half says:

        So… Lower than the regular public then

  10. Sick of there sacred Bull S says:

    Careful they may find another sac red tree in your yard. You know the tree that there ancestors pi ss ed on 100 years ago.

    1. The Architect says:

      Your comment was meaningless and juvenile. Grow up. If you’re jealous of the Natives, that’s your problem. And if you’re not jealous, why are you still talking?

      1. The Enforcer says:

        Your comment was meaningless and juvenile. Grow up. If you’re jealous of the Natives, that’s your problem. And if you’re not jealous, why are you still talking

  11. dan says:

    The Native Americans are owed nothing. At the time we conquered their lands it was common practice throughout the world. At least we tried to give them reservations that they were free to live on or move elsewhere. No one is forcing them to stay on the reservation. If a US city had 70% unemployment, 70% alcholism and 50% obeisity as the comment above states, why would any self sufficient person live there? REason, they are given just enough free money to survive. The US, recently becoming the land of apologies that thinks we owe everyone for past actions.

    1. The Architect says:

      And the Native Americans OWE nothing as well.

      Let’s be fair. It isn’t your business or your concern if they have 100% alcoholism, 100% obesity, 100% unemployment.

      Worry about yourself.

      1. Your game is weak says:

        Your right. Lets stop stocking lakes on reservation land. We should lift hunting limits and season times. Lets encourage residents to not go to reservations. Lets also encourage hunting and gathering as much as possible as close as possible to all reservations. Lets stop the FBI coming to save the day. Lets spend tax dollars as far as we can away from reservations. Lets dump all toxic waste on or near reservations. We should drill wells next to all reservations and drain the water table and sell it for profit. The list goes but we do not do a single one of those things. In fact we do the complete opposite and all citizens pitch in. What has a tribe done today?

        1. The Architect says:

          The tribes don’t exist to please you or to provide you with anything.

          I dare you to do the things you mentioned. It would be fun for me to see YOUR mugshot on the front page, so I could mock how much of a hilljack you probably look like.

          1. Architect of fecal matter says:

            My dog is brown and I like tv! I just had to get down to your level and see what it was like. Not a fun place. Good luck down there buddy. The government will help you out when you want a hand up.

            1. The Architect says:

              Somehow I have a feeling you’ll be in line receiving your government help long before I ever would.


      2. dan says:

        I didnt say the NA’s owe us anything. My point that you missed is that we dont owe the NA’s anything.

        Yes it is my business when part of my taxes go to support an obvious disfunctional society that is not required to work to receive a free handout.

        As long as my tax dollars support this way of life I will make it my business.

  12. Chuck says:

    to The Archetect: But it is my business!! they are living on my tax dollars for the money they get each month, for roads, infrastructor, and for the help they need to battle the alcoholism etc. I have no problem with the Native Americans fishing with the same technology that they had at the time of the treaty, just not the waders, lights, motors, etc that they use now. The laws of harvest the we “non natives” have changed to refelct the differences in technology, shouldn’t their rules either change or be required to be the same they were when the treaty was signed?

    1. The Architect says:

      “The laws of harvest the we “non natives” have changed to refelct the differences in technology, shouldn’t their rules either change or be required to be the same they were when the treaty was signed?”

      Nope. That wasn’t the agreement. I assume you didn’t read the treaty.

      1. The Door-ca-tec says:

        Did YOU read the treaty? Please….enlighten on it Architect……

        More of his headline quoting without knowing the TRUTH!

        Oh…but remember…he makes a LOT of money! And is FINE with paying taxes…..with an ego like his (THE Architect….not A Architect….) you KNOW he is a wanna be low level office worker who goes home and builds things with his “erector set”…..

        1. Billy says:

          Dont forget, lives in the basement of his mom’s home!

        2. The Architect says:

          Wouldn’t it be “AN” Architect since it starts with a vowel?

          A low level office worker? LOL! I’m not even sure what that would mean. Like I’m a greeter at Wal-Mart or something? That would be a sweet job for someone, but just not for me.

          You crack me up with your theories and wild speculations about me though. I don’t know if I should be flattered about how much time you spend thinking about me, or if I should be worried that you’re stalking me. 😉

          1. Country Grammar says:

            WOW! Mark the books…you are actually correct! WOW! I missed an “M”….

            you must be right alot……

            (go ahead….tell me it’s “a lot”…..I can’t wait…)

            1. The Architect says:

              No, you missed an “N.”

              Indeed I am right a lot.

              But I don’t hold you accountable for that. It’s certainly not your fault.

  13. Tea-Pea says:

    You know what REALLY makes me laugh…..remember this was an issue a few months back….and some guy who I am SURE was a spokesman for one of the Indian reservations came out telling us we were over reacting….and we “didn’t know the truth”……
    And then this happens!
    THANK YOU DNR! I think the ONLY people who don’t think this is happening are the Indians that are NOT doing it! I am NOT saying we group ALL of them in the same boat (pardon the pun), but there is more doing it than ANYONE knows…
    To me, this is proof…..time to give them “equal” rights….
    I am NOT saying take away their reservations…or their “sovereign” land (and if a PRIVATE LAKE exists on that land….let them FISH it clean!!!!)
    But it’s HIGH time we QUIT giving them the tax breaks we do on the Indian run Casino’s, and the fishing rights they have on PUBLIC lakes!
    There are a NUMBER of good people who want to continue their heritage, and I feel we should support that….but your “heritage” does not include $1 Million dollar houses….and tax free living off of Casino’s, $50k SUV’s and TERRIBLE drinking/credit problems!
    Time for CHANGE!!!!

    1. CAPS LOCK BROKEN? says:

      DOES using CAPS on EVERY other WORD make YOUR statement MORE powerful? WHY do YOU cap WORDS like FISH?
      Please just type like everyone else, reading your posts are like reading a 2nd graders essay.

      1. Brain Broken? says:

        NO they ARE NOT! It’s called emphasis!

        So can you tell me what grammatical error(s) I made that placed my post on a 2nd grade reading level?

        People like you crack me up…..make all kinds of comments with absolutely NO information to back it up…I admit I may not be the most eloquent writer….but this is a Public forum….where your point matters more than your grammar…..but I guess…since this is the ONLY point you can make…..I have to remember who I am dealing with……

  14. Architect has never been accepted says:

    Laws of harvest have not changed to reflect harvest you tool bag. Harvest limits have gone down to protect the lakes for future generations. If natives want to fish like the white man, and live like the white man, than why do they always go crying back to a treaty that the white man drafted with their help 150 years ago? After all it is about spiritual rights, tradition, ways of living, survival, and conceded rights. Yet they want to wear air jordans and drive benz around. Haha! They flip flop more than you do at the gay 90’s, and on these posts!

    1. Trollin' says:

      Consider this the end of Architect in this discussion. He spews until someone calls him out. He will wait under the stairs until the next article comes out.

      1. under the bridge says:

        BINGO…..good call Trollin’……

    2. The Architect says:

      “Laws of harvest have not changed to reflect harvest you tool bag.”

      No provisions were set in the treaty that would call for this change based on your speculatory statistics.

      Ergo, it can’t be changed.

      Thanks for playing. 🙂

      1. thanks for nothing says:

        “Ergo, it can’t be changed.”

        Says who?

        Tell me where it states the treaty can not, will not, and HAS not been changed….

        1. The Architect says:

          The treaty does not allow for renegotiations or a re-establishment of adjusted treaty rights. Period. Do your own research, sir.

  15. Tired of the Ignorance says:

    How funny is it whenever one of these articles is published, all the Indian bashers come out of the woodwork to show their ignorance and jealousy?

    Don’t like that the Indians are granted rights different than you have? Well, guess what, other individual states have different laws from Minnesota as well. So until you change the laws and every single state abides by the same set of rules and there is only one set of rules, then stop complaining. Otherwise you appear very hypocritical.

    And I always love the “it was war, they lost we won so they shouldn’t have anything” argument. Here’s some food for thought, if it was a war, and if you did win, then why were the Native ancestor’s smart enough to sign treaties ensuring future generations were given these “special rights” you are so upset about? Who lost what there? Yeah, take your jealousy elsewhere.

    1. get off your horse Tonto! says:

      JEALOUSY? Sorry….I would MUCH rather have what I do than live on the Rez with a bunch of drug addicts ruining $1MM homes!
      I am JUST fine with my FIVE figure income, and as a matter of fact…part of that income is spent to support thise people I am so “jealous” of….

      It’s NOT Jealuosness…’s the RESPECT the Indian community claims they WANT yet have done SO much to ruin! Again…..there are a number of Native Americans that DO their best to keep their culture alive…but the majority are just on the rez to collect the check and ruin their liver!

      1. Tired of the Ignorance says:

        Funny, you had to comment even though you claim to not be jealous. In the words of Shakespeare “Me doth think he protest too much”. Bwahahahaha.

        Oh, and you might want to work on your grammar and spelling, just so you don’t come across as the ignorant ass you appear to be on paper. Just a thought.

        1. Grammer Police Cuff me says:

          Once again… grammar police seem to ALWAYS say “work on your grammar” yet why don’t you “correct” it? OK..I see I may have a miss-spelled a word…(heaven forbid…) or maybe miss-used a word there…..but this is a PUBLIC forum where a person’s point should be taken into context more than a minor miss-spelling or miss-use of a word…

          Once again….your ego precedes your point….sad people like you can’t look past surface issues and see the real point…..

  16. Tired of seeing IRS work cases on natives with $30,000 bi-monthly checks says:

    White man stood up and came to the table with a pen and paper. Natives brought weed and sage. White man felt bad for beat down natives so they said, here you go. White man thinks natives are lazy and worthless for the most part today so what more do you want Sitting BS?

    1. Tired of the Ignorance says:

      And the whole point of your whine was what exactly? To show the commentators here how jealous you are of the natives who receive $30,000 bi-monthly checks which you’re not eligible for? Was that your purpose? If it wasn’t, you might want to work on your jealous ranting a bit. You come across looking very envious.

      1. Tired of your EGO says:

        And you come across looking like a self-righteous egomaniac…..

        Your “handle alone shows you “THINK” your opinion is to be held in higher regard than anyone else’s….

        Well, I have a feeling your wrong….

        I think your numerous posts of this “jealous” card you’re playing shows you have serious self-worth issues….I think most people here are making the point it’s people like YOU that NEED to live off the support of others in order to validate your feelings of inadequacy…..

        I feel sorry for people like you..

  17. Reasonable White Person says:

    LOL so many angry anti indian nutjobs on tonight…I know you are angry that our ancestors didn’t steal all of their land and that we just got 99% of it…but you could probably let them have this, no>?

    1. Smart White person says:

      Let them have what…the ability to over fish (or net) a lake and possibly kill an economy?

      Here’s the scoop “reasonable white guy”…….The bottom line is we did win a war, and we have done plenty to support the Indians to keep their culture alive….but have you EVER driven through a reservation? It’s full of litter, un-kept houses, cars in ditches……I will be the 1st to say we should help Native Americans keep their culture alive…it’s unique and something they should be proud of….but face it…the majority of the Indians could give a rip about “heritage” unless it allows them to live tax free on the casino’s and/or allow them rights the “white man” doesn’t have for fishing and hunting!

      Again…I say give them “sovereign” land….and the ability to do what they want on it….but when it comes to PUBLIC land…..they need to follow the rules of the people that pay for their ability to “hold their heritage so close in their heart”.

      Wake up and smell smoke coming out of the teepee!

      1. The Architect says:

        They are following the rules.

        This story is an obvious exception, but they are following the treaty guidelines, and that is all they are obligated to follow, no matter how mad you get about it.

        1. SWP says:

          “illegally netting and selling walleye on two Indian reservations in northern Minnesota.”
          “Illegal” means rules or laws are being broken…..

          1. The Architect says:

            You didn’t notice where I said this story is an obvious exception to law following.

            Surely you don’t need me to repost it in an attempt to embarrass you, like you tried but failed to do to me, right?

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