RENTON, Wash. (AP) — Sidney Rice is headed west to join former Minnesota teammate Tarvaris Jackson with the Seattle Seahawks.

A person with knowledge of the situation tells The Associated Press on Wednesday that Rice has agreed to terms with the Seahawks. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because free agent signings can’t be announced until Friday. first reported Rice’s five-year deal with the Seahawks.

Rice is coming off an injury-plagued 2010 season where he missed the first 10 games, played in just six games and caught only 17 passes. A year earlier, Rice was among the top receivers in the NFL after catching 83 passes for 1,312 yards and eight touchdowns.

The 6-foot-4 Rice fits head coach Pete Carroll’s prototype of tall receivers.

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Comments (12)
  1. Jesse says:

    Bring on Hank Baskett…..Good job Vikes.

  2. Admin. of Chafin' Totz says:

    NOOOOOOOOO! this does NOT chafe

  3. Jake says:

    This is the beginning of the Minnesota meltdown, the dismantling of the vikes by the NFL. They are being parted out, just like an old junk car.

  4. Jack says:

    You bet Jake the Wilfes have seen the writting on the walls from all the bs Minnesotians that do not see the value and the tax dollars it brings to the state the total bs anti millionare sentiment and I am sure after watching all the moves to date say no more big spending and hey lets sell this team Minnesota doesn’t want to a market that will LA . WE suck and because of all the tree huggers anti any money people that elected the biggest joke ever Crazy Dayton here we will lose one of our great traditions.

    1. sad but true says:

      Nice statement???…???

    2. @ Jack says:

      you are a true imbecile Jack – and this is coming from a anti-Dayton guy.
      The joke is on you fools who collectivally won’t pony up to buy a billionaire his wants. You want – you pay. Or better still – take your MD 20-20 and follow thw purple bus.
      Go hump a stump you schmuck.

      1. me says:

        If you’re going to call Jack an imbecile, proof read your statement before you submit it.

  5. Joseph E. Blow says:

    Now let’s get rid of the migraine inflicted player. Rice was only good when Favre was good. Harvin was day to day throughout the season..It will only be good when you can have players that you can depend on no matter who is tossing the ball or or whether they woke up feeling okay this morning. If there is anything really wrong with the Vikings…and there is…it is because they allow questionable athletes play on their first teams. Hire some of the bad boys that are out there, get some attitude and….gosh…win some games!

  6. zee the reporter says:

    Good see ya

  7. Burt says:

    Rice gave one good year. He did little to speed up his recovery, little rehab, showed up out of shape and not really in the game. Not to mention he delayed surgery way too long. If he really wanted to contribute he would have gotten the surgey done right after the season, started rehab right away and been ready for the start of the regular season. Seattle will get to see his lack of commitment during the second year of the contract

  8. R says:

    the “Queens” get nothing for Rice or Jackson.
    What a deal

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