Norway Prison Conditions

Norwegian prisoners aren’t exactly living the toughest life, do you think a guy like Anders Breivik deserve this type of comfort. Photos of Norway Prison.

  • Not the only one

    There’s plenty of luxurious prisons here in the states. I’ve driven past a few that have golf courses on them. :/

    • Swamp Rat

      Did you read the msnbc story and see the Norwegian prison photos? If our country club light security detention facilities are not like the Norwegian prisons. If Norwegian legal experts and the Norse judiciary can pull it off Breivik will get 21 years [Norway’s max sentence] for every person he killed.

      If the massacre death toll is 80 persons, that’s 1680 years incarceration! How Breivik deserves his time in isolation and solitary confinement some where in Norway’s boondocks or on some far very remote island with out modern conveniences etcetera. Aren’t the Alcatraz dungeons available or some isolated outpost off Antarctica? Otherwise, There are a couple of isolated places, by deep fjords, in Norway where a Hangman’s Noose and concrete boots would solve Norway’s legal issues and Breivik’s problems forever.

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