St. Paul Chief Testifies At Somali Recruitment Hearing

WASHINGTON (WCCO) — St Paul’s top cop told a congressional committee in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday that a youth outreach program is making inroads in the Somali community.

St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith was among those testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee on the recruitment of young Somalis by al-Shabab. He said a police mentor group is having success.

“We find new examples every day where Somali-American youth confide in their police officer-mentors about their family, their school and their own personal problems and issues,” he told the hearing.

“They also speak candidly about their own concerns for friends and family who may be on a troubled path or may be among those missing,” Smith said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

More than 20 young men are believed to have traveled from Minnesota to Somalia to join the terror group.

  • The Outdoorsman

    That’s about the worst looking moustache I’ve seen since 1945…

    • Jonny Wad

      looks like a porn star!!!

  • cut em all down

    Really… takes the St Paul Police Chief to talk to the Fed’s about stopping this?

    I say just give him free reign to do what it takes to stop this!!!! ZERO tolerance for this type of activity!!!

    • Mike

      Did you read the article dimwit? He went to Washington to talk about an outreach program that he is using with Somalia youth and the productive outcomes.
      Zero tolerance is something your mother should have used on you. Maybe you would have learned how important it is to understand an issue before you open your blow hole and make a fool out of yourself.

  • Victim mentality

    Thank you Chief Smith for making some progressive changes to the SPPD.

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