Wis. Man Can’t Win Girlfriend Back With Sympathy

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A South Milwaukee man learned the hard way he couldn’t win back his ex-girlfriend by getting himself shot.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports 20-year-old Jordan Cardella, a felon, didn’t want to shoot himself because felons aren’t supposed to handle firearms. His friend, 20-year-old Anthony Woodall, refused so Woodall asked 24-year-old Michael Wezyk to do it in exchange for money or pain pills.

Court records say Cardella wanted to be shot in the chest or back multiple times, but Wezyk shot him in the arm at a South Milwaukee park in January.

Wezyk and Woodall got two years probation and 100 hours of community service at hearings this month. Cardella was initially accused of lying but the charge was dismissed.

The prosecutor said the case was “the most phenomenally stupid” he’s seen.

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  • Darwinism

    Shoulda died. Save us court costs.

    • Darwin Fan

      Yes Darwin’s law works very well if people let it.

      • Patrick Shull

        Well Darwin didn’t win this time, but he came really close. But again we are talking about Wisconisinites, where they get drunk and run amok on riding lawn mowers and other stupid stuff.

        • The Architect

          We know that no Minnesotans have ever been charged with DWI for being hammered on a lawn mower, right?

          Do you need links to stories showing them, or are you going to retract your moronic statement that outed you as a dullard?

          • Duh

            The only dullard on this website making moronic statements is Architect

            • Iconoclast


  • dan

    I’m speechless! What the hell was going thru this bro’s mind?

  • Me

    I’d hate to see the case where the prosecutor says it eclipses the one where the man had himself shot to win back a girlfriend.

  • Archislob

    That crack dont smoke itself……shat man!

  • drts

    The line “I’d take a bullet for you” used to work with the ladies. Just in theory, apparently..

  • ima rite wing dope

    gunz iz gud!!

    • guns4ever

      its spelt gude dumy

  • Archipoop

    Crack don’t smell itself either…

  • littletingod

    This is why some people shouldn’t breed.

    • Guy

      Well; at least he won’t get the chance to with THAT gal …

  • Sam Maass

    Dude you are a LOSER!

  • The Architect

    I was outed in High School after being spotted making out with a guy when we camped out in my backyard..OMG I wanted to die soooo bad..But I learned to embrace my sexuality & be so proud of who I am..It DOES get better!!

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