ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The number of abortions has declined for the fourth consecutive year in Minnesota, hitting what may be an all-time low.

Physicians performed 11,505 abortions in 2010, down 7 percent from a year earlier, the Minnesota Department of Health reported.

Groups for and against abortion both claimed credit.

“We think it’s really because of the access to affordable birth control,” said Tim Stanley, spokesman for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The agency was the largest provider of abortions in the state last year and also offers contraceptives to patients.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life attributed part of the decline to state support for a program called Positive Alternatives, which promotes alternatives to abortion such as adoption. The organization, which opposes abortion, said more than 25,000 women statewide were helped by the program between July 2006 and June 2010.

“This is the lowest abortion rate ever reported in Minnesota, so that’s a big deal,” said Scott Fischbach, executive director of MCCL.

Health officials say the rate of abortions in 2010 may be an all-time low with 10.1 procedures per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44. It rivals a rate of 10.3 per 1,000 women in Minnesota set in 1975, when the state initially began collecting data. The most recent rate is based on a 2009 population estimate, which could change once the 2010 population figure is available, according to state health officials.

Fischbach noted that the number of teens getting abortions in 2010 dropped by nearly 17 percent compared with 2009. Last year, 482 girls age 17 and younger got abortions, compared with 579 the year before.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press said that of all women who had abortions in 2010, 3,727 cited economic reasons for having the procedure. That number has steadily declined since 2007, when more than 40 percent of women referenced economic factors in their decisions to have abortions.

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Comments (77)
  1. Sgt. Johnson says:

    48 Million dead since 1973 and most for the sake of convenience….God help us

    1. The Architect says:

      If abortions were made illegal in 1973, that number would probably be 50 million.

    2. Tom L says:

      ….and about 48 million less on welfare, in the prison systems, not paying taxes, etc ,etc. maybe a lil’ less than that.

      1. Sgt Johnson says:

        Yes Tom L because those on welfare can afford an abortion…. …. …. I cant stop shaking my head at your comment…. ….. ……

        I hope you feel pretty good M.r its ok to be alive because I pay my taxes. The universe of life has no right to be alive unless it

        1. Isnt on welfare
        2. Isnt in Prison
        3. Is paying taxes
        4. ect ect according to Tom L


        1. Tom L says:

          well sarge, anyone can afford an abortion…one reason why there are so many of ’em…dont be so biased.

          You’d understand what I was saying if you just took a look around you, read a few newspapers and/or tuned in “CCO tv or radio every so often. But then you’d have to stop shaking your head to see things clearlly.


          1. Mike says:

            TOTALLY AGREE WITH TOM 100%

            Now imagine if abortions were illegal, the unwanted kids are poorly raised, neglected and become Sociopaths (which is already happening) and then end up killing one of your kids. Puts a very real but scary twist on the subject.

            The horrible truth, in this realistic day of world being over populated with dwindling resources, we simply must have abortion until a perfect kind of birth control is set in place with a system to back it up.

            1. Sgt Johnson says:

              IP check aisle 3

              1. Jose says:

                So instead, we let millions of Mexicans into the U S

      2. mylifemychoicestayoutofit says:

        I agree Tom .

    3. Ned says:

      tell me Sgt Johnson how many people are in this world currently? how many can this world sustain? how many are added to this world every day? what will the population be in 2050 if we stay this course?
      answer those question PLEASE!!!!

      1. Sgt Johnson says:

        Ned you go first or please keep quite while we figure this out in the real world. Dont let some little baby die for you let them live a life worth living. Man up

  2. Anna says:

    ” most for the sake of convenience”

    How do you know this? Did you interview the women?

    1. The Architect says:

      I’m not going to argue for or against abortion, but almost all abortions are for the reason of not wanting to have a baby or not being able to afford a baby, according to statistics.

      There isn’t even a measureable percentage that are performed to save the mother’s life.

      So yes, he’s right. They are done for convenience in almost all cases.

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        How many times have you been pregnant, Architect?

        1. The Architect says:

          Twice. You?

          1. Todd W. Olson says:

            None, and it seems to me that I’ve made an erroneous assumption about your gender. In which case, I owe you an apology.

            1. The Architect says:

              I doubt it. I’m male.

              But when my child is in utero, I consider myself an active part of that pregnancy.

              I doubt that qualifies as “being pregnant” in your opinion, but that is not my concern.

              I’ve never “getten someone pregnant” but I have been pregnant twice WITH my partner, and have fathered two near-perfect children in those pregnancies.

              1. Hope I never meet you says:

                You’re a dad? Sad.

              2. Todd W. Olson says:

                Oh, then you were obfuscating. I retract my attempt at civility and decency. I find it troubling that you would trivialize a pregnancy by deeming it a mere issue of convenience.

                1. The Architect says:

                  I think you misunderstood me, sir.

                  I’ve trivialized nothing.

                  I’ve simply stated that most abortions (almost all) are done because the pregnant woman didn’t want a baby.

                2. The Architect says:

                  And I was not using intentional obfuscation.

                  Every time I have had a child about to be born, I have referred to the pregnancy as “we are pregnant with our child” not “you are pregnant with my child.”

                  Is that a more clear representation of what I meant to get across to you?

              3. Mike says:

                @The Architect … YOU SERIOUSLY MAKE MY DAY!!! I love your humor and the way you think.

                1. The Architect says:


                  I have to admit, I don’t hear that often. 😉

              4. sad but true says:

                How’s that gag-reflex working for you……ishy!!!

  3. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    One does not have to…the cases of REAL health problems for women are under 1%. It is nothing but an inconvenience. If she does not have financial means to support a child there is a long line waiting to adopt.

  4. father says:

    Whatever Anna, OK, 48 million were due to “Medical” issues.

    Yeah, right.

    Tell me Anna, for those pregnancies that are not crimes, and medical issues, when can the mother stab the baby? Fetus

    12. After birth, but before the cord is cut
    11. At birth but the baby is still in the birth canal
    10. Start of contractions
    9. 9th month of pregnancy
    8. 8th month….
    7. 7th month…
    6. Etc.
    5. Etc.

    When do you feel the mother should not be prosecuted for murder? Forget religion, when do you feel it is not murder?

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      No doubt, “father”, you feel that anyone who masturbates is guilty of murder, as the seed is spilled and no child is born. Be fruitful and multiply, etc, etc.

      1. Father says:

        Answer the question Tom.

    2. The Architect says:

      Whether you would have or recommend an abortion, making it illegal is a pointless endeavor. Abortions will not stop even if it IS illegal. They will still be performed, only a higher percentage of women will die during or after it.

      Who is suggesting we make it illegal and build a thousand more prisons to house the dangerous aborters and their doctors? Show of hands?

      1. Mike says:

        FULLY AGREED … wow the voice of reason and logic with some basic insight and foresight… AMAZING

        1. The pointless arch says:

          What a stupid reply, ok, people are getting shot, so let’s legalize shooting someone. Then they won’t have to do drive by’s and people can shoot each other in hospitals.
          I know, we can use tax payer money to open shooting clinics for gangs. Fund it from planned gang hood.

    3. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

      Well said, ABORTION IS MURDER!! And us taxpayers are footing the bill!

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        The courts say otherwise. You do believe in law and order, don’t you, Marky?

      2. Tom L says:

        Id rather pay the one time fee than paying to raise a delinquent the next 18 yrs of its life…and thats 18 yrs only if it doesnt become a member of the prison system. about $35k a year per tax payer per prisoner.

        You tax waste folks need to do a bit more research into the potential cost on taxpayers overall…bigger picture here.

    4. LM says:

      I would say father put a rubber on it!

  5. Joey JoJo says:

    You are against abortion then don’t have one! Pretty simple.

    1. Good Point says:

      Agreed. I don’t feel abortion is right but that doesn’t mean I get to force my beliefs on others.

    2. Rand Hinton says:

      nothing is furtherist from the truth… MURDER IS THE AGENDA OF … Planned Parenthood … THE ABORTIONISTS ARE .. MURDERERS … THE MOTHERS ARE .. MURDERERS … THE GOVERNMENT ARE …. MURDERERS….Every abortionist should be put on DEATH ROW!

  6. Pamela says:

    I wonder if there is any stats on miscarriages. There are claims by some saying we are getting drugs in our systems that are designed to cause miscarriages.

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      There are claims be some that fluoride in the water is a communist plot.

    2. Mike says:

      The world is becoming over populated with an alarming decline in resources to feed the critical mass of humans on the planet. I’m not surprised if the government, one day, makes a law that people must have a license to procreate.

  7. Tom L says:

    good news……

    too bad we cant bring down the amount of people making other peoples bid’niz their bid’niz as well. but i guess if one doesnt have a life…whatelse is there???

  8. Sgt. Johnson says:

    Todd W Olson your just trolling you have nothing real to add here. Its true at least 48 Million less on this planet in the USA alone since 1973. We can try to justify it any way we want the deaths are already done. Their is no coming back for 48+ million silenced voices. Was their medical…sure was it 48 million medical reasons…..stats tell us by far the answer is no.

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      No, Sarge, I have plenty to add. Abortion is legal in the US, so says SCOTUS. If you don’t like it, you can pray on it.

    2. The Architect says:

      Sgt Johnson, if abortion was illegal, those 48 million would still have been aborted. Additionally, many of their mothers would have suffered and died in basements and bedrooms after botched “home abortions.”

      You seem to not want to acknowledge that major point here.

      1. Sgt. Johnson says:

        Right so 48 million would have been aborted without making it legal. Maybe we should make it legal to take the life of someone who disagrees because without making it legal we would have to suffer through botched “home killings”. Do you know how insanely one sided your comment is? You dont even know the facts as posted above. Unreal some of these people…we fought for your stupidity and now we get to enjoy it.

        1. The Architect says:

          What should be done to women who have abortions? Prison? Death Penalty?

          What should be done to doctors who perform abortions? Prison? Death Penalty?

          Thanks in advance for your honest answers.

          1. Be honest says:

            If you see someone on the street kill a 1 day old baby, what would you do to them?

            1. The Architect says:

              I’d prefer you answer my questions prior to being posed any in response. Thanks.

        2. PL says:

          maybe you should cut your hmmmmm off!

  9. Sgt. Johnson says:

    Yes your wisdom preceeds you Todd W. Olson. Its also legal for me to slip on your grass 100 times and break my neck and sue you out of house and home. Does it feel like its ok now Todd W. Olson? When you say “you can pray on it” does that mean your not religious Todd W. Olson? Is that a stab at your assumption that I am religious Todd W. Olson? So far your assumptions havent gotten you very far have them Todd W. Olson? It is possible you may need to soak your head Todd w. olson….but then again your Todd W. Olson the great and your narccisistic behavior is always justified isnt it Todd W. Olson. What would you know about suffering Todd W. Olson? Or is this Todd W. Olsons way of wasting his day commenting on how Todd W. Olson has “plenty to add” without Todd W. Olson adding much of anything.

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      It seems to me that you have some bizarre ideas about the legal system, Sarge. And some anger management problems, too.

  10. Sgt. Johnson says:

    Keep enjoying the Kool Aid Todd W. Olson?

    Sgt. Johnson
    – Psych profile professor USMC
    “You’ve just been served”

    1. Tom L says:

      whatever…whats a psych prof doing arguing peoples opinions this controversial? I would think one would know better.

      by the way, Tom L – employee of the month, Ramsey County Library
      “you have just been called out”

      1. Sgt Johnson says:

        One does know better however one reserves the right to speak and the right to be spoken to and sometimes the right to be spoken for. What rights do you reserve? Some reserve the right to kill at their convenience. Willingness to abide by your conscience does not make one controversial however a differing point of view can attest to this without having to bear the witness of proof without himself becoming a burden….even if he is “employee of the month”

        1. Tom L says:

          “One does know better however one reserves the right to speak and the right to be spoken to and sometimes the right to be spoken for. What rights do you reserve?.”

          I’m a “one” too with an opinion and chose to express it. I just dont find it necessary to make up what I do for a living to justify my opinions.

          Abortion is a necessary evil – thats just a fact of life. Getting rid of it will only add to the death toll, not decrease it.

    2. Todd W. Olson says:

      Try to make up a somewhat believable job-title when you try to impress people, Sarge.

      1. Sgt Johnson says:

        Here is waht I have gathered from your posts.

        1. Liberal who takes lunch between either 11:00-12:00 or 1:00-2:00 but is more a anarchist than a liberal
        2. Most likely an athiest
        3. Obvious stand on abortion if pro-choice
        4. Displays arrogance, narcissism and constant battle
        5. Due to the long name comes from upper middle class family but most likely a college dropout
        6. Is most likely laid off and/or underemployed
        7. Is an avid reader however is drawn to politics
        8. Listens to WCCO and also likes to post and engage in argumentative exchanges on WCCO and news websites
        9. Most likely divorced and angry about his ex wifes cheating
        10. Smokes

        1. Todd W. Olson says:

          30% is pretty lousy for a PhD profiler, Sarge.

  11. Tired says:

    Of course the abortion rate dropped…MN has one of the most generous welfare systems around. It’s much easier to make the decision to have/keep a baby when you know there’s going to be a check in the mail every month. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I bust my a** working 3 part-time, minimum wage jobs–barely making ends meet–and all because my parents raised me right and taught me that you have to work for a living. Not just lay down for it

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      Yet another conservative who is oh so concerned about the unborn child, right up to the moment it is born.

  12. debs says:

    Well, how about needing an abortion because you child is dead inside of you! Yep…been there, so all of you men and women with no sense…please keep it to yourselves. I am glad that abortion is legal for whatever reason…

    1. Sgt. Johnson says:

      That makes up less than .02% Debs so the rest of the 99.08% is good to die “for whatever reason”?

      You people who defend the right to kill yet wont defend an innocent child may if your lucky have a change of heart before its too late.

      More killed by abortion than the halocaust yet some support it vigorously because they are afraid that they may be inconvenienced. Their is something deep inside of you people that is wrong.

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        Oh, yeah. You’re a PhD. It’s obvious…

  13. The draftsman says:

    The Architect and Les Johnson. The dynamic duo.

  14. jan says:

    If men were the ones who got pregnant, abortion would always be legal and they wouldn’t be shouting their holier than thou garbage.

    1. Chris says:

      Have you had a baby? If they would broadcast abortions, show the heart beat stop when the doctor sucks the brains out, I think more people would be better informed.

      It is so convenient that it is done so privately. If you witness someone kill a baby on the street you would be horrified.

  15. Rosemary says:

    I call forth the righteousness of God in this Nation to rise up across this land. I declare in The Name of The Most Holy God, that the Abortion clinics in this Nation will become a reproach, a shame, and a byword, that all funding and financing of these Abortion clinics will dry up and that these clinics will close permanently. The slaughtering of the unborn, the murdering of a child will become illegal and tolerated no longer by anyone in this Nation; and that the abortionists and their assistants will be criminally charged with murder. Since When is murder ok? WAKE UP AMERICA! I Call Forth a Cleansing of the Justice system with the Election of new Justices who will uphold the Rigteousness of this Nation and The Principles of our Founding Fathers as written in The Constitution of The United States of America, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights, and of Good over Evil in this land from State to State, North to South and East to West. I Declare that Political Correctness will no longer be the standard in the land and in the mind of the thinking of the people of this Nation. Since when is Lawlessness ok? The Righteous are as bold as a lion! WAKE UP AMERICA! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! “Let God Arise, Let His Enemies Be Scattered, Let Them Also That Hate Him, Flee Before Him.” Psalm 68:1 “RIGHTEOUSNESS Exalteth a Nation: but SIN is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34. Amen.

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      Check it at the door lady. 1st Amendment trumps all that.

      1. Sgt Johnson says:

        Your a troll go back to your cave

    2. Tom L says:

      …and Im still wondering how God is able to have a child out of wedlock…and then hang said child on a cross at a public execution…yet being made in his image, we are expected to somehow be held to a higher standard and not allowed to do those things – per the 10 commandments and what not. Lest we be exhaulted to eternal damnation in the firey pits of hell…meanwhile, the lead criminal is enjoying the perks of heaven.

      Tell me Rosemary…in the name of the forth righteuosnesses of the most Holy God….hows that?

      Thou shalt not bear false prophecy! Its somewhere in the bible, dont remember the verse. Im sure you now though, right?

  16. Sgt Johnson says:

    Tom L, Mike and Todd W Olson share the same IP. Stop trolling

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      Bravo Sierra, Sarge.

    2. Frank Rizzo says:

      How funny, that the “Sgt” gets frustrated and resorts to making bogus claims to be able to hack the WCCO website to find everybody’s IP addresses.

      Sorry, nice try, but it isn’t believable.

  17. Sgt. Johnson says:

    You will slip Todd W. Olson

  18. Pat says:

    The only difference between a baby born and a dead fetus?

    The baby had a responsible mother!!!

    The other one, a murderer.

    Have fun going out drinking and getting laid again mothers. Spread’em and murder again.

  19. Dripable says:

    You are exactly correct with this one..

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