MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There was a dramatic rescue at Minnehaha Park on Wednesday.

A toddler strapped into a stroller slid down an embankment and fell into the Minnehaha Creek, just past Minnehaha Falls. The incident happened as the child’s mother stopped to take a photograph. That’s when the stroller apparently rolled down the hill off the embankment.

Fortunately, the toddler survived, despite the raging current due to all the heavy rainfall Minnesota has gotten recently.

Witnesses at the scene said the baby’s mother tumbled, too as she was going after her baby, a 16-month-old girl.

A Good Samaritan came to the rescue. WCCO-TV talked to him on Thursday and he didn’t want to be identified, but his family is very proud of him.

If not for the man’s actions, the woman might be mourning the loss of her child instead of counting her blessings that her daughter is still alive.

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  1. minnesota mom says:

    See there still are nice people in minnesota… thank you mystery man you did an amazing thing an not many people would have done what you did. Glad mom and baby are ok!!!

    1. The Architect says:

      The man’s name is Norm Friedman, and he is from Arizona, not Minnesota.

      1. @architect says:

        Is there anything you don’t know. I’m simply in awe of your wealth of knowledge. And you must be so successful because you spend all day on the computer yet still earn enough money to live in your fancy house out in the ‘burbs and drive your Denali. Or is it a Neon? It depends which posting one reads, I guess.

        1. The Architect says:

          Hmmmm, probably.

          Ask me something, and I’ll do my best.

          I’m phenomenal at trivia games by the way. If you see me on the other end of the bar doing bar trivia, just drink your beer and go home, because I’m about to clean up!

          I would never own or drive a Neon, lol.

          The Denali is in the shop right now getting the transmission rebuilt. I don’t know if I live in a ‘burb though. I’m over 30 miles out from St. Paul.

  2. thank god for this miracle says:

    yes thank you,thats my best freind for yah..saves this young girl like he was there and was suppose to jump in action with no fear for his own safety..this is my best freind ive known for over 18 years! thank god!

  3. HUH!?!? says:

    I would like to think any bi stander in that situation would do the same for my child, but the reality, most would break out cell phones to take pics and vids.. WHOEVER the man was you are better then you know and you should realize it

  4. captsoaked says:

    Solid parenting not, good job jumping in Although not sure theres any risk isn’t that creek knee deep

  5. Justin says:

    What happened to grammar?

    1. duh says:

      It’s Minnesota – what do you expect?

  6. Mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    A true HERO!

  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    Safe, clean, and easy access to the beauty of Twin Cities’ waterfront parks is essential, especially for kids. Algae, debri, and treacherous currents prevent responsible parents from allowing kids lay and enjoy the downtown waters. But that needn’t be the case.

    The University of Minnesota is going to clean up their coal-burning plant on the river, and their scientists have figured out a way to use algae char to produce carbon-neutral energy. Why not filter clean our riverfront waters using water power and provide a clean, safe and healthy play environment at the same time as generating clean energy in a demonstration project?

    An inner-city model like this could be a pattern for responsible city management around the world, and make good energy and economic sense as well. Kids could use the river waters without frightening their parents.

    1. Bill Smith says:

      …and the point of your comment is?

  8. TW says:

    How you ever been near Minnehaha Creek above or below the falls? It is a natural creek, water levels vary and the edges are not managed for safety along the full length. Surfaces are naturally sloped and can be slippery. Kids can fall in and it is not a sign of bad parenting if that happens. You don’t sound realistic, we are going to harvest the algae for fuel? Then there should be a huge algae fuel plant out on Lake Minnetonka. No, the zebra mussels all voted no on that one.

    1. TW says:

      Yeah, I understand there is potential to use algae for a number of ways to produce fuel and energy. I was just imagining Minnehaha Creek and the lower falls area all edged and made safe and losing the small image of wildness that it has. Take that idea and apply it to North Shore rivers and you would have a very boring experience but safe. The advantage with algae is that you can manage it in retaining ponds and farm it in areas with enough water. Or as you point out use it from a waterway and benefit water quality simultaneously.
      Still, glad this mom and baby are safe after a slip and fall. Kids are great but grey hair does not come cheap.

      1. Ordinary Guy says:

        Thanks, well said.

  9. just sayin says:

    What? Is this another one of those weird wacko nutjobs again?

    Seriously lay off the pot man.

    1. Ordinary Guy says:

      Sure, let’s all do things just the way we always have. Maybe it’ll turn out different this time, huh?

  10. Ordinary Guy says:

    I guess that was Bill King, sorry.

  11. Lordy Ordy says:

    @ Ordinary Guy

    I think all that algae is affecting your brain cells.

    1. duh says:

      You realize this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the above story, correct? Well, except for the fact we’re somewhat talking about situations in which water is involved…

  12. JamieinMN says:

    What does algae have anything to do with this story?!?!?! NOTHING, so STFU!!!!!

    1. Ordinary Guy says:

      I guess I got us off track. What was it you’re here to say?

    2. Sick of Mean People says:

      Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  13. yep says:

    I’d buy that guy a beer if I could.

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