SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (AP) — Elkhart Lake’s police chief says the mayor of Sheboygan was given a verbal warning after getting into a barroom scuffle.

Chief Randy Boeldt says no arrests were made after Mayor Bob Ryan created a disturbance at the Brown Baer tavern about 1:30 a.m. Monday. The mayor, an admitted alcoholic, initially said he was drinking in Elkhart Lake Saturday, but later said on WHBL that his drinking binge there spanned three days and that he passed out at least once. A police report released Thursday says Ryan was the aggressor in a fight at the Brown Baer.

Sheboygan City Council members have called for Ryan’s resignation. The mayor says he doesn’t plan to quit and will seek outpatient treatment.

The Sheboygan Press says the police report indicates the mayor was given a warning because there was no complainant or victim.

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Comments (14)
  1. DFLSUX says:

    More liberals hard at work.

  2. Mr. Conservative says:

    only a lib would do such a thing

    1. Dead on and says:

      for sure.
      We GOP’ers use white powder and martinis -easier to cover the tracks. 😉
      And we keep our leather and straps in the closet out of view. You can ask Marcus and Michelle-they will verify this.
      We may be perverts but we are discrete pervs usually. Unless it a airport bathroom stall or …. lol

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    Who called the police if there was no complainant?

  4. sick ... great cross section of the American dysfunction says:

    Leave it to the schmucks here to turn this political ,,,, when the wrecking ball comes down on America soon I hope you have no mortgage and loads of loonies stashed away to the north or pesos to the south. You sad fricks earned what’s about to smack ya on yer arse.

    1. American made says:

      Well said

    2. Let the Wrecking begin!!!! says:

      I only have food stamps you think they will accept those when the wrecking ball comes “Down on America”? Some people have no sense of humor.

    3. reckoning time soon says:

      I am no friend of our President mostly …. and no longer a friend at all of the Tea Party clan.
      Troubles me to no end that we cannot resolve a budget. Scares the hell out of me actually.
      The GOP has no longer any leadership with and remind me of bickering kids in kindergarten.
      The DFL has deserted their own leadership in the White House.
      It’s up to the people – those who pay the tab for the elected baffoons who continue to suck us dry regardless as they will always be in line for a check – it is UP to US to demand far better from every single one of them.
      We don’t – well, we are about to have the nuke dropped on us by the rest of the world when our financial markets get rattled. And rattled more. Then they crash…….maybe we are deserved of a Great Depression redo at that. It would be best if the trash that put us in this position suffered along with us but sadly __ they won’t

  5. Petty Politicains says:

    think I’ll get drunk for the next week and see what remains then. Been unemployed mostly for 2 years (and no people-self employed in past so no unemployment or safety net for me) and hard to imagaine things getting to much worse. Exhausted savings last month. No clue how to pay next months mortgage – and I exhausted savings to keep current all the while trying to sell it or short sell it.
    Did the right things, paid my bills, try everyday to find work.
    In a sick sort of way you all might be joining me in the not to distant future if your respective party people do not get their chit together on things. Bitterness and egos will kill us all

    1. The Architect says:

      Keep fighting the good fight. I hope things look up for you soon. Don’t give up.

      1. The Architect says:

        I’ve been fighting to get one up the butt for days now.

  6. they all messed up on something or the other says:

    he is an alcoholic – what ya expect from a drunk?
    that said – my bet is a great deal of those in office today, county,state and national levels are in much the same shape. Thats the ONLY LOGICAL REASON they cannot work out a deal. Otherwise there is NO EXCUSE AT ALL.

  7. Ron R says:

    Why do republicans hate America?

  8. In Wisconsin????? says:

    ……..and not one “cheesehead” joke?

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