House Fire In North Minneapolis Injures 2

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A fire at a north Minneapolis home Saturday afternoon injured at least two people, authorities said.

Minneapolis Dispatch got a call of a house fire at about 12:24 p.m. in the 4300 block of Morgan Avenue North. It is believed the fire was caused by a natural gas explosion.

The Minneapolis Fire Chief said that he believes the injuries could be life-threatening.

Joel Doeyou, a neighbor, said that after he heard the explosion, he ran outside and felt the ground shake under his feet.

“When we looked, we saw the air conditioner and the door fly out,” Doeyou said.

He said he saw the two women run out of the house and said one woman looked to be in her 30s and the other to be in her late 50s.

“They got burned,” he said. “From head to toe, they got severely burned.”

Doeyou told them to roll on the grass, and he called 911.

Eric Hoffer, another neighbor, said he saw the paramedics lift the women, who were screaming in pain, onto stretchers.

Authorities said neighbors to the house that exploded needn’t worry about their homes suddenly going up in flames. They checked the neighborhood for traceable evidence of gas, but they think the explosion was an isolated incident.

  • Karen

    Why cause its in North Minneapolis you moron?

    • Karen

      My apologies. I just checked on KSTP and it was meth. I tend to be reactive because of my weight and the warm weather. You think they would include free air conditioning in my welfare stipend.

  • Angus

    HooDatlS your raciasm, hate, and ignorance are truly outstanding but, unfortunately, you have many companions in our society. Karen, you are too nice to just call him a moron.

    • Karen

      Angus, actually I think you are a moron. Read your post.

      I’ll meet up with you later at the old country buffet. Special hours tonight! Just because I call you angus doesn’t mean you can call me beef cube… OK?

      • idknockthebottomoutofit

        Wow Karen, you sound like you need a good mushroom stamping!

  • Two Injured in Minneapolis House Fire | Twin Cities Fire Wire

    […] neighbor told WCCO-TV that he “saw the two women run out of the house and said one woman looked to be in her 30s […]

  • TWeber

    Can we stick to the article? This is a tragedy, and I hope the injured recover. My prayers going out for the women, and their families…

  • jeff

    i knew both of these women and neither of them were black. one was spaniard and the other was white. elizabeth was trying to get a degree in college. it’s unbleievable how callous people are. my friend may not make it through this. my thoughts are with their children and boyfriends.

  • Clarissa Combs

    I know these two ladies, My heart goes out to there kids and family. The comments I have read are really sick. to comment on something or people that you have no idea about is very very callous. Val and Elizabeth are two wonder ladies. Val is currenly in a comma and there doing lots of skin grafs and they put elizabeth on life support today 08/4/2011. I will continue to keep there families in my prayers.

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