LAKE MINNETONKA (WCCO) — Jeff Kolodzinski is the current world record holder for the most fish caught in 24 hours. Now, he has some competition on the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

For a full 24 hours, Kolodzinski and Mitch Petrie will try to beat last year’s number of 2,143. Another man is competing from Moose Lake.

The two started at 11 a.m. Friday and will fish until 11 a.m. Saturday.

“For me this is pure therapy,” said Kolodzinski. “It’s a lot of fun. We all have our skill sets, I guess mine is just Mr. dances with fish.”

Shortly after starting the competition, Petrie started to realize the challenge he was in for that comes with 24 straight hourts of fishing.

“I think I’ll have my fill of sunfishing for the rest of the year,” said Petrie.

Handling hundreds of fish in just a few hours can take its toll on the body.

“I’ve been stabbed about a half a dozen times,” Petrie said.

In a friendly competition for charity, Kolodzinksi and Petrie won’t keep any of the fish they find, it’s catch-and-release. But the fish still tend to linger, and some are repeat catches.

“It’s not exactly a fine cologne I’d say,” said Kolodzinski.

But it’s a small sacrifice for a good cause. Both anglers are raising money for charity.

“Yeah it’s 24 hours and it lasts a long time, the night is dark and it’s long, and the mosquitos aren’t very fun, but this is a joy,” Kolodzinksi said.

It’s a fish tale unlike any other, and it’s not done yet. For a time Friday, both men were averaging catching one fish about every 20 seconds. The trick seems to be how quickly they can release the fish after catching them.

Comments (5)
  1. Hooking that many fish just to set a world record? That’s pretty cruel if you ask me.

  2. chinwhiskers says:

    2,000 fish with sore mouths, just for sport? That’s sportsmanship???

  3. Jeffery Gauss says:

    These must be fish lining up for a free cheek and tongue piercing. To catch almost 2 fish a minute for 24 hours? That is some great bait, or some really stupid fish! Maybe the fish know it’s for charity and they just pitch in to be part of the world record!

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