Minn. Tries Again After Failed Software Project

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Human Services is back on the hunt for a software upgrade — this time with financial help from the federal government.

The agency started advertising in the State Register on Monday for information on software systems that could be used to manage programs ranging from public health care to welfare and mental health programs.

A release from the agency says the federal government is contributing $20 million to the project, which will also get $2.5 million in state dollars.

Commissioner Lucinda Jesson says the project will streamline operations at one of the state’s largest agencies.

The search comes about two years after officials abandoned a failed software project called HealthMatch after spending more than $40 million, including a legal settlement with a fired vendor.

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  • No Lefty

    $40M already spent, another $20M in the budget, this thing is going to cost us at least $80M before it’s done, and obsolete. I thought we were broke, “got to raise taxes”, no wonder, they just don’t get it. Sure, it’s Federal money but where does the Federal money come from?

  • Stop The Waste

    $40M spent on a failed project from a private vendor! And some people keep telling us that private vendors are less expensive and more productive.

    • Stan

      Now you want a state agency to develope software, are you totally insane. Its about who selected the vendor and that was some state worker who didn’t do his or her homework.

  • Mindy

    Some one at the capital should get fired over this one. People in the government must be held accountable for this type of waste….

  • la de da

    Writing software is no easy task when you have to deal with government and always changing requirements and needs. What happened with the previous vendor was half of the states fault for changing the requirements and not having their infrastructure and already in place software’s accounted for that was to be integrated into the new software.

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