2 Girls Arrested For Assaulting Woman, Stealing Clothes

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — Two girls have been arrested for allegedly assaulting a St. Cloud woman in her home and stealing her clothes.

Police said they responded to the 1400 block of 12th Avenue North at about 6 p.m. Monday.

The resident told police she had been assaulted by two girls who had entered through a window after removing the screen.

The victim told police the girls took clothes and other items with them as they left.

Police located one of the two suspects at her home. The other was apprehended while trying to sell the stolen clothes at a consignment store.

One of the two girls has been charged with assault, burglary and theft. The other has only been charged with burglary.

  • The Architect

    Death Penalty. There is no rehabilitation for people such as these, nor should they get our pity or sympathy. They are enemies of the human race and need to be treated as such.

    • Sami I am

      Absolutely. Some people are just pure evil.

    • Iconoclast

      What’s a matter Arch? Did you find out the girls were not white or something?

      • The Architect

        Color is not relevant.

        • @Architect

          BS Architect – we all know you well. I may even give you the label as #1 Supremeist and Racist.

          Title extended right ___ now

          • The Architect

            Whatever floats your boat, buddy.

  • TPaw

    I bet it was one of Shelly Bachman’s adopted kids. While she was out pushing her Tea Party agenda and Marcus was praying Iowa straight. No one was feeding or clothing the brood.

    • Undercover

      My bet would be on a couple of shdballs that have been been coddled by big mama govt with money confiscated from a taxpayer.
      Name someone on the left who raised that many foster children.

      • TPaw

        Winston Churchill. And he did it without Gov. Assistance (Queen Marcus)

        • March113

          Churchill was not on the left , He is quoted as saying, “If your not a Liberal in your twenties you have no heart , if yout not a conservative by your thirties you have no Brain”
          I think you are getting Chamberlin confused with Churchill

  • The Bishop

    you people are nerds…

  • Father nature

    There u go again architect. U always seem to make the dumbest comments on this site. U a democrat? U gots a job? Me thinks not. Again I say What a tool!

    • confused

      Actualy architect sounds more like a tea party guy.

      • Sue

        more like a tea bagger

        • M.

          Better a tea-bagger than a tea-bagee.

          • IEP

            What about a tea party baguette? You know, the women?

      • The Architect

        I wouldn’t vote for a tea party candidate if I was offered money to do so.

        I have to ask though… What’s with the “U” stuff?

    • Dave

      Bless me, Father…

  • Kevynn

    Obamma needs to make shure that these woman are locked up for along time!

  • Sad world we live in..

    I don’t know what’s more asinine and pathetic . The theft and assault of a woman by two young girls or the fact that commenters are getting into a political mud slinging contest?

    • The Architect

      You apparently misinterpreted the comments. There is no political mud slinging on this thread.

  • gotta be

    probably black girls.

  • Joe

    I say, they should have thier hands cut off.

    • The Architect

      And after the hands hit the floor, keep working your way up until the rest falls in chunks next to them.


    How old were these “girls”?

    • age

      old enough to …… never mind

  • The Architect

    I sometimes where women’s clothes to fufill my erotic expression..But I buy em myself!! Usually online.

    • Outdoorsman

      You where them, eh? Interesting…

  • March113

    More great reporting by WCCO, Ages ? How they were caught ? I

  • The Architect

    I need to find a job so badly..It’s been 19 long months with no income..My partner comes home each day from the Floral Shop & just glares at me..I try to please him any way I can,but he’s not very receptive to my efforts..I’ve applied 3 times to Cub Foods!! Why haven’t they called ????

  • tina

    I bet these girls were moolies.

  • Jim S.

    I dunno… I’m a racist and I didn’t immediately think they were any particular ethnicity. In fact, the first image I thought of was red haired, pig tailed girls with freckles wearing black and white striped socks.

  • Kevin

    Just a couple of crazy Tea Party members…..they were white right?

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