Missing Minn. Mother, Son Found In SD

HASTINGS, Minn. (AP) — A missing Minnesota woman and her 5-year-old son have been found at a women’s shelter in South Dakota.

Wendi Lee Bartell Dimm and her son, Timber, disappeared from Hastings in early June just before the boy was supposed to begin a four-month visit with his father in British Columbia. Bartell Dimm faces a felony charge of interfering with parental custody in Dakota County District Court.

A provincial court in British Columbia last month granted Danny Dimm sole custody of his son. His attorney, Theresa Gerlach, says Dimm is relieved and happy his son is OK.

Bartell Dimm’s extradition from Mead County, S.D., is pending. Hastings Police Chief Paul Schnell tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press a tipster contacted authorities after becoming suspicious about the identity of the mother and son.

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  • Woodsman

    This woman should be publically caned.

  • LindaLu

    Why? Maybe she was trying to protect her son? Don’t pass judgement until you know all of the facts. The father could be a monster for all any of us knows….

  • megafrog

    The mother belongs in jail for this and obviously is not a good parent. This is a very condensed version of the story. The Pioneer Press has a more detailed version indicating the history of the custody case and the mother’s various unjustified attempts to prevent visitation.

    • LindaLu

      Thanks Megafrog for pointing this out, I’ll read the article. It’s unfortunate and no matter what, the child is caught in the middle.

  • tom

    It doesnt take a lot of witt to figure that out!

    • LindaLu

      Spoken like a true spelling/English major!

  • Sporty007

    When it comes to custody fights it’s always the child who loses in the long run.

    • sam

      I was not allowed to see my son, cause I was such a bad person. Guess what he is now in prison. Good job Mom (Judie)

      • Judie

        Maybe you should have used your words instead of your fists, Sam.

  • Candis

    Can you get welfare in south dakota if you are on the lamb?

  • keith stone

    The child’s name is Timber, that should tell you all you need to know about the parents.

    • Max

      Consider the oddball names Sarah Palin gave to her kids. Does that say the same thing about Sarah and Todd? LOL.

      • The Architect

        I don’t think their kids have oddball names at all.

  • MN Mom
    • Victim mentality

      Wow! Lots of interesting details in there that throw a whole new spin on the situation.

  • me

    Hmm, she named her kid Timber and her last name is Dimm. Anyone else find the irony in this?

    • The Architect

      No, because it’s her husband’s last name. I’m sure this idiot was Dim far before she took the name.

      • George Castanza

        You are a Dimmwhit! The parents are Danny and Wendi Dimm. They had a child together and named him Timber.

        • Woodsman

          No spit, sherlock. Way to pick up on that.

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