ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack will face voters directly in public meetings next week for the first time since voting against increasing the debt limit.

The first-term representative’s office announced the meetings in Deer River on Tuesday and Grand Portage on Wednesday.

Cravaack was one of 66 Republicans to vote against the compromise deficit-reduction legislation that increased the nation’s borrowing authority.

He said the proposal that became law this week didn’t cut spending enough. He joined Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann from the state’s 6th District in opposing the bill during a Monday vote.

Cravaack says he looks forward to hearing from constituents in Minnesota’s 8th District on the debt issue.

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Comments (17)
  1. Tan pup says:

    That should be fun. I give him 15 minutes before he finds a “reason” to crawl out of a window.

    1. Ted says:

      The Tea Party’s ideology is more important to them than the people who sent him to Washington. It is more important to them than truth. Claiming nothing will happen if they don’t raise the Debt Ceiling and then drag that fight down to the very last minute against every warning from everyone that such a move will cause an economic mess… well Cravaack, look at the downward spiral of the stock market, more mass layoffs reported, unemployment numbers are expected to skyrocket tomorrow, corporations with their huge tax breaks are not hiring and they are sitting on record breaking money… and so much more. I would not want to go to Cravaak’s town hall meeting because he like all the other Tea party members have no reason to listen to anybody or believe the overwhelming facts against their push to teach Washington… teach them what? While they debated on whether or not this nation should be economically ruined or not, look what is happening. It is hurting now.

  2. gdog says:

    I wish I could be there. He did the right thing and I hope people are smart enough to realize some real change needs to happen before our country gets turned around. Thank goodness that area was smart enough to vote for someone to stand up to the bullie in DC.

  3. Black pup says:

    Democrats Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison also voted against

  4. dmc says:

    I would appreciate the Lets say no congress folks if they said no to their excessive beni’s after retirement, and said no to trips from lobbyists, and said no collecting million dollar jobs as lobbyists themselves.

    Then I would believe they had integrety and their NO was serious

  5. Greg Schreck says:

    To give the world the impression that the US is in financial trouble is a huge mistake. We are starting to see the ramifications of that today on Wall Street. The Republicans have done enough damage in one year that took 60 years of good credit to build. It was all a political ploy to make Obama look bad. These freshmen congressmen are too wet behind the ears to understand how things get done and why things are the way they are. You can not fix this over night. Obama had a good ten year plan and they should have gone with that!

    1. dan says:

      What are you smoking Greg? “Republicans have done enough damage in one year that took 60 years to build”? What, they actually want a balanced budget and keep govt spending within its means. How has that ruined our credit rating?
      The Democrats had over 2 years of uninterupted time to balance a budget or even pass a budget plan. Greg, the one plan Obama presented didnt even get one vote! They were too busy campaigning for the next election to bother with silly budget issues. Man they got Health Care, what more can we ask for out of a bunch of people who cant walk and chew gum at the same time.

      1. Papa K says:


        If you think Bush and the other Republican presidents before him had a balance budget, you must be on something. Who was the last Republican president that had a balanced budget? Republicans can talk all they want … corporate special interests rule both parties and until we get a balanced budget amendment, both parties will be guilty of overspending. What’s really sad is that the debt ceiling/budget cuts were done on the backs of the middle class. Corporations still have their tax breaks and they are doing quite well.

        I say get corporations and special interests out of politics. The so called conservatives are only special interests voters against anything that doesn’t fit with their beliefs. Gay rights, voter registration, union busting, stadiums for billionaires, etc. are issues that conservatives use to stir up their base. That’s the only way they can get them out to vote. There’s many Reps that should come out of the closet …

        The economy sucks yet the conservatives invent crisis like the debt ceiling debate to take away the debate they should be having … how to create jobs. Bush’s unemployment record was in the toilet when he left office and Dems and Reps campaigned on JOBS. When Obama won, the Reps said they’d do ANYTHING to make him a one term president. Why because he is BLACK? Of course NOT you’re the Christian Right …

        ObamaCare … some say government should not be involved, yet the health insurance industry decides everyday who gets what. At least the government would be fair to everybody.

        So watch the recall elections in Wisconsin … this will be a damn good indicator of what’s in store for the 2012 elections

        1. dan says:


          Bush passed budgets on time
          I never said they were balanced
          Corps should be out of politics I agree
          Bush had a 6% unemployment. Obama is much better with a 50% increase since election.
          Invented crisis? It is a crisis, look at the stock market!
          Obama care? Cant figure out why people from govt run health care countries come to the US for services???
          Take your racism somewhere else.
          I agree the recall elections will shed light on what’s really going on in WI politics.

    2. cd says:

      Boy, you really are snowed. Don’t you know this whole thing started in the Clinton Administration and TRADE REFORM. Why do you think so many manufacturer (Levi-Strauss, Sony, Apple, etc) moved their mfg facilities to China? There is no cost for these companies bringing the finished product back into the US to sell to Americans. Instead of giving the jobs to Americans, they were given to cheap, cheap, Chinese labor. This in turn created billions of dollars for the corporations and nothing to the US. So, when 9/11 happened, Bush had no alternative but to defend our nation from the attack. Yes the surplus money was used for the war. What would you rather have. More attacks here in the US (no telling if they would have landed in your own back yard), or try to stop the attacks altogether). Bush made the right call. Obama has done nothing in office but complain that Bush put us in this mess. There wouldn’t be a mess right now had it not been for Clinton and Trade Reform. Look it up, it’s in the book !!!!!!

  6. Carl says:

    Glad to see one of our representatives stand up and answer peoples questions and explain his rational. The rest just look for a 10 second bleep on the local news and then crawl back into their cave.

  7. G Soros says:

    I would like to thank all of you Public Union people and supporters who are doing my work to accomplish my dream for this country. Keep up the good work! Please also work harder for me so I can succeed in my plan for America. Your friend, George Soros

  8. Cindy says:

    The stock market continues to drop. They were seeking a better deal of both revenue and cuts. We are heading down the same road after the depression. We were just coming out of it and the concern about the debt took over. We quit investing and cut. The result – a recession. History repeats itself.

    1. American made says:

      Good maybe that’s what this country needs to get back on track a huge recession and then a depression and we will come out stronger that we are right now. Things will get back to the way they should be and everyone will be spending within their limits. period end of story

  9. Chimp Crack says:

    Go Chimp, go…please.

  10. Greg Schreck says:

    Obama care was not government run healthcare programm. That is how ignorant most Republicans are. It was a requirement that everyone have insurance. If only half of us pay for the services (have insurance), guess who is paying for those that “steal” healthcare? We must get everyone to pay for there healthcare or refuse to treat them! Let them die on the curb if they choose to pay for booze and cigarettes rather than purchase healthcare.

  11. frozenrunner says:

    These politicians that holler for cuts never propose what they want cut. They talk a lot put never propose what they want cut.

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