Jay-Z, Kanye West Cancel Tour Stop In Mpls.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sorry to burst your bubble, Minneapolis but it looks like The Throne won’t be seated at Target Center this fall.

According to Live Nation, the Kanye West, Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” tour will no longer be making a stop in Minneapolis, as previously announced — due to rerouting of the schedule.

The tour was initially set to stop in the land of 10,000 lakes on Oct. 8. Then after conflicting reports, it sounded like the date may be rescheduled, after the duo decided to push back the tour by about a month.

And then finally, it was canceled altogether.

Live Nation states, “Jay-Z and Kanye West thank their fans for their support and hope to return in the future.”

  • AD

    ‘schedule conflict’ lol… more like they couldn’t sell any tickets.

    • Matt

      So true. lol

    • Kelly

      i would rather have them then some white trailer trash anyday!!…oh wait..we have that already…why so jealous..Dan..you hate your life??? no money??? it really hurts to see them with more money than your family will ever see for generations to come…maybe if you took time to educate yourself and use that energy from hate..you could leave some money for your grandchildren….i feel sorry for you..

      • Truth Hurts

        Kelly, you’re an idiot. Dan doesn’t hate his life. He hates the lives of thugs and criminals…the kind of thugs and criminals that attend concerts like these. And the only reason the thugs on stae have all that money is because idiots like you use your EBT cards to see them.

      • Iconoclast

        What a weird comment, Kelly…

        He makes a statement about murders after rap shows and you think he’s jealous they have more money than he does?

        That doesn’t even make sense.

        I nominate your comment for Stupidest Comment of the Day.

        • Kelly

          oh..yeah.. murders only happen after rap shows..nothing strange about that comment huh///..i nominate your comment for Stupidest reply for the day…idiot..

          • Iconoclast

            That’s fine. It doesn’t change how stupid your comment was about someone being jealous.

            How old are you, Kelly? Honest question.

            • Kelly

              Your opinion is welcomed and alone. I am not recanting my comment…sorry wont play this game with you. Have a great day! Asking my age is creepy….not an indication of how stupid you feel my comment is…honestly..:)

              • Iconoclast

                Your opinion seems very naive and juvenile, so the age question was relevant. The fact that you think it’s “creepy” is also telltale.

                You’re under 25, and probably by quite a bit.

                • Dori

                  Kelly is a total ignoramus, you might have to look up that word Kelly. What did your parents do to make you so angry? You speak with such hate and anger. Ohhhh, I get it you are a total LIB….. They cancelled the concert because now that half of the Northside was taken out by a tornado and much of the trash moved back to Chicago, they couldn’t sell out. I really wish you would wake up. When you have rival gang members attending the same concert there is almost always violence afterwards. Check the history of that right here in Minneapolis. I also hope that you meet someone that makes you happy and can take all of your anager and hatred away. I wouldn’t feel safe in public being around a presssure cooker like you.

          • JamieinMN

            LOL, you said “stupidest”. Back to grammar school for you!

            • Kelly

              You are speaking to both of us..then that would be back to grammar school for both of you…did you only read one post?? Come on people….go back and read them both….back to eye doctor for you…

              • Kelly

                and Jamieinmn..it was the context in which were using the word…oh good lord..feeble minded conversations are getting old…sorry..i had fun…but back to work i have to go…

                • JamieinMN


              • JamieinMN

                Just you darling.

          • JustSayin

            19 yo white female?

            • Kelly

              guess again…what does race have to do with it?? I am curious..enlighten me with your opinion…or lack of…

          • justacitizen

            can i get a side of ADHD with that freak out?

    • Coonyay West & Gay Z.

      These are 2 of the ugliest rappers I’ve seen in a long,long time..And 2 of the most ignorant..Kelly’s no scholar either.

  • T

    This is not hate but just an opinion, Their music sucks! Doesn’t Kanye do this all the time?

  • Metal DJ

    Kayne West does not care about white people.

  • Sup Fo

    I was greatly dissapointed…. when I heard the big mouth was coming to MSP in the first place. Glad now he could not work out the scheduling conflict. The guys a complete idiot.

  • kanye blows

    PHEW … They probably couldn’t sell more than Lil Wayne (who has just crossed the couple thousand mark).

    Rap breeds trouble, but then again, so does the people of north minneapolis.

    Kanye can lick my sack. He is not talented at all, and he’s a jerk.
    Tell him I said it too, word to your motha homey.

  • Kelly

    Hi My name is kelly. I am a 20yr old cooledge gurl. I luv kanye becuz he iz like.. ttly awesum! Like, ya no? I wnat to worship hiz bod becuz hes like so fiiiinnnne.

    I wanna spread my legz for him and hav like 4 kidz with him and I want them on a rainbow!

    by the way tell kanye whaz up boi from his dream ho – anytime he wants it he can call!

    • Kanye

      Kelly, where u at, girl. Lemme axe u, wha’chu wearin, baby.

  • sam

    doesn’t surprise me that it got cancelled. their music is getting to be a tired genre anyway.

  • Jake

    Best news I’ve heard in a LONG TIME. How many awards has kanye won? I fugget.

  • Jake

    What bubble??

  • Jahshroom

    Who. Cares.

  • Grown Woman

    This is really sad that a rap concert getting cancelled turns into racial discrimination. What is wrong with the peole of today, you all have nothing better to do but cut one another down! Perhaps you all should try GOD, on the other hand most of you dont believe or know him either! SMH.

  • HooDatIS?
  • Kay

    Canceled so they could reschedule in cities booking multiple sell out shows in a night, ya’ll are just haters! Apparently I’m the only person disappointed by this, Jay Z & Kanye together is a blessing, all you sophisticated, educated, non North-Minneapolis ‘trash’ should be buying those tickets and getting hip-hop educated.

    • Coonyay West & Gay Z.

      Educated & Hip Hop are two words that you’ll never see together

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