CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — It wasn’t hard for police to find a suspected drunken driver in Chaska, Minn. They just followed the trail of vomit.

According to police, an officer on patrol was in an apartment complex parking lot and observed fresh projectile vomit which stretched out for a significant distance.

Police said it appeared to have originated from a vehicle traveling near the officer’s squad car, a vehicle which was now stopped in the lot.

The officer made contact with the driver and two passengers, one of which was the presumptive source of the vomit. Police said that person registered a 0.22 blood alcohol content. He also had an active arrest warrant and was taken into custody.

Police said the driver and other passenger, both under 21 years of age, had also consumed alcohol.

They driver was cited for underage drinking and driving, and the passenger was also cited for minor consumption of alcohol.

Comments (19)
  1. Tom says:

    Shouldn’t the driver have been charged with 3rd degree DWI, rather than underage drinking while driving? It’s a gross misdemeanor for anyone to drive with a blood alcohol content of .20 or higher, regardless of his or her age… Seems like the driver might have caught a break here, or it was reported inaccurately.

    1. Pukes McGee says:

      It is definitely gross.

    2. Brian says:

      I think you may have read it wrong, Tom. The source of the vomit was the passenger and he was the one who was .22, not the driver.

  2. Land of says:

    drunks and skinks we are

    They but more PROOF of Minnesota’s decline to standards such as WI’s.

    Maybe a slight difference as we like lower PROOF stuff mostly but the PROOF is still within.

      1. just sayin says:

        wow. he needs to lay off the booze.

        1. we says:

          Have another drink!!

  3. Tan pup says:

    Hey, lay off Wississippi . . .

  4. Iconoclast says:

    Not a day goes by without alcohol related deaths, and countless people driving hammered.

    But hey, at least marijuana is illegal!!!

    1. dumb says:

      And people don’t die from being high on the road? I am sure its the case, they just can’t detect if pot was a cause.

      1. Iconoclast says:


        That was a complete and ultimate failure of an argument.

        If both alcohol and pot were illegal, and the all-knowing government wanted to do a 2-year study on the effects on our society from each being legalized, which would be legal and which would be illegal after the test?

        1. tarvis says:

          amen. (presuming you are knocking alcohol and cheering pot).

  5. DW says:

    in chaska huh? you’re an idiot

  6. Clarence Watson says:

    But t’was the vomit chunky?

    1. Hugh Jorgan says:

      Hahahahahahaha! 🙂

      If it was, that mussa’ hurt the ol’ esophagus considering the detail of “…and observed fresh projectile vomit which stretched out for a significant distance.”


  7. chinwhiskers says:

    It was so refreshing to read Brian’s comment, a civil correction of an apparent misunderstanding, instead of cussing someone out, calling an idiot & other names, etc. Thanks.

  8. Bill says:

    To be young again!

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