Bachmann: Improving Economy ‘Won’t Take That Long’

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) — Michele Bachmann declared Friday “it won’t take that long” for her to start turning the ailing economy around as president as she competed against other GOP presidential rivals to build support ahead of a key GOP straw poll in Iowa next week.

Four of Bachmann’s opponents in the Aug. 13 straw poll in Ames — Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Thad McCotter — later took turns bashing President Barack Obama’s record at a Republican Party dinner at a high school in Tiffin and pitching themselves as best suited to defeat him.

Earlier in the day in Newton, Bachmann told reporters the economy would start to improve almost immediately after she becomes president because she would implement conservative economic policies to slash the nation’s debt, stop tax increases and cut regulations.

“It won’t take that long if we send signals to the marketplace,” she said, standing by an earlier comment that the improvement would begin within the first quarter.

Reflecting the stakes of the straw poll, Santorum told the Friday night dinner crowd of about 400 activists the event would narrow the field and he urged them to give his struggling campaign a boost. He accused the media of ignoring him because he would be the strongest GOP candidate.

Pawlenty said Republicans were poised to take back the White House because of Obama’s increasing unpopularity and “Iowa has to get it right” in nominating the best GOP candidate. He said voters should consider his conservative economic and social record as governor of Minnesota and be wary of candidates who can give great speeches but aren’t strong leaders — which he said described Obama in 2008.

“Barack Obama is ripe for the picking. In fact, I would say politically you could stick a fork in him,” Pawlenty said. “The main way we’re going to goof this up as Republicans is to nominate the wrong candidate.”

Of the straw poll, Pawlenty said: “It’s going to have a big impact on this race, so I hope that you will help us.”

The dinner at Clear Creek Amana High School capped a day of hectic campaigning across Iowa that was expected to continue until the straw poll, the first test of candidate support in the state with the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Speaking to supporters earlier in the day, Bachmann said the event would be historic.

“That is the day we will make a down payment on taking our country back and making Barack Obama a one-term president,” she said.

Speaking in the parking lot of a Pizza Ranch in Newton, Bachmann said Friday’s report that 117,000 jobs were created in July showed Obama had created far more campaign donors than jobs. She also said this week’s plunge of the stock market was proof that an agreement to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and cut spending that she voted against was “a stinky deal.”

Bachmann told reporters the economy would start to improve almost immediately after she becomes president because she would implement conservative economic policies to slash the nation’s debt, stop tax increases and cut regulations.

“It won’t take that long if we send signals to the marketplace,” she said, standing by an earlier comment that the improvement would begin within the first quarter.

After the stock market plunged more than 500 points on Thursday, Jon Huntsman said in New Hampshire that President Obama has had enough time to fix the economy.

“We deserve a whole lot better in this country. The president’s had two-and-a-half years to get it right. He has not infused enough confidence in this economy,” he said, adding that the economy will remain stalled without tax and regulatory reform.

In Iowa, Bachmann said Friday she wanted to do well at the straw poll but also played down expectations, telling reporters she saw herself at a “distinct disadvantage from an organizational standpoint” because she’d only been in the race for two months, less than some rivals such as Pawlenty.

The Minnesota congresswoman played up her Iowa roots — she grew up in Waterloo — and posed for pictures with Michael McDowell, a NASCAR driver who was signing autographs in the parking lot before a race at a local track on Saturday. Pawlenty made a stop at the northeastern Iowa farm where the movie “Field of Dreams” was shot.

Pawlenty also dangled out more enticements to supporters to attend the straw poll, promising saucy barbecue and ice cream treats from two well-known restaurant chains. Bachmann promised her fans that her tent would feature live music from country star Randy Travis.

The candidates were fighting to win over Republicans such as Terry Bradley, a 56-year-old Newton man who showed up at Bachmann’s event. Bradley said he and his wife had been leaning toward supporting Pawlenty until they heard Bachmann.

“When someone asks Pawlenty a question, he’s kind of long-winded. You almost get a mini-speech,” Bradley said. “When someone asks her a question, with Michelle you get a clear answer. You may not always agree, but you get an answer.”

Other candidates were expected to blitz through the state in the next week. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who drew nice crowds in stops this week, will campaign with his son, Sen. Rand Paul, as he tries to fire up his loyal supporters in hopes of scoring a surprisingly strong finish at the straw poll.

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who is also hoping to prove his viability in Ames, kicks off a weeklong bus tour across Iowa on Monday.

Other politicians who could have an impact on the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses next year aren’t competing in the straw poll — but were represented at Friday night’s dinner. Supporters of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who won the event in 2008 and is skipping it this year, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin were in attendance.

Late Friday, credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s on Friday downgraded the United States’ credit rating for the first time in the history of the ratings, from the top AAA rating by one notch to AA-plus.

Bachmann said in a statement: “The United States has had a AAA credit rating since 1917. That rating has endured the great depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

“This president has destroyed the credit rating of the United States through his failed economic policies and his inability to control government spending by raising the debt ceiling.”

In a statement, Romney said: “America’s creditworthiness just became the latest casualty in President Obama’s failed record of leadership on the economy.”

Santorum, said: “It’s an absolute failure of leadership of this president.”

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    You see, it is just so very simple. Like her mind.


      Electing her to represent our state was the STINKIEST OF ALL DEALS.

    • Tom

      @ GOP SUX

      She is very delusional!

  • ralph h

    How can anybody even consider her as presedential material?

    • gdog

      I think she’s awesome. I hope she wins and gets this country turned in the right direction. I don’t think we can do another 4 years of hope and change.

      • Republicans sabotaged Obama

        Come on. The Repubs have been doing everything in their power to ensure the failure of this President, no matter the cost. No matter what he tries, they block him from doing it. Most of his Presidential appointments have been blocked. Just look at what happened with the current FAA deal, the Consumer protection agency, the list goes on and on…. If half of the Senate&Congress is working against him what do you expect to get done? I’m and not saying the man doesn’t have flaws or may have promised too many things. Give em credit for taking on the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

        • Michelle

          Well said Republicans sabotaged Obama! It would be nice to see what kind of a president Obama could be and what he could have accomplished if he had some cooperation instead of dealing with the petty Republicans.

    • idtapitanyway

      Wow, look at that make-up. She’s right, it won’t take long, not as long as it takes to apply all that colored mud!

    • Tom

      @ ralph h

      You should ask her followers that!

    • J.W. Booth

      I asked the same about obama and look what he has done to us, high unemployment, 4 trillion in debt oh and the dismantling of America!

      • Tom

        @ J.W. Booth

        Was Obama given a huge surplus by Bush when he came into office? No he didn’t. Which party turned a budget surplus into a deficit within a year? Bush and the GOP. Which is worse taking a surplus and turning it into a debt? Or adding debt on top of existing debt? You seem to be saying that adding debt on top of existing debt is worse. And by the way the Obama did someting that Bush and the GOP didn’t do which was put both the Afgan and the Iraq wars on the books. And how many jobs did we lose before Obama took office? Alot! Are we still losing jobs yes, but not at the pace we were losing them. I didn’t hear you conservatives complaining between 2000 – 2006.

  • gdog

    Or we could use Obama’s solution and just keep spending our way to prosperity. Didn’t work with Bush and it’s certalinly not working with Obama. I guess this country needs to completely fall apart before anyone starts listening to reason.

    • Reasonable

      Like it or not, govt spending is here to stay and will always go up. Even with a lunatic like Michelle Bachmann in charge, sure some of the more beneficial social programs will get cut if not removed altogether, but you’ll have a concomitant raise in other spending or targeted tax cuts such that we’ll never close the defecit spending and thus not deal directly with any debt.

      You’ll know you have a serious candidate the first time you hear someone say “We need cut actual spending by 10% and raise revenue by at least 5%”. Until then, all we have is posturing and bluster substituting for debate and compromise.

      gdog – I’d hesitate to say that spending ourselves into prosperity didn’t work under Bush II, it’s just that he gave away the cash necessary to fund the spending.

      • Carl

        Get back you work Union Boy! You have 2 more minutes left in the day

        • Reasonable

          Hardly. An interesting guess though that clearly shows how little you care to understand about your surroundings.

    • jim

      and, i suppose, bachmann is reasonable? even tho over 80% of her analyzed statements on the politifact web site have been deemed mostly false, false or pants-on-fire?

      yeah … that’s “reasonable”, all right.

    • Clear Sabotage by Republicans

      The # 1 goal for republicans isn’t to restore our economy, help those hurt the most by the recession. No, their #1 goal is to make Obama a one term president, no matter the cost. Even if that means they must tank our economy. Everything that is going on now has been in the republican pipeline for some time. watch Mitch McConnell say it for himself-

    • Tom

      @ gdog

      How much money did Bush actually spend in this country? And how much did he spend in the middle east? Alot more on the second one than he did on first one.

  • jim

    it’ll take longer to fix it than it took bush to wreck it … and that means at least several years.


    i wouldn’t trust bachmann to fix breakfast, let alone something as important as the economy.

    • Paul Mohrhauser

      bachmann is right on the money. get goverment out of the way and great things will happen.

      • paulmsux

        Like in the late 1920’s, and the early 2000’s ?

        • Brian

          ^^Exactly! Thank you!!^^

      • jim

        even tho over 80% of her analyzed statements on the politifact web site have been deemed mostly false, false or pants-on-fire?

        i don’t think so.

        • Tom

          @ jim

          That is because her followers don’t care how OFTEN she is wrong they still lover anyways. But we all know that conservatives like Bachmann don’t base their argument on facts but on pure fantasy!

      • Tom

        @ Paul

        Bachmann is never right on anything! The rules went out the window between 2000 – 2006 and look at the end result!

    • gdog

      I agree, Obama is just doing the same stuff Bush did, but just allot more of it. Like I said, it didn’t work for Bush and it won’t work for Obama. We can’t spend ourselves into prosperity.

      • gdogsux

        So, gdog, Bachmann is your answer?

        • gdog

          Well, I do like her, but I also know she makes allot of mis informed statements. But I guess I like her because I agree with her general philosophy.

          • Joe

            Oh, you were thinking with the head on your shoulders, I presume?

            • Tom

              @ Joe

              It take a nut to love a nut!

    • Minnesota Shamed

      She might be able to get cereal right… maybe.

  • Brent

    So the debt ceiling thing wasn’t as complex as it was made out to be? Perhaps if she would have just explained beforehand that it was “stinky”, more would have voted against it, and my 401k would be worth nothing by now. Great leadership, Michelle.

  • Herb

    Just another example of how disconnected from the real world this woman is! What she really means is that recovery for the rich in America won’t take long. She figures to reinstate all of the breaks and subsidies that Obama restricted to actually save the country as opposed to saving the rich members of society. Bachman is an entitled princess, making her decisions to benefit others like herself who make up less than 5% of the society and views the middle class as a burden that should be eliminated along with all the support services for society’s less fortunate. About as far from the teachings of Christ as one can get, yet professes that she is a Christian. This IS the woman the GOP wants in the white house to continue the takeover of the Federal Government by Corporate America.

  • Roger

    Well, I am glad to know that it can all be summed up as stinky. I’m really relieved now. Bichmann for pres!!!

  • ralph h

    Govt was out of the way with the banking fiasco,wasnt good

    • Reasonable

      hear hear!
      God forbid we have regulation and standards in construction. Why, imagine all that could be built on the cheap with no inspection!
      Sarbanes Oxley Accounting standards? That’s just silly stuff. Those bean counters at Arthur Anderson just made a little math booboo and all the employees whose retirement accounts were in Enron don’t need any consideration at all.

      Wnat to know what happens when you get govt out of the way? Look at Somalia… Not much govt interference going on there.

      • dan

        So if Govty is your answer for all protection please answer a couple questions:
        When your govt created building codes that made a house so lair tight that it became a petrie dish, did they take responsibility? Nope
        I would say homes were built better 75 years ago when there were no inspectors.
        When ENRON went down in an accounting smoke screen did any of the employees get their pension or stock price refunded? Nope

        So what exactly is your govt doing to protect you?

        • Sean

          Tight houses require competent builders. An air exchange system that lets the air in warm in the winter is far better than a draft of leaky air. If there are holes in the airtight due to shoddy workmanship then yes it will become a petrie dish. Notice where the blame lies. shoddy workmanship

    • O-done-a

      “Govt was out of the way with the banking fiasco,wasnt good”
      Government wasn’t out of the way. Govt. created it, allowed for it, and are still in office scamming it! Don’t kid yourself.

  • Steve

    Bachmann doesn’t have a chance! First, she is mindless and second she lacks the funds. Also I hear that she can’t run for president because she was born in Canada. Hey Michelle show me your birth cerfiticate.

  • earlygal1

    Oh, Michele– you are dilusional…. You are barely out of the hot mess in Congress and during the Minnesota shutdown, you were nowhere to be found… What a hot airbag!!!!

    • gdog

      You do know she’s a federal rep not a state rep, right?

      • O-done-a

        you do understand that she was voted in by Minnesotans to represent MN, right?

  • Random Anonymous Blackmail

    Oh she is serious? Let me laugh harder.

  • common man-garage illogic guy

    Wow! That’s a lot of makeup.

  • Billy

    Hypocrisy Watch: Michele Bachmann Took A Loan Out From Fannie And Freddie… While Calling For Their Demise
    Republicians = Party of Hypocrites.

  • RR

    Why of course – its so simple. I can’t believe anyone hasn’t thought of that. Thank god we have her running for president to solve all the problems this country has ever had….

    • Redneck Purist

      Don’t be a dunce. It is simple. And plenty of people have thought of it. And painfully obvious to anyone with common sense. Reduce regulation and all taxes, including and especially corporate taxes, put the brakes on this wild entitlement spending spree, open up drilling everywhere to bring down the cost of energy, to name just a few painfully obvious things. But liberals just can’t figure this easy stuff out.

      • Minnesota Shamed

        I’ve learned something today! It takes a redneck to not be able to identify Michelle Bachmann as a dunce. I don’t ask a lot of my president- just that they be more intelligent than I am, and that’s not even a particularly difficult task. Bachmann may be the only candidate right now to give Palin a run for the idiocy award. Not to mention hypocrisy. Do you really want a right wing religious lunatic who believes God directs her every move, including the ones she and her husband perpetrate against an entire society of people? It is criminal and reminiscent of nazism. And by the way, I sucked at History, but even I know better than Michelle’s “forefathers” comment and Palin’s equally moronic “Paul Revere” statement. Maybe they’ll improve your self esteem and make you feel like a smarter person. They just scare the heck out of me.

        • O-done-a

          Yep. All of it—everything you stated—agreed in total.

  • reduce spending

    Sounds like a simple message. I wonder how the anti-reduce spending crowd live their lives. Seriously, how bad must you all be with your finances?

    • O-done-a

      Statistically, pretty bad and most likely represented well here. Government debt sits at 94% of national revenue and U.S. household debt sits at 107% of personal income. So, people are pretty stupid.

  • we

    LIES ALL LIES!!!!!!!

  • skank and wank

    The Woman God

    amazing it took so long for her to show herself ;-)

  • Angus

    The Democrats could get more done if the Republicans would work with them. Remember, McCain said they would work with the Democrats. Instead they are determined to undermine Obama no matter what it costs the country or the citizens. Of course, the Bachmann crowd is financially secure and still greedy for more money and power so the average citizen gets the shaft while the rich get the gold.
    I also wonder how many of the conservatives have their undies in a knot because Obama is black? There is a lot of hate for minorities in this country

    • dan

      Oh really? Just like how much the Democrats got done in the first 2 years they were in office and ran everything. they couldnt even pass a budget in over 800 days in office.

      • Iconoclast

        You can’t read very well or reason very well can you?

      • easyrider

        Danny boy! You forget that the economy was pulled back from the bleakness you so seem to want? The Banks were on the verge of collapse, Wall Street was at the edge of total ruin, companies were in bankruptcy. In those first two years we were pulled back from the brink! By Democrats! I realize that wasn’t popular with the uninformed at that time but still, the fact that the next Great Depression was avoided is a big deal! If by chance this country is dumb enough not to realize that, and the GOP does get their chance to ‘manage to turn things back around’ it does mean going back to Dubya’s failed economy and you get a chance to learn what it means to live through a Great Depression. But of course, when that happens you will just blame Obama for blinding the GOP to the facts.

    • steak

      Um, no Angus. The same hate exists for anyone who isn’t a socially conservative Republican. Has nothing to do with color. Nice try with the R card though. FAIL

  • Lucy

    Providing that we keep giving the wealthy more tax breaks… and eliminated GAYS and ABORTION and help everyone to become a Cristian, his hubby will provide the treatment, of course with all of the federal money…. WOW Shelly, when I thought I saw it all, you don’t stop to amuse me.

    • Minnesota Shamed

      The new supreme race: wealthy, heterosexual religious fanatics who believe God speaks to them directly on a regular basis. Maybe they’ll put the rest of us in internment camps and feed us gruel (or worse). That should fix the economy.

  • lefty

    when I read most of these posts I am amazed that most of you are able to find your a$$’s and your way home. Since you have the memory of a gnat. Go read some info on what the Bushes did to the economy after Clinton was no longer president.
    This moron says she can fix the economy. Now she is a economist along with what ever other degree she thinks she has. She needs to remove herself from her position in congress and start campaigning full time for president.

  • Redneck Purist

    Yeah Bachmann is sooo stupid. Will somebody please make the case and give one reason why liberals think Obama is smart? Based on his performance so far, Forest Gump could’ve done a better job. These conservatives people say are soooo stupid are just proposing lower taxes, less regulation, and fewer entitlement programs to flush our money down. Bachmanns formula might be simple, but it’s also smart. Obama might be very smart (though I don’t see it) but he governs like a moron. And he’s too dense to even figure out that his brilliant solutions don’t work. Even after the 2X4 up- side his head, (his economy) he doesn’t learn. Who’s smart and who’s stupid? Anyhow, in a year and few months he’ll be just an ugly memory and a chapter in some black history books. Then the liberals can fondly remember how brilliant he was. (all evidence to the contrary)

    • Minnesota Shamed

      A chapter in some “black history books”? Are you serious? That is the most offensive thing I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Redneck Purist

        I am absolutely and totally serious. What has he done that America can be proud of? Name one thing! If you think this president is a great man for any other reason than that he’s black, and that he managed to dupe the American public in electing him, then I pity you for your blindness. He’s blown up the economy, just got our credit rating lowered from triple A for the first time in American history, bounced several trillion dollars worth of checks on our account, started another war without any plan for finishing it, while doing almost nothing but playing golf and going on expensive vacations. HAVE YOU BEEN IN A COMA FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS?????????? Snap out of it!

        • Minnesota Shamed

          You are a racist with an absolute ignorance of government and economics. Our current debt was inherited over decades, and the most intelligent minds in economics all agreed that a stimulus was necessary to prevent total collapse. And our rating was reduced because neither party knows how to compromise and accomplish anything whatsoever. If you notice, we finally made sure we didn’t default on our debt and yet we were still downgraded. And your comments above are ridiculous- lets have corporations that make billions continue to pay no taxes so that they have enough money to buy the politicians they need to make sure it stays that way. Unbelievable. If you werent so busy being scared of the black president, maybe you’d notice that all politicians areessentially worthless and incapable of accomplishing anything whatsoever.

          • Redneck Purist

            Are those the same intelligent minds that promised if we passed the stimulus bill, unemployment wouldn’t go over 8%???? The same minds by chance that said we HAD to raise the debt ceiling or our credit would be downgraded? I couldn’t care less what you think of me. But since we’re talking about racism, let’s talk about the policies of reverse racism that gave us Barack Obama. Got into Harvard via affirmative action, not grades, became Editor of the Harvard Law Review via affirmative action, again not because of grades or talent. Will not release his transcripts BTW. Curious that such a brilliant man would not want to let anyone see his transcripts. Became the first president with roughly zero private sector experience or executive experience. Never even managed so mush as an Arby’s Now he’s made a huge mess of the country and when anyone points this obvious fact out, his defenders scream racism. I’M DYING TO VOTE FOR HERMAN CAIN (heard of him? He’s the qualified man, and oh yeah, he’s black too) just to shut you race-baiting idiots up. You’re a complete fool.

            • frozenrunner

              Name one company that Herman Cain worked for that did well after he left. Whatever he did was to make himself look good and make money for himself. Not one company sustained with his policies. That would be in case you can’t figure out short term fixes with no future planning. You really ought to to be more informed rather than be the south end of a jack going north,

    • O-done-a

      >”These conservatives people say are soooo stupid are just proposing lower taxes, less regulation, and fewer entitlement programs to flush our money down.”
      I don’t even know why I singled that sentence out. You just simply don’t get it—up and down, and all around. And a racist to boot. Yippee! If you want to play the racist card…think outside your cardboard box, the one you have so amply found a way to live in. Obama is half black and half white. Let’s go a little further with this. He, by nature is just that. By nurture he is 95% white. His black father is a deserter and our president was raised by his white grandparents. I don’t consider him as anything other than human, and you may want to take this strenuous exercise on yourself.
      Now, to the pure stupidity you have spewed. I love your “less regulation” spew—like you even have a clue what that means!! What I am about to say next will blow your mind into full blown confusion. Ready? The debt-ceiling deal meant that federal spending will slow by $20 billion or so, but the bigger problem will be the expiration of several stimulus programs: extended unemployment benefits, the payroll-tax cut, and the business-investment tax break. And, of course, the continuing decline in state- and local-government spending. Oh, I know you don’t understand any of that and probably think it’s all a form of welfare but I’m not gonna spend another second on spoon-feeding you. Deep breath….This policy will subtract about two percentage points from growth in 2012. That’s a huge drag on an economy that’s only growing at 2%. Ouch!

      • Minnesota Shamed

        Thank you for bringing some logic to this conversation. I about lost it. Apparently ignorance is bliss. And I guess since Redneck is voting for Herman Cain, he’s not a racist after all- I wonder if he’ll make it into the American History Books or if he too will be relegated to the “black” history books.

        • O-done-a

          Well, since most don’t know our history, nor do they care to explore even the pivotal moments within–we are doomed to repeat. So, segregated text books and “novel” recounts are possible. Maybe even probable. But, MN Shamed, there are just enough of us around that preserve what is right, just, and sensible so I have hope in that.

  • Murph

    And I thought Jason and Michael Myers were scary!!!

    • Creeps me out

      You are a little scary Murph.

  • PAUL


    • easyrider

      Karl Marx didn’t take or give to anyone. He never was a leader in any country. He’s long dead and doesn’t belong in any discussion about US policy. He’s just got nothing to add anymore!

  • John

    “United States loses AAA credit rating from S&P”. Won’t take long, eh Michelle?

    • O-done-a

      And…here we go. Or, better stated,—–there we went.

  • lassywalker

    Oh I needed a good laugh tonight and reading Bachmann’s comments did it.

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