MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man was killed in a motorcycle accident overnight in Minneapolis.

The State Patrol said around 1:29 a.m. Friday, the motorcyclist ran a red light in the city and then lost control on the Hennepin Avenue ramp onto Interstate 94.

The biker was ejected and hit the wall along the ramp.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the victim was 29 years old and from St. Francis, Minn.

The State Patrol hasn’t released his name yet.

They do say alcohol was detected in his system.

Comments (24)
  1. jeb says:

    My condolences to you and your family.

  2. JS says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  3. The Crux od the Buscuit says:

    Havimg experienced something similar I can say take the time to grieve for your loved one. Time will help heal the loss.

  4. AGAIN says:

    condolences also

    and once again alcohol involved. imagine that …

  5. TC says:

    Rest In Peace, my heart is breaking for his family and beautiful daughter that he has left behind.

  6. tom says:

    Is it possible to learn anything from this??

    1. DADD says:

      yeah, don’t drink and drive…duh

      1. Kelly Monson says:

        Keep your rude comments to yourself. As if this isn’t hard enough for the family and friends of Omied. Completely unnecessary for you to use the word “duh” as if he was dumb or something. I’m very offended by this.

  7. Kent says:

    Motorcycle + Booze = Disaster
    Lost 3 freinds in my lifetime. If you bike, half the legal limit is flirting with trouble.
    That cotch rocket will put you in Davey’s locket!

  8. BlondiMN says:

    People, do you really have to leave insensitive comments for the family to see? Get a life.
    To the family of the cyclist, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Does anyone know when the name will be released??? I am 29 and from Saint Francis as well.

    1. TC says:

      Waiting for all of his friends/family to be notified.

    2. just saying says:

      If you’re here typing, I’m pretty sure it’s not you.

  10. Penny says:

    All of your softball friends are praying for the family at this time. May God give you comfort and peace at this heart breaking time.

  11. Penny & TJ says:

    TC: please let us know when more information is available. If we can be of any help, we are here for you.
    New Hope Bowl Softball

  12. Family says:

    Yes it is omied this is my cousin and he will be truly missed

  13. Gardoglee says:

    This is a very sad loss. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Every biker knows it is dangerous to ride, but we each choose to do so. Let’s concentrate on our sympathy and leave the criticism out.

  14. MS says:

    Omied will be missed. He was a good dad to his daughter! I wish he would have been more careful! I am truely sad that this accident happened. He will miss so many good times watching his daughter grow up. I pray he will watch over her from above. He now can be her guardian angel from above. God speed and wishing you rest in peace. Don’t worry we will make sure your daughter has the best of everything. Grandpa MS

  15. MetroCopper says:

    Very unfortunate. Motorcycle riders take note: you’re putting a lot of faith in the motoring public by riding a motorcycle when everyone else is driving a car. The odds are already stacked against you…don’t drink and ride down the road at warp 2. You’re only gonna win that gamble so many times.

  16. Roxxie says:

    R.I.P Omied. You will be missed to young for life to end, so sad! My thoughts and prayers are with your family and your little girl.

  17. FellowRider says:

    Had been into a terrible accident myself when my wife was pregnant with my 3rd. It’s not that I don’t ride anymore, but I am a different rider now. My deepest condolences to the family. Future riders take note, while it’s fun and cool to ride a motorcycle it’s not for everyone. Solid judgement and mental sharpness is paramount when you are riding a motorcycle.

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