ST. PAUL PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — The Washington County Attorney’s office has filed six felony charges against a St. Paul Park man involved in a standoff with police Tuesday.

Nicholas Adam Kluessendorf, 22, faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder and three counts of assault in the first degree. The charges stem from Kluessendorf allegedly shooting at two separate sheriff’s deputies and a Cottage Grove police officer Tuesday.

Law enforcement officers responded to Kluessendorf’s home after receiving a report that he was suicidal. When they arrived, Kluessendorf told them to get out as he pumped a shotgun and placed a round into the chamber. 

According to the criminal complaint, Kluessendorf shot up to 40 rounds of a .22-caliber rifle and shotgun at officers during the five-hour standoff and threatened to kill them.

Kluessendorf was eventually shot in the hip by one of the officers and is currently being treated at Regions Hospital.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Samantha Smith Reports

Comments (8)
  1. Liberal Larry says:

    It was a simple mistake. I’m sure he didn’t mean it, and things just got out of control. Everybody knows what it’s like to have a few too many and get a bit upset and take it too far. He needs anger management and probation.

    1. Liberal Lenny says:

      I agree Liberal Larry. They are just too hard on people these days. He is the victim here. Society and the way we outcast people is just shameful. We all need to just give him a big hug and tell him that we all love him and accept him for who he is.

      1. Rich says:

        I could not agree more. After the anger management, I think it rshould be the rasponcibility of us hard working people to pay his Disability for the remainder of his life. Somebody that has gone through as much as he has deserves a break.

    2. Guy says:

      This is not a simple mistake. A mistake is when you add 2 + 2 & get 5. This is a CRIME.

      He deserves to have been SHOT DEAD. That solves the problem too.
      And – NO “Everybody” does NOT know what its like to “have a few too many” … and start shooting at the cops.

  2. Someone who knows him says:

    I know him—he went off the deeo end, 2 dwi’s then loses his job–he was a good kid–not a good drinker though, pray for him he is still in surgeries–and from what I am told, he never shot AT the police or outside but I guess time will tell

    1. Guy says:

      With 2 DWI’s; he SHOULD lose his job … and his license PERMANENTLY. He just attempted to kill everyone who shared the road with him when HE was drunk. A drunk behind the wheel is a murder waiting to happen. And anyone who supplied him the booze is an accompice to that attempted murder.

      The cops SHOULD have put him in the ground.

    2. What a Joke says:

      Sounds like a loser to me!

  3. KegHead says:

    Is this St. Louis? (The most dangerous place in the USA).

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