MOA Cleared, Man Detained After Report Of Suspicious Package

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — Bloomington police say a man making vague statements about “blowing up America” prompted a brief lockdown Friday in a portion of the Mall of America.

Police Cmdr. Dave Olmstead says a woman reported the man’s comments. Olmstead says the man had a backpack, but the Bloomington bomb squad found no explosives in it.

Olmstead says the man was issued a citation for disorderly conduct and put on a 72-hour hold for a mental evaluation.

The Bloomington Police Department instituted the lockdown, and closed off the mall’s south hallways on all three levels. All the stores in those hallways brought down their security gates and herded customers into their back rooms.

The lockdown lasted about an hour and is now over.

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  • DJP

    Can they shoot the (#*@) idiot??

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  • Ali

    I’m sorry, now we are shooting people for saying stupid things? Get a grip. You don’t know the whole story. You know that he was overheard saying “blowing up America” for all we know he was talking about having a giagantic dance party. The dude obviously has issues but you would have to shoot 3/4 of the US for saying something hateful and stupid if those are your parameters. Just saying.

  • Ali

    ^ **gigantic

  • jdmpls

    Wouldn’t this be considered a terroristic threat instead or disorderly conduct?

  • jdmpls

    **instead of**

  • America, pick up the white courtesy phone, please

    This country is a collective basket case. We’re a nation of paranoiacs. We tremble at the least hint of a whisper of a threat, and flip out over innocuous mumblings of the mentally ill. We inform and snitch because we are told, “See something, say something” by the demi-deity Secretary of “Homeland Security,” (*snort*) Janet Nappy-totalitarian-o. Meanwhile there we all are, sucking down excess calories like pigs at a trough, and gawping at ‘reality” TV shows which are more entertaining than our own pathetic lives. All the while, we are ignoring true dangers like banksters sucking up every last dime in the nation and paying no taxes on their earnings, and politicians raiding our treasury, our Social Security that we PAID INTO with our wage-slavery, and dismantling what’s left of our healthcare. Are you awake? Do you even care? Are you waiting for someone to take care of these messes for you? Newsflash: no one is going to rescue us. We have to do it ourselves.

    • Guy

      So what are they going to do if I decide that I don’t want to be “lockeddown” and sit around for an hour enjoying the decor of their stock room?

      Trying to forcibly detain someone who wants to leave is kidnapping.unless they have a legal (IE the person doing the detain is a COP – not a minimum wage clerk) reason for the detention.

      We need to stop allowing ourselves to be pulled into these paranoic panic attacks.

  • Hockeyboy

    Yea thats a way to solve the vast problem of the mentally ill in America, SHOOT THEM”…How about we find out how to treat them and treat them as equals in our society instead of looking down upon them..I can say with almost 99.9% certainty that all of us have some type of mental illness…

  • Dave

    They used to call Camp Snoopy…Camp Sniper the first year of the Mall of America.

    • Bill Berditzman

      I hadn’t heard that one. I had always heard it called Camp Shoot Me instead of Camp Snoopy.


  • Mark

    Is the guy talking to Allah?

  • Redneck Purist

    Your derogatory name for the Mall of Somalia is very offensive.

  • Hockeyboy

    I agree

    • HockeyMAN

      Hockeyboy, nobody cares what you agree with, get the puck out of here.

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