MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Somebody is preying on those who are looking to become U.S. citizens and obtain legal documents.

The Better Business Bureau says it’s seeing a growing scheme involving those looking for passports, immigration certificates, or visas.

One Minnesota family, which wishes to remain anonymous, became a target and is now warning others before it’s too late.

One of that family’s daughters got her official paper work to become a citizen this week. However, her brother and sisters will not get their immigration certificates. The daughter says her family lost $1,800.

“My parents worked very, very had for that type of money, and then just getting ripped off is a big loss,” the daughter said.

The daughter says her family used a website called usaimmigrationsupport.com to obtain legal documents. Even the Better Business Bureau says the site looks legit.

“The knock-off website, if you will, uses a lot of the terminology and a lot of the same visuals as the official government website,” said Dan Hendrickson, of the Better Business Bureau.

The knock-off even gives warnings about immigration scams, and the payments are similar to those the government charges.

“It looks the same. No difference until you see the contact number, and it’s in Chicago; and you call them, and their answering is just a voicemail,” the daughter said.

WCCO-TV called the company behind the website, but only received a voice message.

This is the first case of the scam happening in Minnesota, but the Better Business Bureau of Chicago has received 30 complaints about the website and gave it an F grade.

The address listed on the website is in that city, but when representatives from the bureau went knocking, there was no answer.

The Better Business Bureau said it is not aware of the government taking any action against this website.

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  1. tommyrider77 says:

    Yeah! who is that?

  2. Sarah@mpls says:

    I Dont Kno……………………… How Did This Hapenn?

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