WEST ALLIS, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin State Fair Park officials are instituting some changes following at least two dozen arrests and injuries to park police officers during opening day of the fair.

State Fair Park CEO Rick Frenette says about 24 people were arrested on the grounds Thursday during disturbances on the midway. Frenette says seven park police officers were injured, including two who were taken to the hospital.

Frenette says there will be an increased police presence following disturbances at the fair and surrounding neighborhood. And, he says all those under 18 attending the fair will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian after 5 p.m.

Milwaukee and West Allis police are investigating reports of a crowd of young people injuring at least four people as they left the fair.

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Comments (65)
  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Since WCCO will not accurately report the news, here is a link for the whole story.


    1. dan says:

      Thanks for the real story Truth Seeker. Nice to see that the Blacks are targeting White people again. I guess this isnt racist, right?

    2. markH says:

      WCCO is not unlike most media outlets today-afraid to call attention to the problem out of fear of being perceived as racist.

    3. Jeff says:

      And from that article, note that Alderman Willie Hines (a Black man) admitted to seeing blacks fight each other, but claimed he saw no blacks attacking whites. Gee, what a surprise.

  2. Not the whole story??? says:

    It is funny that all the other websites talk about this being a racial attack by black youths targeting white fair goers! I wonder how this would have read if the attacks would have been perpetrated by white attackers on black fair goers!

    What is with not reporting the whole story WCCO?

    1. Twilight Zone says:

      Are you kidding me? How would it have been reported? It would have been reported as racist. Why do you think it shouldn’t be reported as racist when it’s about white victims.

      1. Not the whole story??? says:

        I believe it should be reported as a “racist” attack but that isn’t how WCCO is reporting it. From the article above you can’t tell what race it is!

        Maybe they are concerned that it will happen at our Fair that is coming up so they left out some details to not raise tensions or scare people into not attending the Minnesota State Fair!

    2. *sigh* says:

      You do realize that this is a story that WCCO got from the Associated Press, right? This: “WEST ALLIS, Wis. (AP) –” They do not actually have reporters in Milwaukee reporting on this. Use some common sense and at least try to blame the correct news agency. I get my news from a variety of different sources, so I don’t get my panties in a twist if one source doesn’t have as many details as another.

      1. David J. Conklin says:

        Thank you for some intelligent remarks on the subject!

    3. See BS says:

      They disabled the comments about Redwing highschools “Wangsta day”, the Nerdy White liberal Corporate run media changed “Wangsta day” to “Wigger day” for some reason.

      That’s because WCCO is trying to incite racism towards white people.

    4. jeff says:

      But whites did not attack blacks. Just like it was not-whites attacking whites last year in Iowa. Funny how all the media is afraid to call this “racism” if they have the courage to report it all.

  3. Truth Seeker says:

    Must be the MN Nice in us because KSTP has the censored story and KARE11 and KMSP don’t even have the story. Black, White, Tan, shouldn’t matter. Just report the facts. That is their duty.

  4. Thx TS says:

    Thanks for the link Seeker ….. this site, specifically the reoprting, is so biased to the “minority-victim” mentality it makes one want to puke.
    Beware folks … the day is coming where you will be the minority. You will need to carry a weapon to survive the nastiness of this particular “culture” – and don’t buy into this black is discriminated against BS any more. It’s reversed but we are the ones -STILL – who put the freebies in their laps.
    The monster has been created – now maybe you get the reason it needs to be starved too – cease the welfare.

  5. Larry says:

    If there is an ounce of humor it is the lead picture. No color.

  6. not safe anywhere says:

    This has been happening nationwide all summer. Mobs of blacks have beaten whites after concerts, at the beaches, at McDonalds, malls etc.

    1. fred says:

      welcome to the future of America

  7. Enlightened says:

    Ok, let’s look at the facts. A mob of black youths attacked white people. Is it racially motivated, probably. Milwaukee is one of the most racially tense cities in the United States. I’m from there and and I moved away a long time ago because of it. This stuff does make me angry.

    However, your reactions and comments that call black people “Monkeys”, “Back to the cotton fields”, and other racist comments make you no better than the youths that committed this crime. Be angry, yes. But there is no need to be hateful to an entire ethnic group because of a handful of kids. That is just ignorant.

    1. wrong says:

      I now starting to challenge this type of comment as feel good non-sense

    2. Just saying says:

      I hope you’re telling WRONG to shut up.

  8. Dan says:

    It’s those Tea Party terrorists at work again. Somebody tell Betty McCollum!

    1. Pablo says:

      Please tell us you are joking! This such an ignorant comment. And what does the Tea Party have to do with this crime?????????? Are they going around in a mob beating up on defenseless unarmed people?

      1. lh says:

        I think Dan is definitely joking.

      2. kfreed says:

        As a matter of fact, they’ve been at it since 2008.

        Insurrection Timeline of right-wing inspired, politically motivated violence:


        Spare us the victim routine.

  9. facts says:

    And be selective in the ‘burbs you move to because some of them now are telling all — “we want to be JUST like Minneapolis” by their actions. Think BP, BC, SLP,Hopkins, GV and the list goes on.
    I want walls around the next city I live in – walls that those within get to decide who encamps within. After alll boys and girls .. we pay for it

    1. Good advice says:

      Probably best to keep out of Hennepin or Ramsey counties all together if you can.

    2. Good luck with that says:

      …and whatever you do, don’t leave your house. It’s a scary world out there.

  10. The Bishop says:

    Witnesses said that dozens to hundreds of young black people were beating white people as they left the fair late Thursday night.

    1. Ruth Taylor says:

      Save me a nickel….

  11. markH says:

    This violent incident (not unlike the predominately black-led riots of LA following the Rodney King verdict) will be swept under the rug and never openly discussed in media or other sources. No one wants to admit that their is a cancer of violence, crime, children without fathers, and incarceration among blacks that is not seen in any other racial demographic. Everyone with eyes and who is honest KNOWS this, but no one wants to take the bull by the horns and actually confront the problem and try to turn the tide. Oprah had her chance to do something positive for black America, but wasted her time on “feel good” spiritualism and doling out gifts. Peace.

  12. naacp says:

    Witnesses told WTMJ-AM (620) that dozens to hundreds of young black people were beating white people as they left the fair late Thursday night. Patrice Harris, a spokeswoman for the fair, said a police alert she was given indicated four people were hurt.

    1. surprise says:

      When we realize that we have a plague going on….it needs to be taken care of

  13. Dave M says:

    Tell it like it is CCO……………………..fkrs!

  14. dan says:

    I wonder if any of them had belts or suspenders to hold up their pants?

  15. hard a says:

    I’d have started breaking peoples necks.

    1. bad dudes says:

      honestly – I carry. I may have taken my first shot when they attacked the police.
      I would be in jail or worse now and the poor perp would be immortalized for this or that reason I have no doubt
      God help America

  16. truth hurts says:

    Ok, time to buy a gun. I am sick of stupid filth like this.
    Milwaukee is a dump. They’ve left Detroit, and these black jerks are just trying to ruin everything for everyone else. Thats what they do.

    1. markH says:

      At least St. Louis and Rockford IL, Lansing MI are safe.

  17. Jesse says:

    Actually who cares? It’s Wis. Didn’t they and thier NEOCON attitude turns thier backs on the rest of us. It’s your problem, you created it, deal with it!

    1. Carl says:

      Oh I’m sure these thugs are all in tune with the budget cuts going on in WI. Sure!! I’m sure they are just misunderstood innocent bystanders

    2. just sayin says:

      Yeah because they all have important jobs and pay taxes.. I am so sure.
      Man get your head out of your a$$. So sick of idiots in this country.

  18. Really says:

    7 police officers hurt and treated – this sucker has way more to it than ANYONE dares to point out and address.
    If these were white people doing this to blacks the National Guard would be in transit and you know damn well that is the honest to God truth and fact.
    But it was just some poor mis-understood black people who had a bad day I guess

    1. surprise says:

      REV. Jackson would be on TV and us white people would never here the end of it…

  19. Remember what? says:

    A “reminder to all the patriots” to buy ammunition? You’re a tea-bagging fool.

  20. jan says:

    This is terrible that CCO didn’t mention race because this is what this story is all about, one race attacking another. Not to mention this and just call it a fight misses the whole point. Shabby journalism to be sure

  21. Max says:

    The attacks are awful. Also awful are the blatantly racist comments posted by some of you. Racism is wrong in all of it’s forms, regardless of perpetrator. I wonder what a Black, or other minority person, must think when they read your vitrol.

    It’s also laughable that some of you convey an attitude of what I will refer to as “white superiority,” like somehow white folks wouldn’t do things like this. Are you ignorant of our history? White people perpetrated violence against Blacks for many years. If you are ignorant of history, I suggest you educate yourselves before you spew your hate.

    1. Max wins the big one says:

      Vote Max for ignorant post of the day!!

      1. fred says:

        max also wins the ultra liberal bed wetter of the day award.

    2. markH says:

      I think the term for your argument is what is known in philosophy as a non sequitur; your conclusion does not follow your premise. Sure, white people, black people, Native Americans, Chinese, can ALL commit crimes and demonstrate violence. But the fact that they DO these things does NOT mitigate the responsibility that blacks have for their own actions. It is not a racist position to point out that a disproportionately larger share (vis a vis whites) are incarcerated in our federal prison system. Nor is it racist to point out that blacks (as a race) have much higher incidence of teen pregnancies, poverty, history of violence as youth, and are much less likely than their peers of ANY race to complete high school. The “you’re a racist” mantra is used by those who simply refuse, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that blacks have a problem. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous; you first have to admit the problem before anything can be done about it. Peace.

      1. @markH says:

        Nicely stated markH

        1. mj says:

          Well said mark H.

      2. NavyVet says:

        Well when you have people like the ones who post comments on here who are the teachers that fail to educate them and their parents, or people who leave comments on here that are the police officers profiling them and wrongfully arresting them, and killing them for no reason. Then take them to the judges that have the same thought patterns as some of the people you see making these disgustingly racist and you have your answer. It ashamed that you all seem to be or are acting intelligent, but can’t comprehend how deep and complex racism actually is! I guess you just don’t want to, nor ADMIT the problem!

        1. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

          So you’re saying that the people who attacked these innocent fair goers were “wrongfully” arrested? What moon do you live on?

          1. NavyVet says:

            My comment was in reply to markH.
            how did you even get that out of what I said?

        2. Blame the thugs says:

          Sorry NavyVet, you are the one that won’t admit there is a problem. Blame it on the teachers.Blame it on the cops. Blah, blah, blah.

          1. NavyVet says:

            I’m not blaming anyone, I’m saying that these people aren’t helping THE PROBLEM, nor really trying fix it!

        1. David J. Conklin says:


  22. Mel says:

    Some of you people are sick. Now, I do think this needs to be properly reported, and I do think the national news should be reporting it as well, cause we all know the NAACP would have jumped all over this if it had been reverse skin color perpetrating these crimes. BUT, a gang of people in no way represents an entire race of people. I do hope the accused get charged with hate crime because it was only skin color that prompted the attack. With all of that said, some of these comments make me sick to my stomach, that you still think that a person of a particular skin color can be referred to as an animal. Your comments reflect the level of your intelligence and class.

    1. Sorry Mel says:

      This same thing just happened in Philadelphia. Mobs of blacks punching people, running out in traffic and smashing their cars, etc. Some ghetto mama was dissed on a bus and had her friends shoot up the bus. You better get used to being sick to your stomach. People are sick of this and are starting to speak up.

  23. Reaganite Republican says:

    Wisconsin has a new concealed-carry law, ya know

    What on earth are you folks waiting for… shoot them

  24. THE BURNER says:

    Thats it I am bring my MINI GUN to the state fair 166 rounds per second should take care of any mobs!!!!

  25. Blame Whitey says:

    Crime Apes..Wisconsin Division.

  26. March113 says:

    Sounds like a hate crime to me, Where are the feds on this crime ?

  27. kfreed says:

    So the reich wing race baiters finally got their wish? They’ve only been egging on the white supremacists in the so-called tea party for the past two years and now are stunned by the result? Do they imagine that these kids don’t watch television? This is playing out exactly as the race baiters want – keeps us all from focusing on the white collar criminals responsible for the shared misery of all Americans of modest means.

    And we should probably note that the race baiters are piling on as expected on this comment thread. Natch.

    1. erin says:

      Natch, amazing the inability of the gun totin’ types to think critically. Any opening in the door to blow out their racist vitriol. If one were to examine all of the factors, this could be easily interpreted as just another battle in the escalating class war.

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