Bachmann’s ‘Newsweek’ Cover Controversy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is getting a lot of attention in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Most presidential hopefuls welcome being on a magazine cover, but some think Bachmann’s cover of ‘Newsweek’ this week is not too flattering.

The magazine calls her “The Queen of Rage” and used what can be described as a harsh picture of the 6th district congresswoman.

The full title on the cover is:  ‘”The Queen of Rage” Michele Bachmann on God, the Tea Party and The Evils of Government.’

Humphrey School of Public Affairs political scientist Larry Jacobs says Bachmann a candidate to reckon with, because he has done well in the polls, she is popular in Iowa and her fundraising is strong.

“No doubt Newsweek is sending a strong editorial message here that they think Michele Bachmann is a crackpot,” Jacobs said. “It also acknowledges a reality: Michele Bachmann is here. She’s a major force on the national political scene.”

WCCO hasn’t heard of any reaction so far from Bachmann’s campaign.

Amy Siskind from The New Agenda said the media covers women differently then men and ‘Newsweek’ purposefully used a bad photo.

WCCO’s Natalie Kane Interview Amy Siskind

Bachmann, a tea party favorite, has risen quickly in national polls and is near the top in a recent Iowa straw poll.

  • Kent

    Oh Michele..
    Lets see if the comments total by the end of the day breaks a record!

    • Redneck Purist

      There are more comments here than total News Week magazines sold. But I hear both their readers loved the cover.

    • kara

      Unlike the Traitor in chief, She Loves America…..baaaa.baaaa.baaaaa….

      • Lucy

        As long as the people in America, are the following….

        1. White
        2. Straight… or they can make you straight (her Hubby clinic)
        3. Wealthy
        4. Cristian…

        If you do not fit in in her Criteria… then you should not be an American

        • ALLEN WEST

          Why don’t you look up Michele’s fellow Tea Party congressman ALLEN WEST before you open your big liberal mouth. I attend Tea Party meetings with hispanics, asians, blacks and lots of mixed races. We stream the entire income spectrum. It’s people like you, Lucy, who don’t fit in with America. Plenty of communist counties in our southern hemisphere that encourage your anti American propoganda. Go live with them.

          • Tom

            @ Allen West

            People like Bachmann and those who follow her say they believe in FREEDOM for all which is not true at all! So maybe social conservatives should quit saying FREEDOM for all !

            So you have no problem with mixed races just as long as they believe in your non-sense! You don’t like Obama in the White House but you would have no problem with Harold Cain?

            • Sara

              @Tom. Though I completely agree with you it’s Herman Cain not Harold :) but he’s to crazy to get elected just like Michelle…

        • paul

          whats Cristian?

      • Tom

        @ kara

        Again who was in charge from 2000 -2006? It is was Bush and the GOP and Bachmann was part of it.

        And she doesn’t like all of America! She only likes the part of America that thinks like she does and is as delusional as she is.

    • dan

      I guarantee more Libs will comment on this article than the dark cloud looming over our administration today……….First time in history we lost our AAA rating. Nice work guys, I sure hope we get 4 more years of this kind of change!

      • Tom

        @ dan

        Did you happen to see all the comments that the S&P made? Did you hear them say that wanted they wanted to see that $ 4 trillion plan that was on the table? Did you hear them say they wished that there was REVENUE on the table? All of which the GOP / Tea Party / Grover Nordquist are againest!

        • just sayin

          Sad to see the libs only listen to one piece of media… place the blame on GOP all you want. The only bit of arguement you can have is the GOP not increasing taxes.

          Which proves it all along, DFL tax & spend.

          Obama has spent more $$ than all presidents combined.

          Yes during 2007-2008 Dems controlled the house.
          Failing years of Bush because of the dems.
          The down was well over 14000pts as well.

          Sorry but Dems get a big F.

        • Realist

          Of course he didn’t… he was too busy watching Fox News.

          • dan

            Actually CNN had a great piece this morning on how we are mirroring the mistakes made in Greece and Italy. You should try to watch some informative news cast.

          • idtapitanyway

            ….and rubbing one out

        • dan

          We spend 70% of our GDP. Its needs to be decreased right now. We do not have anymore time to teach Obama that his economic team is way over their heads. My gosh Geitner cant even figure out TurboTax to file a tax return. I hope this isnt a reflection of the intelligence thru-out the White house.

          • David J. Conklin

            >We do not have anymore time to teach Obama that his economic team is way over their heads.

            That started with Reagan’s voodoo economics that the right wing is still pushing today.

            • dan

              You may want to check your facts David. You seem to spout some nasty misinformation before you think or read.

              • Paul Solinger

                Under Ronald Reagan, our national debt quadrupled. Not even Obama can claim that distinction.

                • dan

                  Sorry Paul,
                  Under Carter we had a Federal Debt of $994 Billion. After 8 years in office Reagan raised it to 2.8 Trillion. That is less than a $2 Trillion increase in 8 years. Obama has spent over $4 Trillion in less than 3 years.

                • Paul Solinger

                  You’re right, Dan, it was under Regan/Bush that it quadrupled (400%). My mistake. Then, under Clinton, it went up a whopping 25%, before going up another 200% under Bush II. So far, under Obama, it’s gone up 50%. In other words, the Republican Party is the true party of debt.


      • dan

        Good one, now Obama needs to blame the last 7 presidents? So when does he need to take ownership? Never?

        • Tom

          @ Dan

          If you have seen polls a few months ago they still ask the question who do you blame more for the mess we are in. Well it has been 3 years since Bush has been gone and still by a 2 to 1 margin people in America still blame Bush! Its still sorta of like how after Bush had been in office for about 3 years and conservatives still blamed Clinton for things.

          • dan


            The general public has no idea who to blame. Obama has been the only President to spend his first 3 years in office constantly campaigning and blaming the other party for his inability to run the country.
            The only beef Republicans hasdd with Clinton was his choice to not take out bid Laden when he had a chance.

        • David J. Conklin

          You only take ownership for the problems you cause. You don’t own the problems caused by others. The extremists on the far right are still tying the President’s hands behind his back by not raising taxes on the rich. So, those policies are still in effect and are causing the problems of today.

          • dan

            Ah, so increasing the unemployment rate over 2% overspending to fix a problem with no positive outcome and passing a Health Care Bill that will BK the country and increasing the National Debt more than any president prior in less than 3 years is falling squarely on Mr Obama’s schoulders I guess he has lots of explaining to do then.

            • Tom

              @ Dan

              And if the gov’t had done nothing we might be in much deeper hole than we are now! And the conservatives would be complaining more than they are now. So sit there and complain about how gov’t is bad then when you are hit a disaster you complain that the gov’t was to slow to respond. You want it both ways. And one of the factors that the deficit is so high is that Bush and Company did not put their trillion dollar wars on the book. Conservatives started the spending spree back in 2000. And basically you don’t seem to mind the debt that Bush and Company put us in but you get angry when someone else adds debt on top of debt that Bush started.

          • Carl

            I’m sorry maybe ther was another election but I believe the Congress and presidency are held by the Democrats? Wasnt it Obama’s signature on the bottom line of the budget?

            • Rot and filth

              guess he coulda nt signed it and then let the fruity tutes to the far right say seee …….. weeeeeeee told you so.
              Told us what you bunch of pizz rats? That you would rather sink the country than pay for past sins.
              Rot in hell Bachmann and fellow fleas….rot in hell

              • dan

                Rot and filth,

                No, get back to the table and work something out. Taking the easy way and not opening up the meetings to the media like he promised in his campaign shows how weak he is.
                Take a look at the stock market reaction to his speech. It was on the way back up until he opened his mouth and we have been in a tail spin the whole afternoon. This guy is clueless and needs to be voted out of office. Let someone with a spine take over.

                • O-done-a

                  Back in 1937, the U.S. economy had been growing rapidly for three years, thanks in large part to government programs aimed at ending the deep recession that began in 1929. So, think 2008 market crash/financial crisis and the bailouts, stimulus packages, tax breaks etc. aiming to end the current recession. Then(1939)—1)the central bank clamped down hard on lending (which, with the downgrade and everything else going on right now has already been happening and will become MORE than likely–worse) causing a credit freeze, and 2)federal government spending and programs were cut and dropped by 10 percent. The result–The economy contracted again and the jobless rate soared. The cut, cut, cut plan just won’t work. It’s just not that easy. It’s really not so much about politics—liberals/conservatives have no idea—it’s about credit and jobs. No political “party”— ESPECIALLY THE TEA BAGGERS–can save us—we need to have really good right hand men to plug us through. Bernanke and Timmy are not the guys we need for this. The crazy extreme politics aren’t what we need either. We’ve been here before.

                • Deep Thinker

                  Good luck finding a person like that in politics…

        • A Voter

          Wake up, and smell the Tea Party Dan.

  • Ron

    Aptly titled….she is known as ‘ol’ crazy eyes’ in DC.

    • dan

      Only after Dayton ran out of DC for fear of the next attack!

      • drts

        Those eyes are neither crazy nor full of rage. She obviously just saw God. Or George Bush.

  • kara

    And I have seen The Traitor in chiefs Derangement Syndrome feeding you his koolaid…..

    • Will Sawyer
      • Ronal Reagan raised taxes 11 times. Just don't tell Bachmann.

        Reagan Budget Director: ‘Absolutely’ Raise Taxes. Reagan’s top economic advisor, was the man in charge of improving the economy during the recession in the 80’s. See for yourself

        • Ray S.

          HOLLY CRUD!!! All that stuff Bachmann has been saying are just a bunch of lies?

      • "Ronald Reagan Myth Doesn't Square with Reality"

        “Ronald Reagan was never afraid to raise taxes,” historian Douglas Brinkley, who edited Reagan’s diaries, told NPR. “He knew that it was necessary at times. And so there’s a false mythology out there about Reagan as this conservative president who came in and just cut taxes and trimmed federal spending in a dramatic way. It didn’t happen that way. It’s false.” THESE SO CALLED REAGAN REPUBLICANS NEED TO DO A LITTLE RESEARCH AND STOP LIYING ABOUT THEIR TAXES.

        • Ray S.

          Wow,*** that is a must read article***. I am too young to remember much about the 80s recession but that certainly sheds a different light on what the Republicans and Tea Party claim about Reagan and their Tax Policies. Thank you for sharing that.

      • Will Sawyer

        like this page to show you support Hillary Clinton for 2012 Independent Candidante!

    • Bill Berditzman

      I agree. This is how unflattering and doe-eyed she typically looks.

    • Tom

      @ Meow

      Her followers will not be happy with this cover as they know it shows the REAL Michelle Bachmann. And it doesn’t help their argument that they are trying to make in trying to convince those of us who have a brain and are not afraid to use it that is something that in reality she is not only in their own little world where social conservatives live which is that she is smart!

      Once she lieaves that little bubble that social conservtives live in she is sunk!

      • meow


        • Reasonable

          Honestly, I don’t think she’s a liar. I think she’s attempting to state opinion as fact and she’s about as delusional as they get too.

          Besides, lying implies deviousness or deceit and I somehow doubt that batty Bachmann has the intellectual capacity to lie to her own benefit.

          Nonetheless I plan to support her in her presidential bid, until the point where she can no longer run for re-election of her congressional seat. Two birds, one stone.

          • O-done-a

            That’s not how it works, Reasonable. It would be nice. But that’s not how it works. Look at McCain and Kerry……still warming their butts in their senate chairs. Bachbrat has just enough crazies supporting her (take a looksy at the freak supporters on this message board alone) to keep her tush warm.

            • One less dollar for Newsweek

              Sorry Newsweek staff, you have one less customer.

    • Palin still looks way better

      I’d hate to wake up next to that in the morning, very scary. brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • kara

    Naw that would be The Mooches Crazy eyes when she can’t get her daily dose of cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes!!!!

  • yep

    This years GOP race would be boring without her. I enjoy seeing what she does week to week. The GOP doesn’t have a strong contender which is a shame. Obama could easily be overthrown in this economy/political climate but there is not a good contender. I think Obama has the next election in the bag.

    • M B

      Seriously… is that all the best you have? Two comments: “Traitor in chief” and “Kool-aid”? Really?

      You are personifying the typical ignorant conservative that rubber stamps comments and then when that doesn’t work, calls people names. You’d have significant more credibility if you actually could come up with something new once in a while. Maybe do a little research on your own, or as I’ve told others, use the same critical eye on your own party that you seem to reserve for the other side. You might just be surprised. Somehow I doubt it though.

    • drts

      There isn’t a one without crazy religious beliefs. Try selling those to the independents. They don’t have a prayer.

    • yep


  • Tom Horn

    Maybe Jezzus will save her, maybe not. her beliefs really scare me. How can anybody in their correct mind consider her a viable candidate? I hope the GOP can come up with something better or we are all going to be Obamasized.

  • R

    She couldnt do any worse then obama he has torn apart this great nation

    • th

      It is the idiot repubs and teabaggers like Bachmann that have torn this nation apart. Don’t you pay attention to the polls? The majority of americans want thaxes and downsizing for the debt.

    • Ted

      Sure, you have a short memory; seems to me Dubya started out with a 2.6 trillion dollar surplus then got us into 2 un paid for wars, cut taxes (without offsetting cuts) – let Wall street play with derivatives and bundled asset products like they were poker chips and just as Obama was entering office; crashed the economy. Oh yeah, all Obama’s fault right? Once again the Democrats were like janitors at the circus; cleaning up after the elephants.

      • AntiTeabagger

        @ Ted, Amen brother!

      • Liberal stupidity

        2.6 trillion surplus? Not true. That was an accounting gimmick borrowed from FUTURE tax revenues 10 years down the road. Got it Ted? Mortgage derivatives were allowed under Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, they are on video saying Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were solvent without any problems. Bush sent those two 8 letters of serious concern. Those Democrats denied any problem. Hey Ted, Obama has just spent $6 Trillion dollars in 2-1/2 years after this last debt ceiling raise. Hello Ted? Anyone in that empty skull?

        • th

          And where would you imbeciles be if he hadn’t bailed out the companies that he did? In the toilet yourself like a lot of americans are right now.

        • Tom

          @ Liberal Stupidity

          Accounting Gimmicks? Sorta of like what T-Paw did was Gov and what the GOP / Tea Party still like to do!

          Did Bush and the GOP pay for those two wars? Did they pay for those two tax cuts? Did they pay for anything? No they did not! And how many jobs were created in the 90’s and how many were created during Bush’s term?

      • Tom

        @ Ted

        And it was Clinton that came in and cleaned up his fathers mess! And of course we all know what the economy did under Clinton. Which to this day Conservatives refuse to believe happened!

        • Monty

          Rep. Bachmann makes a good candidate, which, in my opinion, is why there is so much effort to make her look bad. However a good candidate does not mean a good president. Again, in my opintion, President Obama is a good example of good candidate, poor leader.

          Let’s set a few facts here to remove political slant. The economy was already recovering prior to the 1992 elections, but if you are to associate the 90s bull market to Clinton, you must also associate the tech bubble bursting which is a primary caused of the early 2000’s recession.
          And he is responcible for authorizing the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (repealing the Glass–Steagall Act), which is widely regarded to have significantly added to the depth if not a primary cause of the 2008-09 recession. Hardly results to cheer about. The bull market had more to do with President Clinton working with Congress at being civil and making smart compromise for the good of the country. Once Congress and the President started to entrench in ideological party dogma, the economy started to faulter. We see the same issues through today.

          Also the cause of the 90-91 recession was from the 1987 market collapse, savings and loan failures, a spike in oil prices and inflation, and had little to do wth the policies of President G.H.W. Bush.

          Finally it should be noted, looking at the resume of qualifications for president, President G.H.W. Bush was regarded one of the most qualified in history. however, I reserve my opinion of his effectiveness as president.

          • Matt

            there is no effort in making her look bad she does a good enough doing it herself

      • Tom

        @ Ted

        The only thing I will give Bush Senior credit for is when he said no to the neo-cons about going in Iraq because he didn’t want get stuck doing what Jr ending up doing which is rebuilding it.

        • No Obama

          Who cares what you think. Go to Huffington Post and impress them with you lack of knowledge

          • Tom

            @ No Obama

            I think you need to google and or AOL search to see how many time Bachmann has been corrected. Just because people like you think she is smart there is majority of the country who know better!

    • Tom


      And who was in charge from 2000 -2006? It was Bush and the GOP! Of course if I was a Conservative I would try to block those years out to!

      • pete

        It was actually Bush untill 2008 thats when the bottom dropped out. You can’t cut taxes and start two wars. We found out it doesn’t work

        • Don't waste your time

          He was there till Jan 21 of 2009. You wont get through to this Rush Lardbaugh/FakeNew loyalist. They’ve been brainwashed into believing anything they hear on fox radio&tv. Anything that comes from a different source is just wrong. If they’d only bother to open a book, magazine, or news paper and do some fact checking of their own.

      • Booth

        The Bush years were not great but obama has put the U.S. in a tail spin and we are heading for a depression!!!

        • AntiTeabagger

          Cause your pals in the GOP send all the jobs overseas and wonders why unemployment is so high?! Then they pat themselves on the back with Tax Breaks for the rich and a raise in their pockets!

        • Paul Solinger

          Because of the Republican’s refusal to raise revenue.

      • Take out the trash in 2012

        The Bush blame game ended two years ago. Eat it up. Your boy won’t be re-elected. rotflmao

        • Tom

          @ Take out the trash in 2012

          You are delusional! The GOP dug us a deep hole from they did in those 6 years! Where was the same conservative outrage between 2000 – 2006 that we see now? Thats because your party was in charge thats why!

      • Carl

        Then the Dem’s took over the House and Senate in 2007 and look what happened in 2008. Now Obama takes over and looks what happens to our credit rating. Coincidence? I dont think so.

        • AntiTeabagger

          Another Teabagger not realizing that the GOP drove the country into the ground all those years leaving the DEMS to clean it up AGAIN! But this time, your meat-head Cowboy took it way too far.

        • Realist

          You don’t think that Bush and the GOP paved the way for 2008?

          • John


            • Clear Republican Sabotage

              Come on. The Repubs have been doing everything in their power to ensure the failure of this President, no matter the cost. No matter what he tries, they block him from doing it. Most of his Presidential appointments have been blocked. Just look at what happened with the current FAA deal, the Consumer protection agency, the list goes on and on…. If half of the Senate&Congress is working against him what do you expect to get done? I’m and not saying the man doesn’t have flaws or may have promised too many things. Give em credit for taking on the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

  • The Look

    Did Marcus announce his heterosexuality again?

    • Tom

      @ The Look

      That’s funny!

      I’m surprised the social conservtives allow him in front and speak! Because we know they won’t let any other social conservatives bring gay family members out on stage!

  • Shew weaned Charlie

    She never spit Charley out of her womb but she raised him as one of her fosters ….. and he was a God fearing All American young adult she says.
    He actually wanted to take the Bachmann name but Marcus liked Manson so that it was.

  • Rob

    Obviously she is not running on compassionate politics. Finally media got things right on her. Bachmann’s fame will take the same tumble Sarah Palin had. S&P downgrade US got has lot to do with people like Bachmann and there is a good chance America will realize that and reject her.

    • I'm just sayin


      We were downgraded because the government (Republicans negotiating with President Obama and Harry Reid) did nto make signigficant enough reductions in the deficit. Please read before you post nonsense, it onlyconfuses those unable to comprehend beyond a party line. the last thing we need right now is a bunch of people voting the same way they have for the past 40 years.

      • th

        It was downgraded because there wasn’t a combination of taxes and cutting. Just cutting.

  • Gina Lovelace

    She is so fake!! I really hope America is not dumb to vote for her to be president.

    • Booth

      People voted stupid and look what we got (obama) 4TRILLION in debt,

  • Tom L

    Typical republican deer in the headlights. dazed, confused, what am I here for look…..whats the uproar about? We see this everyday, especially when one of ’em tries to speak. Them folks is cheap entertainment for the rest of us on a slow news day.

  • Al

    I absolutely despise the press of this country. This is news? Let’s start rumors and not report the news.

    • David J. Conklin

      You’re responding to it–that’s news in and of itself. Grow up.

      • Claire

        What? What does someone responding to an article have to do with making news? Try to make a point Mr Conklin.

  • say

    she looks as crazy as she is. She always looks like this.

    • deidre

      This makes a pretty compelling argument for the Taliban requirement of full facial covering..

  • meow

    I guess it takes someone delusional to lead those that are delusional.

  • I'm just sayin

    wow, so many personal attacks and no constructive discussion. So this has come down to a rant blog with no substance. Do any of you realy wonder and understand how we got into this situation? Please spend a few minutes in front of the mirror before the next round of caucusses and make a serious determination if you are part of the solution or part of the problem. If you figure out that you are part of the problem, vote for anyone other than who your party puts up (that is for all democrats and republicans alike). We NEED moderates that are willing to swallow the bitter pill now, or else we all are doomed.

    • Korean War Vet myself

      I am with you … but the 2 sides seem to get only the hate and fight and bicker so it seems almost hopeless.
      China said it best – we don’t do anything BUT bicker so any show at solutions are not even possible.
      HTG – for the first time in my life I am feeling we may be doomed to fail by Americans themselves. I never would have thought this day would come.
      I am 72 and have seen a whole lot but never an America that is so un-American.
      Both parties are equally at blame and that is simple fact

      • Ordinary Guy

        Nixon visited China to end the post WWII era conflict that Korea was a horrific example of. It was thought that trading with them was better than shooting nukes at each other. True, but we made a big mistake in the process.

        Geo. H. W. Bush promoted imports and said that American consumers would enjoy and benefit from lower prices, thinking that more business was naturally good. However; we didn’t realize then that our economy was not set up to endure a prolonged onslaught of products that exploited Chinese laborors and our untaxed consumer market.

        Our tax revenues have come from our labor pool and the producers that employed them. Oops!

        Ecomomic disparities and revenue short-falls now dictate falling entitlement demands and lower wages paid, to employ more workers. This is making things hot. Due to economic pressures, the age-old buttons of race, and culture, religion, and wealth are turning things unstable in the pinch.

        Restoring the system that brought inherent tendencies for economic equality and harmony must be our top priority. China, India, and the rest have had their tax holiday long enough, and their consumer market can grow of its own accord, without their continued addiction to our tax-free economic system.

        Imported goods and services, whether on the internet or in containers, must pay the same as our domestic producers and workers, for the privilege of entering our marketplace. The alternative is obvious, violence and suffering and ruin.

        It is up to the advancing powers to raise the expectations of their working middle-class, not for American families to lower theirs. We must change it now.

        • meow

          @Ordinary Guy

        • Mark

          @ ordinary guy

          At last a beacon of wisdom in a sea of mediocrity. As meow stated “You nailed it!”, but unfortunatly the majority won’t be able to see it that way.

          The voices will continue to spout the rhetoric of “It’s organized labors fault!”, “It is the fault of those on Social Security!” “It’s the democrats fault!” EtC. when in fact it is the failed policies and forgotten wisdom of those who came before us.

          That is truly what is lacking in Washington; “WISDOM”. The majority of our elected officials are inteligent, but ALL OF THEM FROM BOTH PARTIES LACK WISDOM!!! None of our officials lived through the great depression, so NONE of them know what it was really like.

          So they dismantle the safety net put into place that got us out of that period, and created the society that was the envy of the world.

          Those that forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

    • I'm just sayin' you're crazy

      Are you trying to say that Bachmann is a MODERATE?

      • I'm just sayin

        Obviously by my comments I DID NOT SAY THAT. But you continue to confuse and not talk aboyut fixing things so we can stay on this crazy spend and not tax path we are on. Keep on trying to put words into other peoples mouths and do not address the issue of the problems with the two party system, because that is so constructuve and look what it has done for us….

        • MORON

          God you are stupid. YOU are the effing idiot that does those things.

  • moderate??? lol

    I don’t think there is a soul on this planet, including the criminally insane or incompetent, that would condsier her a moderate at anything.
    Well – moderatley successfull I guess. Not successfull but moderately so
    She actaully looks like a Frciken Devil’s Ho now, doesn’t she

  • Steve

    The left, Public Unions, greeniies can now only name call as we see what the Dems and Obama has done to this country. Market crashing, down grade credit, more spending.etc. they can point ot nothing good, only name calling is their line now.

    • @Steve

      Steve – as a GOP voter may I say you and the far right within our party is as much of a problem as the damn lib party you detest.
      Either JOIN the party in a constructive way to solve the damn issues or move to an island with a whacko like Bachmann as your leader.
      Wipe your snotty nose on your sleeve and depart now…NOW

  • Gloria

    Finally, people can see what M.B. really looks like!

    • idnockthebottomoutofit

      Smoking hot….man is she beautiful!

  • A Voter

    How much more airbrushing will it take to make her happy?

    • Will J

      I’d hate to wake up next to that in the morning. Scary.

      • idtapit

        No problem here!

  • Greg Laden

    Why do these reporters think she does not normally look like this? Have they not seen all those videos of her hiding in bushes and so on?

  • Guess what

    Well, we assumed Obama, the often accused closet ‘Muslim Terrorist’ was it. But, other than getting Osama, he is proving himself to be too restrained to controversy and a hardliner; almost a softie. Now this; whoever wins the GOP nomination is getting easier to win the Presidency. So, is this it? Michelle Bachmann is exactly what the Mayan Calendar dialed up. She looks so much like the girlfriend doll of Chucky.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Has anyone had a look at Nancy Pelosi..that girl can get some real crazy looks with all her plastic surgery. I also heard the guy from S& P say if the the “Cut Cap and Balance” act had passed this would not had happened. There are no innocents here, But Obama doesn’t have anyone in place to handle this. He is WAY over his head..

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    If the so called “Rich” paid 100% of there would not even make a dent. We need to be cutting and trimming programs …ones that affect both sides of the aisle. Let’s start with some of these foolish rail programs and Obama care.

  • the true look

    This is the look she’s had for years ever since she discovered that a magnifying glass makes little Markus look much bigger. Not sure about the Queen of Rage though, as I thought that was Marcus. Bet she has a huge closet. And then again she shaves her eyebrows.

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