FBI: MN Man Who Kidnapped His Wife Arrested In Mexico

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The FBI says Mexican police arrested the Virginia, Minn., man Monday who allegedly kidnapped his wife in July, fled the state and robbed a Kansas bank.

Police have been searching for Timothy Caskey, 40, since July 14, when police believe he kidnapped his wife, 44-year-old Roberta Lynn Caskey, who has an order for protection against her husband.

The FBI said that Mexican police arrested Timothy Caskey around 2 p.m. Monday at a bank in Matamoros.

Timothy Caskey is expected to be extradited to the United States soon, the FBI said. He will have his initial appearance in federal court in San Antonio, Texas, at a date that has yet to be determined.

Roberta Lynn Caskey is expected to return to Minnesota soon. According to the FBI, Robterta Lynn Caskey “appeared distraught” when she was recovered by Mexican police. However, no other information has yet been release about her health.

Various warrants had been issued for Timothy Caskey’s arrest following July 14; they included: federal and state kidnapping charges, a false imprisonment charge, a Minnesota Department of Corrections parole violation warrant, charges for allegedly robbing a bank in Ottowa, Kansas on July 15, and charges for allegedly stealing a pick-up truck in New Braunfels, Texas, on July 16.

Police said Timothy Caskey was released from the St. Louis County Jail, in which was being held for violating a domestic abuse no contact order, on July 13, the day before he kidnapped his wife.

On the day of the kidnapping, Roberta Lynn Caskey was talking with her 9-year-old son and friend when Timothy Caskey pulled up in his pick-up and forced his wife into it. Timothy Caskey also assault the boy and his wife’s friend, police said.

  • Lucky

    I guess the old rob a bank and make it into Mexico does’nt work anymore.
    where is a guy on the run supposed to go now days?

    • sad but true

      Wall street

      • Larry

        White House

  • http://www.facebook.com/hundredgoals Steven


  • Amy Malloy Whitcomb

    Glad they found her alive. I was afraid they wouldn’t.

  • Dave Duke

    why do they show a white guy’s pic??

  • Dunno here

    We sure we want him back???? I mean heck – I gots pigs out back that be to young to breed and all if ya know what I mean ………………
    guess I gotta get me a few Mexicans who actually can do the job they hired to do ;-)

    • pig ugly

      keep the pigs indoors until he’s dead unless you want some mighty ugly piglettes running around.
      His gal was easily as ugly — they cousins or something?

  • Sarah in Outstate MN

    So glad she is alive. I was certain he had killed her.

  • tom

    He was into pignapping because he was boared, or something to that effect he told the magistrate.

    • oh yea


  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/08/08/fbi-mn-man-who-kidnapped-wife-arrested-in-mexico/ FBI: MN Man Who Kidnapped Wife Arrested In Mexico « CBS Minnesota

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  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/08/08/fbi-mn-man-who-kidnapped-wife-arrested-in-mexico/ FBI: MN Man Who Kidnapped Wife Arrested In Mexico « CBS Minnesota

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  • Sandy

    Looks like a couple crack users to me!

  • to tom, pig ugly and dunno

    I am thinking that those of you writing here about the pigs and ugly are speaking from past experience……..what idiots you are – the woman was forced to go with him, god only knows what she went through until now and you talk about who being the PIGS!!!? ish is all I have to say about you!

    • Hog or Pig .... what ya thin' ?

      she wanted some pork and she got porked by all. oink oink oink

  • B.Childress

    Is this the guy that plays for the Vikings?

  • we

    Tim why the long face,nice chicklett teeth.

  • tina

    well at least he didn’t murder someone……like the moolies do.

    • idtapit

      your so hot, keep posting!

  • Errrrr

    So a fugitive goes to Mexico and gets caught in a matter of weeks. The drug cartels have been running around for years and they cant catch them? That is almost as funny as our government, Wait…….they are tied together and one so I guess it is just another example of how crazy and wrong things are. SMH!

  • mel

    I bet this 9 year old boy will be so glad to have his mom back. Thankfully this nutball didn’t kill her. So, are some of you saying that to have value as a human being you have to look a certain way, like a movie star or ceo? Isn’t that a little, oh I don’t know, so 1990’s?

  • Larry the Liberal

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Nancy Aleshire

    Now she can finally complete divorcing the creep so she and her son can finally get peace of mind. He will be in jail for a long time. Do something good for yourself and your child, Roberta and enjoy being free from that loser.

    • Far be it from me

      It seems you’re assuming she’s a great person and out of the blue got kidnapped by a real d-bag while trying to live the American dream with her son.

      Not the case. Get all the information.

      • em0886

        Okay then…how do you know then?

        • Far be it from me

          Other news sources have a much better and more comprehensive style of reporting the news, em0886. :)

  • bob

    They both are so unsightly.

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