MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A driver was transported to the hospital after a semi truck crash involving two SUVs closed multiple lanes of traffic on Interstate 35E near Lone Oak Road in Eagan.

The Minnesota State Patrol said a SUV on I-35E and Yankee ran out of gas and stalled in the right lane. The driver got out of the vehicle and walked to the shoulder of the highway, leaving the vehicle unoccupied.

The semi apparently swerved to avoid the SUV, clipped the vehicle and sideswiped another SUV in the left lane.

The truck then went into the guardrail and the second SUV went into the median and rolled several times. The two lanes on the north side of 35E closed while officials could clear the area.

The driver of the second SUV was transported to the hospital in unknown condition.

One lane was also closed on the south side.

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  1. JamieinMN says:

    I hope the driver made it out ok :-/

  2. Truss says:

    Prayers for the driver. Hope he/she is ok!

  3. Are you kidding me? says:

    What idiot leaves a vehicle in an actual driving lane on the Highway no less? If youre running out of gas pull over like ANYONE with common sense and get off the road! Unfortunately peoples lives may have been lost because of this stupidity.

    1. I hate stupid people says:

      Exactly, yet their are no real consequences in our society for this kind of stupidity anymore. Used to be if you were stupid like this, natural selection would take its course and fix “the problem”. But today, morons like this pull this stuff and are driving again the next week. Unbelievable.

      Can someone please give me one good reason why the person who ran out of gas and refused to pull over still deserves to live? For what purpose?

  4. Marnie says:

    To our stupid driver who abandoned their car: What did you think would happen when you left your vehicle ON the freeway?? As soon as you realized something was wrong, you should have pulled off immediately onto the SHOULDER. Does you gas tank gauge not work?? Cars these days have warning lights when you get low on gas. The light comes on, you gas up. Simple, right? Guess not. So….you left your car (did you even bother to put the emgerency lights on? Bet not..), got to safer ground and then watched as the whole scene played out in front of you. But hey, YOU’RE okay… If anybody dies – you should be charged with vehicular manslaughter. License revoked? Oh yeah… Back to driving school 101? Yeah All this because you couldn’t take the time to put $10 of gas in your tank to get you where you were going to before you got on the freeway?? Stupid.

    1. Rick Stuntebeck says:

      “So….you left your car (did you even bother to put the emgerency lights on? Bet not”

      You are correct. No hazard lights on, no signaling, no staying near the vehicle to make sure nobody died. It was a woman who did this, also, by the way.

  5. dontknow says:

    stupid people who cant drive end up like this.

  6. Hensley says:

    Wow, what a string of negative comments. The driver of the SUV clearly did not intend for this to happen, making it an accident. We all make mistakes each and everyday – some go unnoticed and some impact others in a very public way. Don’t you think the driver must be feeling badly enough?

    Let’s forgive and have a little understanding.

    1. Jake says:

      NOPE. Driving on our highways is no bumper-car joyride. It’s a life or death situation virtually every day. Most ‘accidents’ are anything BUT. It’s because someone did something incredibly stupid and selfish, thought they could get away with it, and when they are found at fault, they just say, “I didn’t MEAN to cause that CATASTROPHE”. Goes along with that stupid “no fault” insurance law that we just can’t find the backbone to wean ourselves off of.

      1. Hensley says:

        I did not say it was an intelligent move, but that doesn’t make it less of an accident. The driver MAY have had a faulty gauge or MAY have not realized he/she was out of fuel. He may have attempted to get to the right shoulder and his vehicle didn’t cooperate.

        All I am saying is, let’s direct our positive thoughts to the injured driver, get off our high horses and stop acting like we all don’t make mistakes.

  7. Truck says:

    No one has mentioned that she put the truck driver out of business till he gets a new truck.

  8. Jake says:

    I agree. I only ONCE ever ran out of gas, and that’s after driving for over 15 years, and I had no working gas gauge, either I didn’t even have a working speedometer, and never got a speeding ticket. All I had was a tach and an oil pressure gauge, the two most important gauges in your view. I also had a fuel pump go out on me on a highway recently, I had enough sense to stay in the right lane, so I could coast off of the shoulder, so my car wouldn’t get hit from behind by a blind moron.

    1. Rick Stuntebeck says:

      You were driving illegally. It is required that those guages are functional, Jake.

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