TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) — Jesse Ventura thinks his time as Minnesota’s governor makes an acting role as Indiana’s governor not much of a stretch.

The former pro wrestler and occasional actor spent Monday in Terre Haute filming scenes with veteran actor Tom Sizemore for the movie “The Drunk.”

The film written by Terre Haute natives William Tanoos and Paul Fleschner stars Tanoos as the fictional grandson of 20th century labor leader Eugene Debs who is running for governor against Sizemore’s corrupt prosecutor character.

Ventura tells the Tribune-Star he found the role interesting and that that it was written with him in mind.

The movie is in its fourth week of filming and hundreds of extras are being sought to be the audience for debate scenes being shot Friday.

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Comments (10)
  1. thurman says:

    Why is this a news worthy event?

  2. StraycatStrut says:

    Jesse should be good at this…. he acted as Govorner in Mn for 4 painful years.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      @ StraycatStrut
      At least Jesse wasn’t T-Paw! Four years with Jesse was interesting to say the least. Minnesota politics needed the shaking up it got with Jesse, unfortunately, no one heeded what he was saying. At least he wasn’t a T-Bagger or milquetoast wet noodle Legislator or Governor. Need I say more!

      1. Phid says:

        What in the world is a “T-Bagger”? Do you mean a “Tea Partier” – as in someone who believes in the common-sense view that we are already taxed enough and that we should not have to pay higher taxes?

        1. Swamp Rat says:

          A T-Bagger, aka T-Partier, is anyone siding in with somewhat extremist reactionary ersatz conservatives. Common Sense, with thoughtful compromise and diligence, seems non-existent with a T-Bagger.

          In the truest historical context, with did the original Boston T-Party stand for? Some how the modern T-Baggers have lost sight of those original ideals. When you have quasi-anarchists to pseudo-political intellectuals and supremicists as well as ‘my way or the highway’ crass political styles then something is wrong.

          Phid, old chap, if you a reasonable forthright Minnesotan and American then please reflect on what I just said. Before you start labeling me as a liberal or insane political nut-job I am a moderate conservative in political beliefs.

          I also believe in this country and love it. As a veteran, I was willing to defend it with my heart and being. However, no matter how rabid the political discourse has become lately, there has to be reasonable folks with reasonable stalwart American thinking to get this country out of the economic and political turmoil it is in. Otherwise, inane and fruitless chaos will reign in this country for a long time. It’s unfortunate the T-Party/T-Baggers have myopic political strategies that past civilizations have shown lead to doom-&-gloom.

          America needs “united” leadership and stalwart old fashion proven political wherewithal to get out of its present predicament. We’ve done it it in the past. The final outcome took hard work but America prevailed. So far, no one has come to the fore with tenable solutions. The T-Party ‘just ain’t got it’!

          “If you are not part of the solution[s], then you must be part of the problem[s]!”; said a wise old political sage. Think about it. Is the T-Party part of any solutions or is it part of the problem?

      2. StraycatStrut says:

        Hey…. I gave Jesse a compliment….. he’s good at acting!

  3. buzzcut says:

    I voted for him and would again.

  4. what a joke says:

    OMG He is UGLY!!!!!!!!!

    His face looks like a catchers mitt!!!!!!!!! Ouch!!!!!!!
    Imagine waking up next to that ugly mug!??????????

    Aside from that, he’s an idiot. He thinks 9/11 was an inside job.
    What a tool.

    1. Jesse "The Bod" Ventura says:

      …that really hurt, but you know what?…I DON’T HAVE TIME TO BLEED!!

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