Dayton Shoots For Tradition With Pheasant Opener


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is hoping to start a new tradition with an inaugural governor’s pheasant opener to be held in October.


Dayton’s office said Thursday that he will become the first Minnesota governor to participate in an official pheasant hunting opener on Oct. 14 and 15 in the southwestern city of Montevideo.


The first-term governor says he has been hunting pheasants for more than 50 years and hopes the opener will develop into a tradition similar to the governor’s fishing and deer openers.


Dayton opened this year’s fishing season in May near Grand Rapids and will open the deer hunting season in November in Biwabik.

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  • quentin

    Hope he’s off the sauce and the pills at the time.

  • jan

    It takes a real macho man to kill birds and animals, another reason for me not to like him.

    • Chuck


      We can’t imagine such a bleeding heart tree hunging liberal like you givng up on your poster boy!

      It goes to show that you are just as fickle and shallow as the rest…

      Allowing simple, non-issue items like this to dictate who you support!

      No wonder we cannot get consensus and progress on anything anymore…

      Everyone is too concerned for fuzzy animals and hurt feelings!

      Give us a break already and get in touch with the real world!

      • jan

        I happen to be a Republican, moron!!

    • wayne marquardt

      Jan- I bet you are not married, are you. Go figure

  • Deondre

    A DFL’er is going to “murder” a wild bird? There goes his PETA money.

    • Chris

      Can we assume you are being sarcastic?

      If so, that is a good point… If you are serious, it is even better!


  • lebrok

    Over 50 years of spreading led into our eco system

    • Charlie

      Did you mean “lead”?

      Of course, he doesn’t know how to lead (as in take charge)…

      • frozenrunner

        The GOP sometimes stands for Group Of Pigs. Ever try to herd a group of pigs? Think real hard why some religions ban eating pork and you will understand why.

  • frozenrunner

    I suppose it would be hard to do catch and release when you use a shotgun. Good for Dayton to blow away the myth that hunters are all a bunch of redneck conservatives.

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