Man Convicted In Beating Death Of Woman

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A 53-year-old St. Paul man was convicted Friday in Ramsey County court in the January beating death of a woman in St. Paul.

Michael Sherman was convicted of unintentional second-degree murder in the beating death of 44-year-old Lelia Kim Scott in his St. Paul apartment back in January.

Sherman had been charged with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the Jan. 21 incident. According to a criminal complaint, police were called to his apartment on the 300 block of North Dale Street at about 6:40 a.m..

When they arrived, they found Scott’s body in Sherman’s apartment. She had suffered severe blunt force injuries to her head and neck. Police observed a baseball bat in the apartment with what appeared to be blood on the barrel, according to the complaint.

They also noticed a note under the kitchen table in the apartment that appeared to be about making a deal for sex and money, according to the complaint.

The complaint states people at the apartment knew that Scott had a history of being a prostitute and that Sherman had a history of picking up prostitutes. Sherman admitted to police that he beat her because she was going through his stuff and wouldn’t stop.

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    Now I’m confused.

    How do you get charged with TWO counts of murder for killing ONE person.

    Secondly, I was always under the impression that murder required intent and that unintentionally killing someone was manslaughter.

  • just sayin

    When you are that ugly – it’s a wonder you can’t get any without having to pay for it.

    Hey look everyone – he looks like Michael Stipe from REM. LOL


    • @Just

      Just sayin I’d be willing to bet you’re a goblin also, so i wouldn’t throw to many stones.

  • Max

    Gee, it’s a White guy. I guess we won’t see the flood of racist comments we see when the criminal is a person of color…

    • @Dax

      I bet the prostitute is black at least, so thats something.

    • fred

      i was almost thinking the same thing….gee it`s a white guy. I guess we won`t see the flood of stupid comments from morons sticking up for the criminal, because he is white.

  • allan

    He looks nuts. Better off having this guy locked up for the next fifty years.

  • See BS

    I’d rather get killed than beat someone to death with a baseball bat. No one deserves that level of violence.

    • BSthe stump

      Um she did get killed, please re-read your sentence, your ability to post comments should be illegal you’re quite clueless. You need to say i’d rather be shot than beaten to death. Go ride your unicycle.

      • See BS

        You won’t miss me, I’m the guy who looks like I’m peddling my unicycle bow-legged.

  • hereandnow

    “unintentional murder” what????? he beat her on the head and neck until she was dead what’s unintentional about that???? I say ship him to Texas and hang him, oh that’s right Texans only hang blacks or Mexicans.

    Sarcasm aside, this man needs prison for a very long time, it’s first degree murder and very intentional.

    • See BS

      Nerdy White liberals always desperately trying to scare minorities.

  • curly_racks

    Another example of a psycho white guy killing someone. Isn’t diversity grand?

    My guess this guy is related to our racist troll cyber friends.

  • we

    I say use him for batting practice!!!

  • em0886

    I think they may have charged him with murder because of the level of violence associated with the crime; generally when there is no malice or premediation then they would go with some level of manslaughter. I don’t think he had it planned but definitely should not have done this to her….he savagely beat her, I can’t imagine the level of pain that would have been endured.

  • Victoria Meyer

    If he was know to pick up prostitutes …A) Why didn’t anyone call the cop if other tenants knew there was that sort of traffic ? . B) If he killed one prostitute how many more are out there laying dead and unidentified and unsolved? C) I hope they (police Departments) start looking hard into unsolved cases ! This man is a monster and there is no telling how many where before this woman.

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