WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is expecting an earful from regular folks, including supporters, over their frustrations with Congress and some of Obama’s decisions when he sets out on a three-day, campaign-style bus tour of Midwestern states next week.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday that people of all political persuasions will see Obama in their towns in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, and will use the occasion of the presidential visit to take their concerns straight to the top.

“The president does anticipate that he’ll detect a little frustration about the dysfunction in Congress and the strident position of some in Congress to put their parties and affiliation ahead of the country,” Earnest said, as he tried to set expectations for the tour.

“I also anticipate that there will be some people who are supporters of the president, who voted for him last time, who will have some questions for him about the compromises that he was willing to make in the context of this deficit debate,” he added.

A bill Obama signed this month to keep the government from defaulting on its debt didn’t include tax increases that Obama had insisted were needed to help to trim the federal budget in a balanced way. Republicans refused to accept any tax hikes as part of the deal.

With jobs and the economy a top concern for the public and politicians alike, the White House says the bus tour was designed to get Obama into the heartland and discussing ideas for growing the economy, jump-starting hiring and helping the middle class during sessions with small-business owners, families, private sector leaders, rural organizations, local government officials and others.

The president will hold five public events over three days in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

The tour begins Monday with a town hall-style event in Cannon Falls, Minn., followed by a second question-and answer session in Decorah, Iowa.

On Tuesday, Obama will hold a rural economic forum in Peosta, Iowa.

Before returning to the White House on Wednesday, Obama will preside at town hall-style events in the Illinois towns of Atkinson and Alpha.

On Thursday, he plans to join his wife, Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha, on their annual vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

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Comments (34)
  1. Fox News on their own party says:

    Fox News reaction to debate, aggressively attack bachmann and pawlenty. debate.http://video.foxnews.com/v/1107576910001/iowa-debate-takes-unexpected-turns/?playlist_id=86858

    Are the Republicans ‘Out of Step’?
    Aug 12, 2011- 5:45 –
    Social issues and immigration come into play for GOP candidateshttp://video.foxnews.com/v/1107425804001/are-the-republicans-out-of-step/?playlist_id=86858

    1. Doug T says:

      Ya I know! Barry would never allow his media to treat Him this way!

      1. Michele Bachmann Caught Using Taxpayer Money For Rallies says:

        Michele Bachmann Caught Using Taxpayer Money For Rallies

    2. O'Reilly warns Bachmann about economic disaster. says:

      Bill O’Reilly Warns Rep. Michele Bachmann On Debt Fight: ‘You Are The Renegade Here’ – 07/12/11

  2. Mike says:

    I voted for Obama and as anyone that is POTUS, they should be answering to the people. I hope he gets pressed pretty hard on the issues. Lets see how he does under pressure. He has proven before to do rather well with crowds.

    Did anyone see how Mitt was treated by some seriously upset people? WCCO doesn’t seem to do much coverage of Mitt but if you go to YouTube, then you can see it. Make sure you see the one with how Mitt says that Corporations give the money back to people and thats why taxes shouldn’t be raised. If it’s cut off at when he says vote for Obama, you aren’t seeing the rest of the video.

    1. Doug T says:

      Well corporations are people – people work there! Lots of them and if we continue to attach corporations then even fewer people will be employed – do you really want all of us to be a part of the liberal non work commune?

      1. Mike says:

        Can Corporations be charged for murder?
        Can Corporations be put in jail?
        If Corporations are people, than why are there so many exempt to paying taxes?
        Why are Corporations allowed tax deductions that People are unable to get?

      2. Jim says:

        If corporations are people then so are labor unions. And if labor unions are people then they should get all kinds of rights that Republicans would complain about.

        But the fact is that corporations aren’t people and neither are labor unions. They’re things that people have constructed to meet a goal, otherwise known as tools. Mitt Romney is not fit to be president.

        1. Doug T says:

          Unions are just a bunch of thugs. Guilds once worked hard to perfect their craft – and the abilities of their members. Today unions are about power.- corrupt power – Which means they will use violence against democratic reformers as they work to get more for themselves. Not better craft – not better services or products. Just more union thugs. And that is why there are slowly fading away like the petrified dinosaurs they are as the jobs move to where more productive workers live …. In right to work states!

          1. reader says:

            @Doug T

            Do you like your 5 day work week?

            Do you like OT for working over 40 hrs?

            Do you like having holidays off?

            Do you like having medical, dential, etc

            Thank you union worker. They fought hard to get these for you, and they fought to have the government pass laws to get these for you. Do your homework and read your history. By the way, they are hard working americans. And many unions have been making concessions to the companies/corporations so the union members have jobs, and the coporations keep coming back and wanting more, and then they send the job over seas. Jobs need to stay in USA.

            I work over 40 hrs per week most weeks, so does that mean I support a “non work commune”

            Tell u what, we will send to you the disabled and elderly to support and care for, and you can hold down a job too.

      3. Mandy says:

        10. Corporations have no form of consciousness on their own.

        9. Corporations can’t personally register to vote.

        8. Corporations don’t need clean air to breathe.

        7. Corporations don’t need clean water to drink.

        6. Corporations don’t need to eat food to live.

        5. Corporations can dissolve into other corporations and still stay alive.

        4. Corporations are inanimate creations manipulated by outside voices.

        3. Corporations don’t need to bathe regularly in order to keep a pleasing appearance and smell.

        2. Corporations can be in many places at once.

        1. Corporations can live forever.

  3. wastenot says:

    What I want to hear from Obama is that he cannot do anything to improve jobs, the economy, etc, because he inherited the mess.

    Then, I would like to hear how many years it will be before he can do something?

    What we do see is that he is floundering, trying stimulus plans, travelling, bailing out businesses, banks, etc. Then years later he still uses the excuse that he didn’t cause this problem. He is great at excuses, how about providing a well thought out plan.

    If he cannot solve this problem then he should be honest and say so.

    1. Reasonable says:

      You know, I’ve always had a hard time blaming a sitting President for economic issues as I don’t see that they can really have a strong hand in the whole deal. Budgets come from Congress and only get approved or vetoed by the POTUS after they get through the Senate.
      Real economic issues that effect all of us on a personal level aren’t in the hands of politicians. They’re in the hands of people who decide to ship jobs overseas to increase profits for investors. Profits are great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not so great when it means that some guy has to go on unemployment because someone in Mexico will do his job for 1/4 of the wage. Then the house payment gets behind, then foreclosed, then while unemployed he tears an ACL while mowing his neighbor’s lawn to be helpful etc…
      This is the economic reality of the USA right now. Your labor is only worth as much as the person who is willing to do it for less.

      1. Ken says:

        This president has had a huge impact on the economy. His stance on oil, coal, and energy taxation along with executive orders curbing drilling, expansion, and exploration have driven fuel prices up. His stance on card check, union backing, and bail outs along with his labor department push for union favors have cause uncertainty in business expansion and costs. Obamacare is total chaos and the uncertainty created in this massive boondoggle will be around forever. His huge spending beyond our means has caused the fed to funnel more money into the economy which has devalued the dollor causing prices to rise for everybody. No presendent in my lifetime has caused more damage to the economy than this guy.

        1. Reasonable says:

          Wow, get informed by facts as opposed to opinion if you feel like responding.

          The gas tax has not been raised.

          President Obama intendes to invest 150b over a decade for research and development of cleaner and more effiient energy, meanwhile presenting no moratorium on current methods until newer better methods are viable.

          I’ve never seen anything regarding new taxes on energy. There are of course opinions that call cap & trade an energy tax, but neither has been implemented and calling an apple a banana does not make it so.

          The drilling moratorium was the correct response to BP’s accident. They have since been lifted. An alternate theory is that drilling operations were pretty lukewarm on exploratory wells that far out and that deep already. The accident further reduced requests for permits and such. Fuel prices at the pump are lower than they were when President Obama was elected. The rise was a speculation bubble, one also occured earlier this spring because of Mid-East political tension.

          Card Check? Really? So democracy is good for the nation but bad for the office? Union Backing? If it weren’t for unions we wouldn’t be where we are today, the wealth gap would be even larger and OSHA wouldn’t be requiring employers to provide you with safe equipment. I’m not a member of a union, but I do realize that they helped create the middle class and ensure some small amount of worker protection. They’re not without their failings of course, but on the whole they are better than they are not.

          You mean TARP which was a Bush II program? Or do you mean the auto industry that was initiated in 2007 before Obama was elected? Don’t confuse stimulus with bailout money. They are different.

          The affordable health care act has not yet been fully implemented. Most likely it never will be because the R crowd doesn’t understand investment in public as they think they understand investment in private areas. Your Obamacare actually seeks to reduce prescription costs by removing Bush’s Medicare Part D effort to put money into Pfizer’s pocket by not allowing the largest buyer of medicine in the world the ability to negotiate prices.
          Fact: “Obamacare” does not mean your doctor will become a federal agent. It’s a single payer system in which you have a payroll deduction for health care. Similar to your insurance now. The risk pool is greatly reduced as more people are paying into the system. This will result in cheaper insurance overhead and cheaper administrative costs at the provider level. Obviously these are terrible things right?

          Spending, well yeah, that’s bad. But at least he’s putting the war effort on the books so it can be accounted for. On the other hand, we’re still operating mostly under the fiscal policy of 2005.

          Of course if you’re really worried about national debt, you’d jump at the chance to raise revenues while either keeping spending frozen or slightly reduced.

          1. Mary says:

            absolute rubbish, you better get your facts instead of using dem talking points.

            1. Jim says:

              Come on, Mary. Is the Con talking point of the week to complain about “dem talking points?” Why not try to address some of the issues in the post? Got any facts?

            2. Reasonable says:

              the current “dem talking point” involves honest critique of the sitting POTUS? That’s certainly news to me.

              Then again, facts do seemingly have a liberal bias, if only because the R’s theme is fear and control.

              1. Doug T says:

                and the liberals depend on propaganda and Ignorance to get elected……

                1. nate says:

                  Reasonable has made more than a sufficient case in defending his position with legitimate facts while Doug T and Ken refuse to understand how certain things take time to manifest themselves which again adds points to R’s stance about the US still dealing with the horrendous way Bush handled, well, just about everything.

  4. Doug T says:

    Well he should get an earful but he does not listen – he just gives speeches….And its NEVER his fault for anything!

    And it might even be more interesting if he does this without …GASP … a teleprompter!!

  5. Lucifer says:

    The locations of his “town hall” meetings are a joke. He picks the small rural community of Cannon Falls where there are few jobs or people. I suspect that tickets will only be handed out to registered democratic voters and any questions will be carefully screened.

    I’d like to know what his specific vision is for America and what place us pee-on middle class folks have in his grand scheme.

    I’d like to know how he can force higher efficiency standards on all cars on trucks while he and his large wife jet around the world every month. How much will his higher efficiency standards add to the cost of a car? While there be “stimulus” payments made to lower income folks so they can afford the higher cost of these cars or will they just have to ride the bus?

    When will his wind bag mother in law start paying for all the fancy trips she attend with him and his large wife? As a taxpayer I feel no obligation to house the mother in law and cart her sorry but-t around the world on fancy vacations and shopping trips. Why does Michelle need so many “personal assistants” when the mother in law is there supposedly to help watch the kids? How many vacations are enough Mr. Obama?

    How many white house “social events” have you had this year serving expensive food and beverages that have added more than 40 lbs to Michelle’s back side since she moved into the white house?

    Why do you hate America so much?

    What will you do when it is proven that your birth certificate is fake?

    1. Jim says:

      This Republican junk that the president hates this country and wants to destroy it (“Why do you hate America so much?) is the most absurd part of an absurd party. This country has made the president rich and powerful beyond most men’s dreams, yet he hates the country and wants to take it down. That is absolutely, positively ridiculous.

      As for his birth certificate, you better check your tinfoil hat–I think it’s a bit too tight.

      1. Reasonable says:

        It’s what is known as cognitive dissonance. I think everyone realizes that shared sacrifice is good for the whole of the country (see “The Greatest Generation” for a fine example) but nowadays we want to keep what is ours and believe that we live in a meritocracy as opposed to the obvious plutocracy. So, since sacrifice is no fun, we’d rather horde and watch others suffer because that’s easier than the alternative. We may want a strong country, but we’re not individually willing to do what it takes is the best definition I can give.

        1. Douog T says:

          Actually we are tired of seeing our hard earned money being wasted on others to no good result.

          You can always give more of what you earn if you fell so strongly about it – me? Ya I am working to take care of my family and its future. If more did this (responsibility for offspring etc…) we all would be much better off and would not need so much “shared sacrifice”….

  6. Angus says:

    Never forget that it was the Tea Party (God’s Chosen People – Just ask thm) that held up any progress in Congress. Even Johnny McCain was upset with them. As one said, “I came to Congress to make war, not to compromise”. They want everyone in the US to be just like them – a very scarey thought.
    They are the perfect example of a fanatic – Redouble your effort after objective.

    1. Josh says:

      I guess you see what you want to see….or what you are told to see. Blaming the Tea Party for holding up progress…hmm…lets see….1 half of under 2 thirds of one third of the government. They must be pretty powerful to hold up progress as by my math they are only roughly 11% of the elected officials.

  7. Angus says:

    Sorry, made an error.

    The definition of a fanatic is someone who redoubles their effort after forgetting their objective

    Now reads better

    1. Lucifer says:

      Your entire existence on earth is an error Angus. I’m usually against abortion but in your case I will make an exception to the rule.

  8. StraycatStrut says:

    “Roll Up…..Roll up for the Mystery Tour…….
    The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take you away……..”

    1. Doug T says:

      And don’t forget to drink lots of the Koo-Aid! Right on!

  9. Taxpayer says:

    ‘Regular’ Folks?? You realize that the same people you call ‘regular’ are the people that built and sustained this country for years!!! To call them regular is un-substantiated. The people who were elected into office are sub-standard then… even though they hold such high degrees of prominence. Yale….Harvard…. PHFFT.. Who cares.. The people who can fix this have always sustained this country and will hopefully continue to do so.

  10. MAJ says:

    This president has no experience at running a company let alone running anything but a non profit. (Community organizer). He probably never worked in the private sector and when you talk Harvard and Yale you can bet he went to college without ever having to pay his own tuition. It pays to be 50% minority.
    I would have hoped he did not choose Minnesota for a visit and now that he has maybe a visit to North Mpls. would have been better. That is where his voting base is. In Cannon Falls he will meet hard working Minnesotans who pay their taxes and do not expect government hand outs. .

  11. emunckirk says:

    check new coach purse suprisely and get big save

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