Robbinsdale Man Gets 22 Years In Drug Case

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 38-year-old man was sentenced Friday in Minneapolis Federal Court in connection with conspiring to distribute almost 1.48 kilograms of cocaine and about eight grams of marijuana.

Marlon Terrell Collins will serve 22 years in prison on one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana.

He was indicted on Dec. 7, 2010, and pleaded guilty on April 13, 2011. In the plea agreement, Collins admitted that from June 2010 to Sept. 3, 2010, he conspired with others to distribute 500 or more grams of cocaine and eight kilograms of marijuana.

Authorities learned last September that he was involved with sending drugs from Phoenix, Ariz., to Minnesota. By doing this, he violated conditions of a supervised release stemming from a 1998 conviction for aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute in excess of 50 grams of cocaine.

  • Zed

    Legalize everything except theft and actions which commit physical injury to others.

  • curly_racks

    Why are you wasting my tax dollars on this shiznit?? Efff the DEA and the police!

  • insignificant

    Marlons’ distributers’distributers’distributers’are perhaps(gulp) CIA,eh?

  • hate the system

    22 years!?!?! wow they really threw the book at him on this one.. it’s so pathetic that victim less crimes get punished this severely .. sure when your involved in cocaine distribution there’s always violence that surrounds it, but that violence is only there because it is illegal and the amount of money that can be made off of it…

    • em0886


    • jeff

      i couldn’t agree more. they are letting murderers and child molesters out but making sure that coke is off the street is more important. when will they realize the war on drugs isn’t working?


    censures alive and well

  • markH

    The war on drugs is a colossal, dismal failure. It is a failure because it is an attempt by those with puritanical and theocratic impulses to control the personal lives of others. I do not want my tax money paying to incarcerate people who have hurt no one.

    • Yup

      I agree the war is a lost one and they will never win it on top of a waste of money. I have no problem with people using it but the brutality involved with the trade, which would probably go away with legalization, makes it bad.

  • Todd

    Was it 8 grams or 8 kilograms of pot? Theres a big difference, though I am sure th coke would get him in a lot more trouble. Not very succesful if he only did it from June to September. Already on probation, what an idiot.

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