MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Iowa Straw Poll is considered the first big test for the GOP in the 2012 presidential race, and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann beat out her rival Tim Pawlenty Saturday by a hefty margin.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul came second in the poll, just 150 votes behind Bachmann; and Pawlenty finished a distant third.

The poll, which is held in Ames, Iowa, is widely considered an early test of a candidate’s strength in Iowa, a the battleground state.

Bachmann took 29 percent of the vote, Paul took 28 percent and Pawlenty got 14 percent.

One of the major questions to emerge from the poll’s aftermath is: How will Bachmann use the win to her advantage? Another is: What will become of the Pawlenty campaign – one that for the past two months has been losing steam.

Humphrey School of Political Affairs professor Larry Jacobs said Bachmann’s win in Iowa was a significant victory for her campaign.

“In just a few months, she’s catapulted herself to the very top of the Republican Party nomination for president,” he said.

He also said that Paul’s showing a big surprise – one that few saw coming.

On the other hand, Pawlenty’s campaign is now recovering from a big disappointment.

“[Pawlenty] was looking to show that he could put together an organization,” Jacobs said. “After two terrible months, there is no doubt conversations going on in the Pawlenty camp about what to do next. There are some who are talking about pulling out.”

Pawlenty, however, said that he still has a lot of work do to and that he is not dropping out of the race quite yet.

And he shouldn’t, because the results of the straw poll hardly predict who will get the Republican nomination or win the White House.

Only one Republican has won the Iowa Straw Poll, the Iowa Caucuses and gone on to win the White House. That Republican was George W. Bush, and he did it in 1999.

What the Iowa poll does do, however, is offer America a view of what Iowa voters think about the field of Republicans who have their eye on the nomination

“Iowa will be the pace car, if you will, to set the tone and set the pace for bringing this country back to its greatness,” Bachmann said.

Jacobs said the Bachmann’s victory in Iowa will give her campaign great momentum going into the fall, and that only time will tell how the rest of America feels about her.

Comments (32)
  1. Amy W says:

    Does anyone know how much she may have made from her Foster Parenting Business? What do they pay per child? Whatever it is, multiply it by 25 kids.

    1. shirley says:

      say nothing about her subsidies her husband recieved for his 2 gay clinics. COME ON AMERICA WE ARE MUCH SMARTER THAN THIS!

      1. Bob says:

        right…..change we can believe in. Change in unemploymnet…..up. Change in debt….up. Change in energy cost……up. Change in business regulations….up. Change in credit rating……..down. NOW THATS MUCH SMARTER.

    2. Bachmann: Deeper cuts to Medicare and Social Security than Ryan says:

      Bachmann wants much larger cuts to medicare and social security than Rep. Paul Ryan. She wants to throw senior citizens under a bus.

  2. Ben says:

    Does the woman ever consult her brain before opening her mouth.

    1. Amy W says:

      Just a little more of Wachmann proving she’s and IDIOT.

      1. mushroomstamper says:

        Not true, she has a wonderful political platform. Her foreign policy is spectacular. not to mention that she’s smoking hot.

        1. shirley says:


  3. Steve says:


  4. Allen says:

    All of Michel’s interviews and TV appearances should begin with the large bold captions: NOT INTENDED TO BE A FACTUAL STATEMENT. See why here.

  5. Pavel says:

    Foster kids? That is how she built a war chest for the campaign!

  6. Mike says:

    With an endorsement by American icon John Wayne, who is surprised that she won the poll?

  7. Sue says:

    The day Bachmann ever acknowledges that she promoted incorrect information to her followers or admits to misuse of funds when caught. I think I’ll eat my hat. The woman believes she has all the answers (although has a really hard time committing to her specific plans to fix our economy). There’s nothing that Obama or a Democrat or many in her own party could ever do that would make them know as much as she does about problem solving. She’s a loose cannon that capitalizes on what the extreme right wing wants to hear and goes with it. And while she claims she wants less government, she favors programs that get into the most personal and what should be private aspects of our lives. Creationism to be taught in public schools?? Finding it anti Christian and appalling to have the kids movie Alladin ever shown to elementary school kids for entertainment?? How can anyone take someone so crazy seriously? I don’t get it . . .

    1. Karen says:

      maybe if you finished the third grade you would.

    2. Mark from MInnesota Tax Waste says:

      Sue take your meds

  8. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    You go Bachmann!!! Bachmann 2012!!!
    Stop the spending in Washington!!

  9. Sinbad says:

    The republicans could run Pat Sajak and win against Obama. He will go down as the worst president in the history of the country. Hopefully the house can curtail his redistribution of wealth plan before he sends the country to a point of no return.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      The only wealth redistribution that has happened is the drain of money from the lower and middle to the upper class you moron.

      1. Sinbad says:

        Have you heard of Obama Care or the stimulas plan. Thats a few trillion taken from those that have money to those that don’t. Look in the mirror before you call people names or better yet, get your GED.

    2. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

      I am willing to bet he will lose more than Carter did LOL

  10. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Clicking on the links that the left has put here will only get you spam!

    1. A Voter says:

      Mark, give it up! Bachmann has a snowballs chance in hell of becoming president, she’s about to meet her Waterloo.

    2. Susan says:

      Mark. Why do you belong to an origination that wants to waste Minnesota taxes?
      I don’t get it.
      From one of your previous posts you mention that you were “out” “playing for the other team” “putting from the rough”
      What gives Mark?

  11. I'm Just Sayin says:

    Wow, look at the fine examples of ‘Minnesota nice’ on display already. The GOP is using the hatred of the far left policies to promote an extremist which is a natural response to something you do not like (go to the polar opposite). It is too bad the GOP could not run a moderate, since the President has the majority of the press in his palm, it will be tough to fight him when we get closer to the cognitive memory span of most Americans (15 minutes).

  12. Incredulous1 says:

    One word. Ish.

  13. A Voter says:

    I just noticed Bachmann got caught handing CNN reporter Candy Crowley’s notes her back to her. She apparently insists on seeing the questions before she will answer them.

    1. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

      Yes, and Obama does not pick his!!

      1. A Voter says:

        Bachmann couldn’t make a pimple on Obama’s behind.

        1. deb says:

          that makes no sense.

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