MINNEAPOLIS — The man responsible for taking the Minnesota Vikings defense to another level is a man with whom the team is quite familiar.

Fred Pagac got a job promotion in the off-season. He was bumped up from linebacker’s coach to defensive coordinator. However, despite the impressive job title, Pagac says his role with the Vikings hasn’t changed much.

“As a linebacker coach, you always have to know what’s happen’ with the defensive line,” Pagac said. “It’s not all that different.”

Pagac is the quintessential football coach. He has been at his profession for 34 years, and this season Pagac is trying to bring the mojo back to the Vikings defense.

He also knows exactly what the Vikings needs to do to get better.

“They need to improve daily … stay healthy and have some fun,” Pagac said.

Pagac’s isn’t known for having a set coaching strategy. Instead, Pagac said that he takes a more fluid approach, adjusting the defense depending on which team the Vikings face in a given week.

Pagac is also not concerned with garnering headlines and getting attention. He wants every Vikings defensive coach to have input in his game plan.

“Everybody on our defensive staff, we are going to work together,” Pagac said. “No matter what plan we come up with, it’s going to be our plan.”


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