WASHINGTON (AP) — A day after winning a test poll of voters in Iowa, Rep. Michele Bachmann is seeking to distinguish herself from another tea party favorite and GOP presidential hopeful, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Interviewed Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the Minnesota Republican says that she’s a proven advocate for conservative causes in Washington. She says she’s been on the front lines and fighting.

While she is unable to name a single piece of legislation that she’s pushed through Congress, Bachmann says that she’s led the fight to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care legislation.

She says that on issue after issue she’s been, in her words, “at the tip of the spear.”

Perry announced Saturday his entry into the field of Republicans vying to challenge Obama in 2012.

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Comments (61)
  1. Mark T. says:

    If you think Paul Ryan is crazy, wait till you hear what Bachmann wants to do for Medicare and Social Security.

  2. Tom says:

    She is not a proven leader! Just because she has the NUT jobs convinced of that!

    1. Kathy says:

      That is exactly who her following is, and I think it’s scary to say the least.

      Joe Scarborough, of Morning Joe on MSNBC, boasted her star power and new found capability as a leader yesterday just following the Straw Poll, but days before commented that she had no chance of winning the nomination. So much for JOE in Morniing.

      Joe really lost me when he talked about Tim Pawlentys’ fine character and a possible VP choice to pick as a second. That tells me that Joe talks out of school. Not responsible as a journalist. Do the homework, Joe. It’s elementary if you expect anyone to listen to your words.

      Pawlenty was a nighmare of a governor. We Minnesotans did our time in hell for eight years, and only a fool would believe that he was re-elected legitimately. Minnesotans’ are pretty decent people for the most part. Common sense didn’t escape the minds of most. Pawlenty is akin to Hitler, and a recent self proclaimed initiator to cause suffering for the disadvantaged, and feed the pockets of the rich.

      These amoral types blaspheme God to seduce support, but anyone who understands something about a faith within will see this tactic as evil. They defy the example of Godliness. FEED THE RICH, AND STARVE THE POOR?

      DUMB is the only impression that I can walk away with as I listened to the Straw Poll Rally. What an indignation to our country. This is truly pathetic and I hope that the democrats will ask someone of competence to run in 2012. We’re in trouble if this is all we’re reduced to. Not only do they lack the ability to think and a tenacity to the intelligent, they’ve all crossed the line to what is described as being crazy.

      One normal thinking person off of the street is more qualifed to be our president than Obama and these deviant psycopaths clowns.

      1. DR. says:

        Kathy is totally correct!! I totally agree!

    2. djp says:

      I totally agree!!!

    3. Leading to failure. says:

      She has been leading, leading us to a worse economic situation . Has accomplished nothing more than stir up the crazies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpQe3mvKwWs

    4. Bachmann used taxpayer money for TeaParty Rallies says:


  3. Pat says:

    And so the smears begin.

    Much easier than trying to defend Obama’s record.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Obama passed a health care law that will help insure more Americans, he was the Commander-in-Chief when we killed the 9/11 mastermind, his stimulus bills saved hundreds of thousands of jobs and revitalized the Auto industry. Nope, not too hard to defend his record at all. My only complaint is that he allowed our deficit to increase because he didn’t allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. If those tax cuts at expired in 2010, we wouldn’t be in the problem we’re in.

      1. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

        You forgot, Raised the TAX on the middle class, Made sure our grand children will be paying the bills. And he has no plan to fix this economy. Yea he sure has done allot!!!

        1. Ken says:

          And today’s Gallup poll of Obama’s approval rating shows that most Americans are finally realizing that Obama is all talk and no responsible action with his approval rating down to only 39% with 54% disapproving of his failed policies and ideolgy.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Ken

            And where would be with McCain and Palin?

            1. Ken says:

              Impossible to know because they were not able to initiate any policies and ideas they may have had. They may have worked or may not have but the fact remains, Obama’s lack of ideas and his uncontrollable liberal spending habits have made things worse and the polls are now showing that people are seeing through his rhetoric and ideology.

              1. Tom says:

                @ Ken

                And once again who started the spending spree between 2000 -2006? Bush and the GOP!

          2. mn1234 says:

            As I stated below, this mess was created over years. I don’t care which party you are it is not going to be cured over night. The conservatives sure want to think it can, it can’t…. Put yourself into huge debt and see if you can get yourself out that quickly. It is all of the parties that created this. Our government needs to change the way it is doing things in a big hurry or we are in big trouble! There are many cuts that the government can make without it hurting social security and other much needed programs. Some of these programs even the rich use. Yes, there are laws and programs for adoption and all kinds of things so that even the rich can use them. We send foreign aid to countries to help the “people” and the money never gets to them. Maybe we should quit spending that money since it is not going to the cause it is supposed to. Republicans and Democrats all so this. If you read my other posts I think you would be very surprised. People just are not informed. All of the things i have posted you can find on the internet by legitimate sources.

        2. Max says:

          Obama has not raised taxes. Stop drinking the right wing kool aid.

      2. Mel says:

        @Paul, not sure if you are aware, but the health care law is unconstitutional. It is headed to the Supreme Court. You can’t force people to buy health insurance, let alone one particular kind of health insurance. Also, this health care bill will cost us those great doctors and nurses we are so spoiled with here in America. The government health care bill, if it were to go forward, would be as successful as social security,welfare and any other government run federal “aid” bill.

        1. mn1234 says:

          Mel, you are right, although our government does need to get a hold on these Insurance companies that “we” bailed out. What happens when you are unemployed and have no insurance and you have medication you have to have to live, but the insurance companies turn you away because you have a preexisting condition (the medications you have to have to live)? This is and can happen to anyone, including you.

          I personally think since our money bailed them out that we should have some rights.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Pat

      it’s only a smear if it the things that are being said about her are not true!


      The Bachmann supporters can say all they want, but the fact of the matter is that Bachmann received plenty of warning about what could happen if SHE LEAD THE WAY TO DEFAULT. WATCH THE SUPER-CONSERVATIVE-BILL-O’RILLEY ON FOX NEWS WARN BACHMANN ABOUT THE ECONOMIC DISASTER HER ACTIONS COULD LEAD TO. HE TRIED EXPLAINING TO HER THAT THE ECONOMY COULD COLLAPSE OR BE SERIOUSLY JEOPARDIZED, BUT THE LADY JUST DIDN’T GET IT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpQe3mvKwWs

  4. Dr. James says:

    Bleh bleh bleh she is always tempting listeners with her hcarming soft motherly caring voice and seems to want to be on the immediate pulse of the political whacko. What she lacks is actual experience. Its like Coleman said about Al Franken..”You just come parachuting in here”…he did though and the jokes on us here in MN. Al isnt doing a half bad job but he is a ghost freshman without any realy decision making. Is this the type of leadership we will get from Bachmann? Where the frick is Ross Perot??

  5. Angus says:

    I used to think the jokes about Iowa were just funny. Now I find out, “My goodness gracious, they are true”. They must smoke the corn stalks not use them for other purposes.

    Remember when conservatives were wacko about JFK being Catholic and the thought of a Catholic president was horrible? “The Pope will run the White House”, “he wants the whole country to be Catholic”, etc. They attack Romney for being a Mormon but they love Bachmann because she is a good Christian? Hypocrites, just like Bachmann ranting about government spending but loves taking the same money for her family farm, helping her take in foster children (doesn’t adopt, that shuts off the money), money for training their employees.
    Her backers scream about asking her questions about her religion but she is the one who keeps bringing it up. Hypocrite!

    Minnesota conservatives elect truly inane people – Timmy – Jesse – Bachmann – and none of them care about the middle class or the poor.

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      What was wrong with Gov. Ventura? He was more down-to-earth than most and the most concerned for the average Minnesotan than anyone to come down the pike since HHH. In addition it was refreshing not being governed by party-hack lawyers for a change. I have tremendous respect for anyone who is/was a Navy Seal and will follow him/her over a lawyer any day of the year.

      1. Kathy says:

        Hi Richard! Although Ventura talks too much and doesn’t fit the profile, he’s the guy who CAN clean house in government. There is nothing more wrong with him than the best that shouldn’t remain in Washington.

        I give him much credit for trying to bring the truth out in the open. He was dismissed as a radical, because his delivery of the information was solicited in the media. It almost appeared as an angry exploitation and was brought forth at a time when people weren’t ready to hear it all.

        His timing was off. Clean appearing and a professional presentation wouldn’t have hurt while he canvassed his book to the cable media networks.

        Putting that aside, his courage is perhaps an asset that we won’t find in too many, and I would definetly vote for him in spite of the rough edges and not so commendable motive for his speaking.

        With him, there is muscle behind the movement because he has a heart and good intent, though he falls a little shy of practicle manner and common sense.

        If willing, he may be the best choice!

      2. Tom says:

        @ Richard

        That is interesting about Ventura isn’t it. People always say they want the truth and he told the truth and nobody liked him for it. So apparently people would rather be lied to than be told the truth. And he told the truth about the Social Conservatives in this state about being weak minded well they didn’t like that truth now did they? NOPE!

        1. Lamar Schwartzmann says:

          Some people would rather be plugged back into the Matrix than open their eyes and see what they really are to those who hold the power to decide for them…

  6. In your heart says:

    you think she’s right.

    But in your guts, you know she’s nuts.

  7. A Voter says:

    Watch Michele Bachmann dance, and you will see who leads.

    1. mushroomstamper says:

      She will lead like no other, because we have never been in this situation like no other. If she can get congress to work with and except her ideas, we will succeeed. What she has going for her is if the House stays Republican and the fact that she’s so smoking hot.

      1. Joe says:

        Hot? Ewww. If you like vacant, doe-eyed types, have at ’em.

  8. Matt says:

    What has she lead to make her a proven leader?

    1. Danny says:

      Exactly, what has she done in Washington except shoot her mouth off! She has accomplished NOTHING!

  9. evaichkhanian says:

    a leader really. Oh I forgot she did introduce 3 bills, one of them being the lightbulb bill. I guess we really have become rather dumbed down, haven’t we

    1. Tom says:

      @ evaichkhanian

      Hey now she is proud that stopped the gov’t from telling us what lightbulbs we shoudl buy! We sleep easier now.

  10. indeed says:

    She leads Marcus around alright …. has this steel choke collar and yanks him around on all fours.
    She maybe should be cited for the type of whip she uses tho —- lacerates his behind pretty bad and causes him to beg for more

  11. mn1234 says:

    Michelle does not have the qualifications to be president in this economic climate. The Republicans did not want the debt ceiling raised when it needed to be done. Reagan did it 3 times in the 80’s. Now for the first time ever the US credit rating dropped. We already owe China so much money it is pathetic and the Republicans think it is okay for the US to have bad credit… As for spending, maybe China needs to stop demanding we help all of these other countries and step up to the plate themselves. One more thing, Michelle also voted for no taxes on the super rich. It is a fact that with all of the loopholes that they only pay on average 18% of their income while we all pay pay 30%. either get rid of the loopholes or raise their taxes. Those CEO’s are recording record profits and laying off and Michelle Bachman thinks she can get us out of debt? All of this information is on the internet for those interested : )

  12. James2 says:

    The saddest part of it all is that this Pharisee will drop out of the race just in time to run for Congress again. Sad that my taxes pay for her ride.

  13. Robert says:

    Party of Hyprocrisy = Republicians. I left how the wingnuts always blame the ‘leftwing’ media when the truth comes out.

  14. kim says:

    She’s a PROVEN NUT case!!!!

    1. Tom says:

      @ kim

      And that is why the social conservatives lover her so much because she is just like them! I did hear that after those people in IA got done voting for her they were bused back to the home.


    What the HELL is wrong with this woman? she wants to cuts 2x as much as Paul Ryan from medicare. She wants to raise the retirement age for social security and medicare eligibility for those 3 years away from retirement. All of these, while she leads the push to CUT TAXES FOR THE RICH.

  16. Ralph says:

    I would love to see Bachmann debate Obama.

    After the debate, there would be chunks of Obama in Bachmann’s stool.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      There would be, but not in the way you mean. Think about it.

  17. Paul ? says:

    Ron Paul is starting to hold some appeal.
    MB is a POS any way I look at her …. a simmering nasty foul looking and smelling turd taking up space and way to much press.

  18. MElissa says:

    So, let me get this straight: anyone who voted for Michelle is a nutjob, Michelle is a nutjob, and all right-wingers are nutjobs? That pretty much calls a large number of Americans nutjobs. Michelle wouldn’t look so good right now if your “annointed one” Obama did a better job. Say, how are those stimulus bills working for ya? Is unemployment down? Is the economy recovering? Numbers don’t lie. You can call conservatives every name in the book, but numbers don’t lie! Obama has increased the deficit more than any other president, and he’s only been in office for 2 years! If you pump the American economy full of “fake” money, and by that I mean just printing more money and increasing the deficit, you can’t get the result you want to see; more jobs, more security. But, lets just see what happens in 2012.

    1. mn1234 says:

      @ Melissa, I don’t think people need to be calling people names. I do however think the public does need to be informed before they go making what I consider big decisions. Unfortunately most are not.

      The fast is we would have had the same issue Obama is having right now if Reagan, who was a Republican had not raised the debt ceiling 3 times while he was in office. It is not all conservatives, it is all of congress. Most of them are not qualified “in an economic sense”. Most of them, even the democrats come from money. Most of them have money invested in the stock market. They are not like you and I or the greatest of the US population. If you read my earlier post they all need to start doing something with these big businesses and CEO’s. In addition to my post up there these companies are also sending the jobs overseas to save money while recording record profits. If you read my post above just because I mentioned Michelle does not mean she is the only candidate or person in government not qualified.
      Government “needs” and yes I mean “needs” to start regulating these large businesses and get rid of all of their tax loopholes. I do not like “large” government either, but it seems to me there is no other way and if they are going to do it to you and I, why not them? In addition, this did not happen over night. This did happen while a Republican was president. This is also not going to get better over night whether there it is an Independent, Democrat or Republican in office right now. This is a “HUGE” problem that has been created over many years.

      I would also like to point out that you and I, yes what Americans the upper middle class, the middle class, the lower middle class and what we call the poor have lost $74.00 a year in wages every year since the 1970’s while the very upper class has more than kept up with inflation. This is all over the internet also and by very legitimate sources.

      1. Lamar Schwartzmann says:

        Michele Bachmann came right out and said we need to cut taxes on wealthy corporations. Nobody jumped out to say “Wait a minute, we don’t want that.”

        Why would that be?

  19. George says:

    If being fiscally responsible, insuring programs like medicare and social security are sustainable, utiliizing our natural resources to the fullest to endure energy independence, allowing the free market to work and prosper, and finally, this is a big one, requiring people to be responsible for themselves and their off springs is being a nutjob than I guess I am a nutjob. I am just a working stiff trying to provide for my family and future and am proud to be a tea party backer.

    1. mn1234 says:

      George, wouldn’t you like to pay 18% of your income instead of 30%? ~ And George when you and your significant other or you if you are single, gets laid off and might be lucky to get a job at McDonalds when your unemployment runs out and you lose your home then it would be good to hear from you. There are 70 year old’s coming out of retirement to go back to work that worked many, many years and have paid more taxes than you and I and now they cannot afford to live because our government backs big business. You can back them all the way, but studies are being done right now that say if that way continues America will fall… You can find all of this on the internet.

      1. George says:

        What a bunch of rambling jibberish. I have no idea what in the hell you are talking about.

        1. mn1234 says:

          Of course not…

  20. I dislike MB cause she can see through me says:

    It is amazing how many of you are afraid of anybody in office that could cut off your government checks. Admit it, you don’t like her because she can see through you to your greedy, lazy, no job by choice, xbox all day, food stamp, illigitimate kids, never paid a dollar of taxes that didn’t get refunded ways. The sad part is that you all don’t want any better for yourselves that you are so stagnant you will rail against logic and what is actually right. Just imagine if everybody was as lazy as you all and nobody was productive. Wouldn’t that be great? How do you all sleep at night knowing the disaster of a life you have to wake up to tomorrow.

    1. mn1234 says:

      Ummm, maybe do some research, you cannot be on welfare unless you are working 35 hours a week. So many uninformed people out there it is sad…

      Oh, and what will you do when you get laid off and your unemployment runs out and cannot find a job, and you have worked all of your life and paid more taxes in than most people??? There are people “everywhere” in this situation right now. I would be careful what you say…

      1. jeff says:

        actually he’s right. there are many people on welfare that don’t work. it’s call group residential housing. it costs approximately $1,600.00 a month to house a single individual. the person never sees that money but the organization gets it. catholic charities is one of the big ones. they rake in millions of dollars a year from the tax payers and that my friend is a fact. this is not including the general assistance someone would get which amounts to a mere $89.00 a month. additionally you have people on that same program that go through thousands of dollars of medical expenses (individually) regularly. many of these people sit in places llike these waiting for years to be approved for ss etc. all grh programs are open ended meaning that you can stay there indefinitely.

  21. wickser says:

    I ran a company once too, so I’m sure I could run the national economy, just like Michelle. It was a paper route. I was twelve years old. I had to get up early, put the papers together for the other carriers, deliver all my papers by bicycle before 7:00am, handle billing and collections, absorb the losses from deadbeats, and train others to cover for me when I was out of town.

  22. wickser says:

    Anyone who has run a needle point shop could run the economy, just ask Michelle!

  23. Joy says:

    I think this country is just getting more and more divided. Obama didn’t “change” anything, other than adding billions of dollars to our debt. I’m pretty sure I would be a very bad president, and that it takes a lot of chutzpah to be one, but when we are on the brink of bankruptcy as a nation, you have to make tough choices. When my husband was out of work for a while, we cut WAY back on our spending. Why should the government be any different. The same principles apply: if you don’t have money, don’t spend it and make cuts. If you have money, you can spend it. Why is this so hard to understand??!!

  24. Ordinary Guy says:

    If either party had their way 100%, their policies would not cure our economic problems. They ignore them. Read the papers, what was this past month’s trade deficit? Wahoo! That money is not coming back, except as a loan so you can pay the taxes they didn’t. Even the head of the IRS admits that we are structurally wrong. If “we the people” don’t stop funding these authoritarian governments by buying oil and consumer goods and services, we’ll all be on our knees,… praying or not.

  25. jeff says:

    all she has proven is that she can rally the most conservative nutjobs that america has to offer. if the only book you read is the bible, then vote for her. homeschool? vote bach. hate gays? vote bach. hate other minorities? vote bach. hate immigrants? vote for her. hate welfare of any kind? she’s your gal. beat your children with a rod? vote for her. give more money to the rich so they can stash it away? vote for michele. think firefighters should be privatized? vote for her. disassemble social security and medicare? vote for bach. bring slave wages back? vote michele. make it easier for big corporations to destroy our environment? vote for shelly. want a president that will be subservient to foreign male leaders? vote michele. want someone who thinks they have ALL the answers? vote for bach. want someone who snuggled right up to george bush and idolized him? vote for bach. you want a president who was caught sneeking around and hiding in shrubs at the state capitol during a rally for gay rights? vote for good ol’ michele. she is the hybrid republican that all of the most hateful, spiteful and least intelligent middle class ingrates are looking for. we should have just let you have the south……….

    1. Citizen says:

      Great synopsis, jeff.

  26. Jackie says:

    I agree with Bachmann doing nothing in Congress and now she is shooting her mouth off with nothing but untruths and little none lies. She is a poor excuse for a Minnesotan. If she wins I will be finding an island somewhere because she knows very little about what the people want. Iowans were taken by her big mouth and half truths. The Tea Party is just a bunch of people acting like two-year olds but they think they are smarter than anyone else. They are trying to take us aback to the late 1920s and early 1930s. Tell they to take a hike.

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