C Joe Mauer Out Of Twins Lineup At Cleveland

CLEVELAND (AP) — Catcher Joe Mauer is out of the Minnesota Twins lineup as expected.

The former AL MVP and batting champion has some general soreness, and with the Twins playing a day game Sunday in Cleveland after a night game, backup catcher Drew Butera started against the Indians.

Mauer missed two months earlier this season with leg weakness. He is one of 20 Twins to go on the disabled list this year.

In 61 games, Mauer has hit .284, but with only one home run and 23 RBIs. That’s not what the Twins expected when they signed him to an eight-year contract extension in March.

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  • Tom L

    Like to give JM the benefit of the doubt but its hard to not begin to think this guy is baseball’s bona fide p***y of the league in which case Twins vastly over-paid him. Cuddy plays everyday, gets a bad luck tweek in the neck during BP, but other wise is out on the field and never hear a peep from him and Im sure he isnt w/o aches and pains. I dunno…tired of hearing about JM’s hang nail type injuries 99.9% of any player throughout MLB would grin, bear it and play through it while he needs a day or two off.

  • Me too but cannot anymore

    I wonder if there remains interest in him from say Boston or Yanks?
    I can’t see eating this damn salary with noting in return … hell, we get similar rbi and hr numbers from the infielders and thats not much now, is it ………
    I am past the benefit of the doubt – that ship left the harbor last year.
    The question in my mind is how long before I pull the plug just to get some $$ freed up. I’d be asking around right now if I am Smith

  • Messy

    We looking short term or long term would be what I’d need to know before doing anything with JM …. and Justin M too
    Long term deal with JM looks horroble right now – HUGE mistake. Many of us thought that from day 1 – way to much money committed even if he was a “must sign” with stadium etc
    I would want something for him besides just unloading a salary tho — and given his history, as a GM I would not give you a thing beyond taking the contract. Hmmm – maybe I don’t want the contract sommitement either.
    The TWINS got a mess on their hands here and it will be a mess until the contract goes away I thing. To bad – love the kid but waaaaaaaay to much for to little

  • zee the reporter

    Mauer has hit .284, but with only one home run and 23 RBIs.~get the hell out of town salad ass!

  • Iconoclast

    Let’s call the injury what it really is: Mauer is out of the lineup with a strained labia, an injury that has plagued him the entire season.

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