CANNON FALLS, Minn. (WCCO) — President Obama will begin a 3-day bus tour with his first stop in the small Minnesota town of Cannon Falls. The town is home to about 4,000 people and is located just south of the Twin Cities.

The president is scheduled to host a town hall-style meeting Monday morning about the economy and jobs.

On Sunday afternoon, White House staff members handed out 500 tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis. People showed up in numbers, from all over the state, waiting for what they called a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Laura Schneider is a Cannon Falls-native who says the long wait to snag one of the tickets was well worth it.

“We first came at 1:30 (in the morning) and they were shooing people away, so we came back at 4,” Schneider said. “We’re a small town, kind of in the middle of nowhere and it really makes a big statement that he doesn’t just care about the big cities in the East and the West Coast.”

Most of the small town says they welcome the president with open arms as evidenced by signs around town saying things like, “Mr. Obama, have a burger on us.”

There are some who say they question if there isn’t more to the tour than simply talking economy.

“I believe its part of the political campaign and we’re paying for it,” Cannon Falls-native Steve Anderson said.

Some say they think the recent troubles in Washington make it a tough time for the president to travel to town halls.

“I think it’s the whole financial mess that occurred … If other people would’ve been president, maybe things would’ve been different,” said St. Paul resident Mark Mongiat.

Others beg to differ.

“As a whole, I think it’s actually going much better than the general public is giving him credit for. He came in at a really difficult time and I think he’s been incredibly professional,” Schneider said.

The president is expected to speak just before noon Monday.

WCCO-TV also spoke to members of the North Star Tea Party Patriots who say they are planning on hosting a rally Monday morning before the president speaks in Cannon Falls.

Monday’s visit is surprisingly not the first presidential visit for the small town. In 1928, the town played host to President Calvin Coolidge.

Comments (39)
  1. Heusiegn says:

    Of course hundreds showed up, the state is full of free loaders…

    1. Doh! says:

      Does any one, including the article above, have a specific understanding of why he is touring cannon falls?

      Or is this just like his presidency, clueless?

      Or did the great and powerful TelePrompter tell him “go to minnesota Berry…”

      1. Bachmanns Degree must be in Voodoo Mathematics says:

        So Bachmann’s idea was to pay interest on national debt, then paying military salaries and entitlements. The thing is her math doesn’t add up. Current tax revenues only cover 60% of our expenses, where does she get her numbers from. She says dont raise the debt ceiling but somehow make good on all debts. Someone with a supposed Tax Law degree she should know what happens when your expenses exceed your revenues.

        1. grizzlyman says:

          Tell that to Barack.

      2. Truth says:

        Because it can be called a “small town” but is close enough to Minneapolis that all of the loser DFL types to fill the crowd. That way he can claim that he is “loved on main street” when in fact it couldn’t be further than the truth.

        Maybe our own “fail boy” dayton can travel down there to add to the mood. I hope it rains on them all

        1. Iconoclast says:

          You think Obama is going to parade around claiming he’s “loved on main street” after doing a town hall meeting in Cannon Falls, MN?

          You are an idiot.

          1. Truth says:

            You’re the real idiot if you don’t think he wont try it.

            He will go in and pretend to listen to whoever is there even though the audience is made up mostly of bussed in DFL Losers and union goons. Then he will repeat the same dog-and-pony show at a few more stops before heading back on vacation somewhere.

            Then all you will hear from him is that he “spoke to the people of small town midwest” and they told him “washington must compromise (read GOP surrender to him)” and “we must raise taxes” and other such garbage.

            It happens over and over and people like you apparently fall for it.


            1. Iconoclast says:

              What’s sad is how convinced you are, but you aren’t even going, so what do you really know besides jack squat?

              1. Truth says:

                How do you know I’m not here right now?

                1. Iconoclast says:

                  You don’t present yourself as someone who gets involved. You’re more the guy who yells inappropriate insults from 2 blocks away where you can’t be located individually. Just my take…

    2. joe says:

      last chance to see a one-term president …

  2. Working for the Richest 2% says:

    This woman needs to practice what she preaches. Why is she taking $290k from Gov. while she is advocating massive cuts, 2x as deep as those proposed by the Paul Ryan Plan. Senior will pay an additional $6k per year to cover their medical cost(under Paul Ryan’s Plan), under Bachmann’s plan they would pay twice as much. How can she say to these folks they have to shell out $12k more per year while she supports giving those making multi million dollar salaries an average tax break of $600k. That is money in their pocket $600k.

    1. dan says:

      Isnt this article about Obama?

  3. grizzlyman says:

    I predict…she has no chance to go all the way. She has alienated seniors,minorities, and is too far right for middle of the road Americans in my humble opinion.

    1. Mike says:

      Correct grizzlyman… the Bachmann brand simply won’t sell to the MAJORITY of the United States… even with the current state of the economy. There are several other large issues just than economic, although, Bachmann won’t address them or she side steps them when we all know she is a religious fanatic. She is as dangerous as HITLER, imo. She’s just WAY too far out of touch with current day Americans.

      1. Metal DJ says:

        “She is as dangerous as HITLER”?! You just lost all your credibility with that ignorant statement. Do you really think she has a plan to wipe a race of people off the planet?

        Also, why is it when people are religious in any form, the left calls them “fanatics”?

        It seems like anyone who attends Church every Sunday is a “fanatic” in the eyes of the left.

        If you want to talk about “religious fanatics”, why don’t you take a look at our current President, and the 20 years he spent listening to Reverend Wright. Wouold you call Reveredn Wright a “Fanatic”?

        1. Hugh Gerection says:

          They are.

        2. Iconoclast says:

          You’ve left the topic.

          Yes, she espouses the same principles that Hitler and the Nazis did in 1931. Look it up, doofus.

          What has Reverend Wright done to our country? I’m curious.

  4. Jake says:

    What a bunch of losers, commenting on Bachmann instead of the idiot obama. Just goes to show you that they can’t defend obama, instead they try to tear down his competition. All it does is expose how WEAK obama truly is, this is desperation at its finest.

    1. dan says:

      Thank You Jake, As I am reading these post I am trying to figure out where in this article they talked about Bachmann. Great point, if you cant defend the record tear down the competition.

  5. Redneck Purist says:

    Wow, hundreds? Where will they put all those people? What a difference 3 years of Barack “Jimmy Carter” Obama has made. He’s no longer preaching to adoring throngs of overflow crowds. His whole presidency reminds me of The Music Man or The Wizard Of Oz. He’s been exposed for what he is, thank God.

    1. Victoria says:

      You are wrong Redneck. He wll win again. And Yes Thank God. Four more year . Mr President!

  6. Angus says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see the hate and stereotyping spewing from the conservatives who claim to be Christians? Boy, they would really be nasty if they weren’t Christians.

    1. dan says:

      Hate and Stereotyping? Where do you see these Angus? Just becasue 1 guy in the article holds Obama responsible for the economy you pull the race card?

  7. Jesse says:

    Holy cow can a person be anti Obama and anti Bachmann? I sure am.

  8. Don Juan says:

    I cant stand Obama or MB but I sure like the hot reporter on this story, wow weeee.

  9. Barry says:

    This dolt is a fraud and a phoney. Impeach him now for crimes against the Constitution and the United States!!!

    1. Iconoclast says:

      I laughed out loud at your absurd comment.

      That’s really all it was worth.

  10. I'm Just Sayin says:

    Why is Obama coming here, because it is a safe place to make speaches, get a positive response, and then use it in commercials for the next 1.5 years. I like the analysis on Channel 5 this weekend. Apparently the only chance that President Obama has of not repeating Jimmy Carter (one term) is Michelle Bachmann; a person that he can show has less going for her than himself. Come on Republicans, you can do better and then we can get this loser out of office.

    1. meow says:

      Agreed. I sure hope it’s not all “Minnesota Nice” but more so I hope people do put the pressure on and show how upset they are. Lets see how he does under pressure. It’s going to be rather difficult to regain the confidence of the American people.

      Why can’t we change the process a little and implement IQ tests and financial tests for anyone to pass for the POTUS position? It’s too much of a popularity contest… very HighSchool’ish if you ask me.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        IQ tests and financial tests? Sometimes you say smart things, and often you make decent humor.

        This comment was neither.

  11. meow says:

    I voted for Obama and will vote for him again. With that, I want to see people really put the pressure on him and see how he responds. He will have a rather tough road ahead of him with MANY Americans that are furious with the current state of the economy along with other issues. I really do hope he gets an ear-full and people aren’t glossed over with the sensationalism. I personally think he will do great and I look forward to what his responses are. ANYONE that we the people help put into office and power positions need to be held fully accountable.

    1. I'm Just Sayin says:

      Meow, so you will votre for a man without even knowing who is going to run against him and what the other options are? appears to me that you are part of the problem. I may or may not vote for him, but he has only three years experience leading everything and what did he have 6 years in national politics where he voted “present” how many times? Before that he was a community organizer? Once I see who is running against him, I will make up my mind, but right now just about any independent that has history (business) and is not a Washington insider that created this mess will get my vote. Of course the establishments will not allow that person to rise up to the election, but we will see. The time is right for a Ross Perot.

      1. Victoria says:

        I voted for Obama, and he will get my vote again. This president has done more than 8 yrs of Bushes.

        1. Claire says:


          Please name one

        2. John says:

          You are part of the problem.

  12. MARK says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the president, but when compared to the current GOP contenders, he seems like the only adult in the room.

  13. Go Home says:

    Just showes that in a town of 4000 people there are some left wing loonies that will attend the event hoping he is passing out a bouus welfare check for showing him support.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Stupidest Comment of the Day Award.


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