CANNON FALLS, Minn. (AP) — Hitting back against an emboldened GOP, President Barack Obama launched a rare direct attack Monday on the Republican presidential field, criticizing his potential 2012 rivals for their blanket opposition to any deficit-cutting compromise involving new taxes.

“That’s just not common sense,” Obama told the crowd at a town hall-style meeting in Cannon Falls, Minn., as he kicked off a three-day bus tour through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

“You need to take a balanced approach,” he insisted.

Obama recalled a moment in last week’s GOP presidential debate when all eight of the candidates said they would refuse to support a deal with tax increases, even if tax revenues were outweighed 10-to-1 by spending cuts.

Obama didn’t mention any of the candidates by name, and prefaced the remark by saying, “I know it’s not election season yet.”

But his comment underscored that election season is indeed under way. The bus tour, although an official White House event rather than a campaign swing, takes Obama through three states he won in 2008 but where he now needs to shore up his standing. It gives him a chance to return to the grassroots campaigning that helped propel him to the White House, and shed his jacket and tie to mix it up with voters in coffee shops and lunch joints far from the Beltway. The president is traveling in a new $1.1 million bus purchased by the Secret Service.

Photo Gallery: Obama’s Cannon Falls Visit

In Iowa, Obama returns to a state that handed him a key victory over Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in their nomination fight but where Republicans have now been blanketing the state in preparation for its first-in-the-nation caucuses, attacking the president at every turn. The bus tour comes on the heels of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s weekend victory in the Iowa Straw Poll and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s contest-rattling entrance into the race.

It also comes after the president spent much of the summer holed up in the nation’s capital enmeshed in bitter, partisan negotiations on the debt crisis that cratered his approval ratings and those of Congress amid a faltering economy and high unemployment.

Later in the town-hall meeting, Obama got a question on his signature health care law, and took a hard shot at Mitt Romney, a GOP front-runner who has had to defend implementing a health care plan while governor of Massachusetts that’s similar to the federal version.

“You’ve got a governor who’s running for president right now who instituted the exact same thing in Massachusetts,” Obama said, referring to a central component of his law — the requirement for nearly everyone to carry health insurance.

“This used to be a Republican idea,” Obama said. “It’s like suddenly they got amnesia.”

The so-called individual mandate in Obama’s health care law was struck down by a federal appeals court last week but Obama expressed confidence that the Supreme Court ultimately would uphold it if justices follow existing law and precedent. If not, he said, “we’ll have to manage that when it happens.”

In response to a question, Obama also took the chance to counter the anti-government stance embraced by the tea party and largely by the Republican presidential field.

He noted that although government doesn’t do everything well, it is responsible for sending a man to the moon and for the military defending the country, among other things.

“When you go to the National Parks and those folks in the hats, that’s government,” Obama said.

“As frustrated as you are about politics don’t buy into this notion that somehow government is what’s holding us back,” he said.

Eager to get out of Washington, Obama struck a casual tone as he spoke to a crowd gathered in a picturesque park on the banks of the Cannon River. And despite the widespread frustration with Washington documented in national polls, the president got a rosy reception.

Some of his questioners never even bothered to ask him questions, and the president used the format to offer broad, if sometimes wonkish, explanations of his agenda.

People asked him about education, health care, broadband cable and the cost of prescription drugs. One woman told him she was recovering from lung cancer and had slept in her truck for two days to ask him a question about Social Security, although the president missed the chance to sympathize with her about her health when he responded with a defense of Social Security.

The woman, Lois Dare, 53, expressed disappointment later that Obama didn’t acknowledge her situation.

“I need help,” she said. “I was hoping he would have said, `Let me take some information down and go back to the White House.”‘

Dare still has hope. She passed a note to an Obama handler reiterating her plea.

Obama began his remarks at the town hall with what’s becoming a refrain: criticizing Congress, accusing lawmakers of putting politics ahead of the country and calling on voters to tell them to cut it out.

“You’ve got to send a message to Washington that it’s time for the games to stop, it’s time to put country first,” Obama said.

“I want everyone to understand here, I’m not here just to enjoy the nice weather; I’m here to enlist you in a fight,” he said. “We are fighting for the future of our country. And that is a fight that we are gonna win. That is a promise that I make, with your help.”

Appearing in Cannon Falls ahead of Obama’s town hall, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus rallied a few dozen tea party members and College Republicans.

“We won’t stand idly by while he uses our hard-earned tax dollars to spin his failure to put America back to work,” Priebus said.

After his event in Cannon Falls, Obama got back in his black, unmarked bus to drive south into Iowa where he was holding another town hall Monday afternoon in Decorah. En route he made an unscheduled stop for lunch at the Old Market Deli in Cannon Falls with five Minnesota military veterans who served after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. And he stopped for coffee at the Coffee Mill in Zumbrota, Minn., where one patron, Wayne Gadient from Goodhue, Minn., had some encouraging words for the president: “I think he’s doing the best he can do with what he has to work with.”

On Tuesday the president holds what the White House is billing as a “rural economic forum” in Peosta, Iowa, near the Illinois border, where he’ll be joined by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to announce several initiatives for rural areas. He’ll wrap up Wednesday with town halls in Atkinson in northwestern Illinois, and then in nearby Alpha, Ill., before returning to Washington. On Thursday he flies with his family to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for his annual summer vacation.

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Comments (128)
  1. Sue says:

    Yes he is going to criticize, because he has nothing to stand on. Where are his ideas, his plans, nothing from this clown. He taxes the middle class but says he taxes the rich. I voted for him, but never again.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      You aren’t listening to what he said today. A little compromise goes a long way. The Republicans need to face reality and their stalwart history to help this country. All tax cuts with no revenue [tax] streams doesn’t work on any level. Even Ronald Reagan and George Bush [senior] can show you that!

      The President hasn’t had the chance to truly make a difference with all the political malarkey and in-fighting going in D.C.. Radical slash-&-burn tactics without a reasonable ‘balanced’ approach isn’t going to work. Do you do you personal budget balancing this way? Think about it!

      1. Tyler says:

        Cutting only is exactly how you do the budget at home unless you want to go get a part time job. You sound like my ex “as long as I got checks, I must have money in the account”.

        1. Reasonable says:

          You’ve never tried to help out your home budget by making a few extra bucks in some way? That kind of invalidates your argument right off the bat… I know people love to equate a governmental budget to a household budget, but it simply doesn’t work. They’re completely different animals.

          1. digger says:

            yea they are different, cause I can’t TAX my kids out of a deficit at home but the government DOES.

            1. Ordinary Guy says:

              Look, if you lose your job, you can cut back, but chances are that you’ll have your own kid mow the lawn and you’ll fire the gardener. In that way, we as a nation must bring in our outsourced work back and put our breadwinners to work. Just so, you’ll find that no matter how much belt-tightening you do in your family budget, you still have to go out and get another job.

              Right now, it’s not the government that’s spending wrong, they are paying Americans mostly; it’s the spending you do every day that’s killing us. $55 billion a month is the trade deficit. It’s what you buy and where that oil and other products come from. It is you. The elected officials are just keeping the rules the same, and they happen to favor imported goods and services over your family’s work.

          2. burt says:

            Obama tried in his speech. He went on for 5 minutes trying to tell people how if their home income went down, they would cut and other stuff.

            He never mentioned getting another job. That would of caused a stampede at this Liberal rally.

            Free t-shirts, hot dogs, and EBT cards would have been flying everywhere.

            1. Iconoclast says:

              You are confusing Minnesota politics with the way of normal politics on the national level. Minnesota is the bastion of welfare, not Obama. Sorry for your misfire.

          3. Matt says:

            The GOP look at it this way. Hey we need to make a budget, lets lower spending and taxes, hey look over there all of our credit cards carry a high balance on them, oh well lets leave them there and not pay off any of thing early. I vote for cuts to spending, raise taxes on the rich, pay off a good chunk of that debt. All the GOP wants to do is leave that debt for our children.

        2. Papa K says:

          As a sales rep I made $50-250k per year sellin capital equipment. For the last 3 years my combined income is less than $20K. I can’t sell my house even if I give it away. I cut $1000 a month out of my budget and I still need to work part-time and withdraw money from my retirement to make ends meet. I have no health care, I dropped my life insurance premiums, no cable, land line or internt, drive a old 2001 car, and stopped eating out except for rare occasions. I have also rented out a bedroom.

          In Minnesota they cut aid to local communities, so my property taxes are going up. Thanks … So what else do you damn politicians want?

          Get off your high and mighty agendas and get something done that will get this economy going.

        3. Paul Solinger says:

          No, Tyler. Sometimes you need to reach out for additional revenue. You take loans to buy cars; sell stuff on e-bay; take out student loans, etc. Besides, are we really advocating that the government run their budget like a household budget? That’s ridiculous.

        4. Pete says:

          That is fine if you want to be able to keep your head just above water you can live and survive on a balanced budget. But if you want to move ahead in life and have a chance to improve yourself chances are you will borrow. I do not know many people who save enough to pay for all the education they or their children need to advance in life. Also when you plan to expand your business so you can make more money and employ more people chances are you borrow to do it. Same for a car or a house or many other things, you pay the loans by the increased earnings that your borrowing helped to create. So if you want to keep afloat don’t borrow, if you want to rise above where you are now borrowing may allow you that option. The same applies to our country, we should invest in ourselves because we have shown in the past that we can do great things when we do. When we don’t we tend to stagnate.

          1. Les Johnson says:

            “So if you want to keep afloat don’t borrow, if you want to rise above where you are now borrowing may allow you that option. The same applies to our country”

            That is FALSE!!! Borrowing for a country is NOT the same economic event as a citizen borrowing money for themselves. Who TOLD you that???

            I suggest Econ 101 for you.

      2. R says:

        obama can say anything and the his followers will believe it he has had three years and what has he done? spend spend spend!!!

        1. Mike says:

          Ah… well he actually has a long list of accomplishments and no, not just for BIG BUSINESS or the WEALTHY.

          What accomplishments has BUSH done while in office? Should we view a side by side list?

          1. Kessler says:

            So list a few

            1. Paul Solinger says:

              He reformed health care and ordered the kill of Osama Bin Laden. That’s all I need he needed to do to deserve reelection.

              1. pete says:

                Killing osama was left over from Intel from Bush, so No, he does not deserve all the credit.

                1. Paul Solinger says:

                  No. The Seals deserve most of the credit, followed by Obama. Bush deserves none of it.

          2. Mike says:

            During his first two years in office, President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress compiled a substantial record of policy accomplishment—the economic stimulus, bringing the financial system back from the brink of collapse, rescuing two automakers, universal health care, sweeping reform of financial regulation, and major changes in student loan programs, among many others.

        2. Tom says:

          @ R

          Sort of like what Bush and the GOP did between 2000 -2006 which was spend, spend, spend!

          1. digger says:

            YOU forgot the DEMS in 2006 – 2008

      3. one eye says:

        Comprimise? That’s what got us into this mess. How about we just make our public servants stay within the powers granted them?

        We don’t need anymore fake leaders, we need servants

      4. dan says:

        Swamp Fox,

        In forcing myself to listen today he kept eluding to the fact that everything we need to fix the economy is on the Senate Floor. they just need to pass it. Hello, the Senate is controlled by Democrats?
        Please Mr President take the bull by the horns and get it done. Stop blaming the minority party for your inability to make a decision and go with it.

        1. MTG says:

          When the republican minority filibusters everything, it requires 60 votes to get things passed. So the republicans have been able to stop even normal day to business like appointments, never mind legislation.

        2. Swamp Fox says:

          Yes, the President is correct that most of the important budget legislation is sitting on the Senate Floor. BUT, the Democrats have only a simple majority to pass major bills. It takes a 2/3rds majority to pass these bills. The Senate Republicans don’t want to support any legislation that isn’t totally in their way of doing things!!! Thus, no 2/3rd majority of the Senate. Here again is another example of polarizing poliitcs with absolutely no compromises in sight. This is the NEW Washington political scene at its finest worst!!! Need I say More?

      5. Obama go home your using tax payer dollars to campaign says:

        Go passed go and collect your welfare check

      6. Kathy says:






        1. Iconoclast says:


          Obama should step aside?

          What planet are you from? That isn’t going to happen, you doofus.

    2. MIke says:

      Check out this site and than tell us again how President Obama has not done anything.

      1. meow says:

        It’s true. He has done FAR more good than what Bush ever did plus had to clean up and fix the total and complete MESS that Bush left. Actually in this first year he outdid accomplishments for the Majority of Americans that Bush did in all of his 8 years. Why? Because he doesn’t just represent BIG BUSINESS like the GOP does with their religious fanatics.

      2. Mike says:

        What I would LOVE to see is a site that shows.. side-by-side the accomplishments of the BUSH’s 8 years versus the 4 years of Obama. I’m sure it’s be AWESOME to view.

        Lets see a side by side!!!

        1. Carl says:


          We all know it feels like 4 years but its only been 2 and a half years. He has spent money like its been 8 years, but again only 2.5 years

    3. Jan Willms says:

      And what current Republican candidate would offer anything to this country?

    4. Paul Solinger says:

      When did he ever tax the middle class? Seriously? It has never happened. Wow, the idiocy of some people.

      1. Taxes says:

        By printing more money to cover his spending, he has devalued the Dollar.

        So, every Dollary you receive, if you work that is, is now worth less.

        If you had savings, you may have the same amount in your account, but it will buy less.

        if you had a 401k, that is a plan for workers to save for retirement by the way, but if you had a 401k, each dollar in it is now worth less.

        This is how he has taxed us.

        1. markH says:

          To “cover his spending”?

          That never happened, liar.

  2. The Old Sage says:

    Take note T-Baggers. A little compromise and believing in this country can go a long way. Reagan and Bush knew how to make things happen. Why don’t you T-Partiers? The original [1775] Tea Party folks knew what they were doing now it’s your turn. Need I say more?

    Where are the true blue Republicans when we need them?

    1. Take note Old Sage says:

      @Old Sage, you sound like you would like some free stuff sent your way. Where would you like your EBT and housing voucher sent? I’m guessing the ‘Old’ part in your title means you didn’t plan for retirement and spent like a drunken sailer your whole life. Maybe you are on the dole in some other way but most certainly a big spender.

    2. I'm Just Sayin says:

      So old sage, two years to DOUBLE the largest national debt ever and all done by a Democrat congress and a Democrat President. All done behind closed doors not even taking input from the Republicans. So, do you really want to talk about compromise or do you want to talk about the last months of President Bush where the democats passed spending patchword bills spending more than we took in to bypass the budget process and wait to pass a real budget when President Obama took over? Or do you want to talk about the now deemed illegal Health Insuirance deal, taht was once again done behind closed doors with no input from the other party (republicans). Or do you want to talk about the state of minnesota where the democrats over rode the former republican governors veto to spend 5 billion more than we had, and now they blame it on him, even though he tried to stop it with a veto? What compromise are you talking about? Oh that is right, if it is the republicans they are supposed to compromise, but not the democrats….

      1. The Old Sage says:

        Sorry sports fans, but I’m AM NOT on the “dole” and NOT looking for freebies! I did plan for retirement to be supplemented by Social Security but the companies were sold or downsized so I lost out my benefits. Also, when trying to rebuild my future again I got grounded with a major disability. So, don’t pontificate and preach to me about affairs you know nothing about!

        How can one be a “big” spender on the pittance received from Social Security each month! I pay taxes on Social Security, too! After nearly five decades paying into the system I barely have enough to have a roof over my head. As a veteran, I can get basic medical services and prescriptions but that is all. I still have to pay for Medicare supplemental health benefits that folks like you want to slash further. What little I am receiving I “paid” for and “EARNED”! So don’t preach to me that I am a ne’er-do-well and freeloader.

      2. Tom says:

        @ Im Just saying

        So you are saying that adding debt onto already existing debt is much worse than putting us into debt after being handed a budget surplus? So if you are saying yes to that then you are saying that the surplus that Clinton handed to Bush and Bush blew it isn’t as bad as Bush handing Obama a deficit and Obama adding to it? That is amazing!

        And what is also amazing is that you seem to be starting your history lesson at 2006 when the GOP lost their power to Dems and left out the years between 2000 – 2006 when the Bush and the GOP went on their spending spree with two wars, two tax cuts, and other spending.

        And did Bush and the GOP always invte the Dems into every meeting? I doubt it. And was it Cheney who had those secret meetings with energy industry and we were told that it was none of our business and the conservatives backed Cheney up.

        Would you have applauded the same Healthcare reform if it was a GOP President that came up with it? Probably!

        And how many times was T-Paw over ridden? I believe it was once and that was over the gas tax!

        And what is your definition of compromise? Where just one group of people are told that they have to bear the burden of the budget so that the other side can be protected!

        1. digger says:

          First , that surplus that was handed to Bush was built on the tech-bubble that was quickly going down hill at the end on Clinton’s regime.
          Second , you are right the repubs did little to reign in spending like the should, but a lot of that went to domestic budget also. yes two wars, but now it’s THREE.
          third, yes the DEMs where in a lot more things that the repubs have been invited to. For instance who is a primary author of the no child left behind ? that’s right ol Teddy Kennedy.
          Forth, NO we would NOT go for Bush care , but that point is mute cause he would not have proposed it.
          Fifth, you might have me with t-paw I would have to check that but that would mean t-paw was able to compromise with a DFL senate and house.
          Sixth, you mean that only the “rich” should pay their fair share ? do you know that 48% of this country pay now federal taxes ? I like Obama when he says EVERYONE should have some skin in the game BUT 48 % DON”T

          1. markH says:

            What is the 3rd war?
            If you say Libya, I’m going to call you an ignorant fool.

    3. Sue says:

      We are here and voting!!

  3. richard says:

    The President is telling the truth. The repubs have voted for NOTHING that has comr from the Democratic side. Why??? Their only interest is to get rid of the President, gain more power and kiss corporate Americas and the wealthy (their political base) butts. They do not care a damm about working and middle class families. Trickle down did not work for Reagan (18 tax increases did), and look how well it worked for bush. If tax breaks and de-regulation were the keys the DOW would be at 50,000 by now. The teabaggers have left the repub party in a shambles and none of the more moderate repubs have the courage to stand up to this mis-guided, narrowminded and unpartiotic group of morons. The people will remember what has happened over the last 2 1/2 years and re-elect President Obama in 2012.

    1. meow says:

      @ richard … AGREE 1000% … well said.

      OBAMA will have a LANDSLIDE WIN over the GOP extremists. The BUSH years have deeply scared the GOP and it’s tough to pull out of that. What America needs to wake up to is the fact that minimum wage jobs have been slowly but surely been replaced because of the internet and companies shipping jobs overseas. Plus you factor in the addictive behaviors of “Consumerism Americans” when here we import far more than we export. And if you step back and look, I don’t think we as a species have stopped breeding, have we? Our population has grown. So no, I don’t think Obama is to blame. An intelligent person will step out of their own self-serving life and take the broader view of where we are as a country.

      1. Lance says:

        good one, ha ha.

      2. MJ says:

        Your either stoned or stupid, oh that’s right your a liberal dem so your both! You guys all sound like your scared and rightfully so. Your going DOWN in 2012!!!!!

        1. Iconoclast says:

          Calling someone stupid but not knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” = Classic.

          1. duh says:

            And 5 times at that – so we KNOW it’s not a typo.

    2. Mince says:

      Nothing has come from the dem except spending. They have not put a budget together for three years (Obamas budget was voted down 97-0. They had no plan for raising the debt ceiling, only the republicans put together a plan. The dems could have done that when they owned congress but instead they spent three trillion dollars. Don’t talk about Reagan in the same breath with this socialist.

    3. Rick says:


      I’m middle class. And I know that Obama will destroy this country if he runs our debt up again in a second term. How can you think that was a smart idea? I am not looking for a partisan war – I just want America to live within a budget like I do. Why doesn’t Obama think that way?

      1. MTG says:

        Obama is in favor of reducing the deficit. He supported a balnced approach to reducing the debt by $4T and Speaker Boehner walked away from the negotiations.

        1. Jake says:

          WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. He wanted to reduce the INCREASE in SPENDING by $4T over a 10 year period. BIG difference. That’s like saying, instead of adding $14 to your personal debt over 10 years, I only want to increase it by $10. That’s bad policy. What he should have said was, I want to DECREASE IT by $4, and raise taxes by $4, and THAT would put us on solid ground and ensure a secure future.

    4. Tom says:

      @ Richard

      Moderates are not welcome in the GOP / Tea Party / Social Conservatives / Grover Nordquist group anymore. The nuttier the better for them right now.

  4. Julie says:

    Why is the American Taxer paying for this trip?

    1. Bret says:

      He said its not political. Chicago politics all the way.

    2. Patrick Shull says:

      Because all government officials have this written into the law, so that no matter where they travel to, they get to go first class and get everything on first class with security all paid for by the tax payers.

      I don’t understand why this government feels like its still living in the 17th century before telephones, internet, tv, and radio were created, when the rest of us live in the 21st century and use the internet and telephones to reach our friends and family for only a few dollars a month and not travel first class with personal security following us. Hell if our government officials used the same methods as we do, that would save millions on top of millions of dollars every month.

    3. We spend more on politics than we do on ANY social program. says:

      It’s about the same logic as the MN taxpayers paying for a new Viking stadium. It makes absolutely no sense at all. Neither Obama’s trip nor a Viking stadium should be paid for by the taxpayers.

    4. Tom says:

      @ Julie

      Would you be asking that question if it were a GOP President ? NOPE!

      Maybe you be asking some of your GOP Gov who are using state transportation for personal matters!

    5. Jake says:

      Because he is ‘entitled’ to taxpayer dollars to fund his reelection campaign, which is already underway, just like in 2007. He wants to maintain the status quo, and just campaign all the way to November 2012. I just can’t believe how naive so many Minnesotans are these days with his visit in Cannon Falls.

  5. Ken says:

    I agree with one part of your post Richard. The people will remember the last 2 – 1/2 years in which two of them consisted of a democart controlled congress, senate and White House. They passed every piece of liberal spending agenda that they could which added emmencely to the spending already done by the previous administration. If the democrats had not added so much to the country’s debt there would be more confidence in the future of our country instead of the fears of how much more damgage the current administration can cause before they are voted out in 2012.

  6. meow says:

    I’m shocked the GOP doesn’t have better candidates to offer up. This is such a perfect opportunity for them to bring someone to the table who isn’t as extreme. You simply cannot expect an extreme right-wing candidate to win when the majority of Americans are liberal-minded with so much American diversity. Obama is still more qualified to stay as the POTUS than the GOP candidates… except MAYBE Ron Paul who actually shows higher levels of competence over Bachmann. I’ll still be voting for Obama and I believe so will the rest of the country.

  7. A barrage of buffoons. says:

    Look at The Almighty – grinning like he has some sense. Oh but this trip is a “visit,” not a part of his campaign. Thus, American Taxpayer, fork over the money to pay for my grand-standing.

    What a pathetic joke. No wonder half the world hates us while the other half laughs at us.

    Speaking of grinning like he has some sense, did you see Al Franken yucking it up like he has some sense too? Another joke.

    1. Rick says:

      Al Franken was funny on SNL. Now… not so much.

  8. Al says:

    All the excuses start. All anyone is asking is that government start living within its means. Everyone wants to spend and then they want to cut those things that we need to live on. Just like the teachers – the minute people vote against school levies the first things that gets cut is busing, lunches and extra curricular activiities. I and a lot more like me are fed up with the waste waste waste in government. Rein it in folks!!

  9. lefty says:

    Anyone with a teeny weeny bit of smarts knows that right is wrong and the repukelikans have ZERO ideas, answers, plans or sense.

    1. Metal DJ says:

      I see what you did there with that word. Clever Dumbocrat.

    2. Kathy says:

      you failed to include dangerous, lefty.

  10. Rick says:

    Mr. President: You can’t talk your way out of the debt you ran up. This was YOUR idea.

    And people: Don’t point your finger at Bush, He isn’t running in 2012. If he was, we wouldn’t vote for him. So have some independent thought and vote for somebody that will deal with debt.

    President Obama: Please take a seat alongside George W.

  11. GOP go home says:

    Barack Obama all the way!!!

    1. Ya, all the way says:

      Back to kenya

      1. GOP go home says:

        He’s from Hawaii son

        1. Ya, all the way says:

          Right, I forgot

          1. zed says:

            Prove it. He is a foreigner. Let see some baby pictures of him in Hawaii

            Prove it. He is a foreigner. Let see some baby pictures of him in Hawaii.

            Everyone has baby pictures.

            Oh, that’s right, they didn’t have cameras in Somalia.

            1. Iconoclast says:

              Crawl back under your rock. The debate about that is over and dead. Grow up. You spend more time finding fault with others (even if you have to make it up) than you do trying to make a positive difference.

  12. Redneck Purist says:

    Well, just look what he inherited: A AAA credit rating, 6% unemployment, 8 trillion dollar debt that he raised by 4 trillion, lower prices…… Well, er, what I mean is just look at what he’s done, bounced a trillion dollar stimulus check, QE1 and 2 which is fueling inflation, raised unemployment, started a new war without a plan or exit strategy, didn’t close Guantanamo, operation gun runner and fast and furious, and that’s the short list. He’s an abject failure. You think he he has a good record to run on? Great! I hope he runs on it. So far he’s been running on excuses. And those are pretty thin after almost three years. Face it, he’s a goner.

    1. Reasonable says:

      well there was that osama bin laden thing in there somewhere.

      Abject failure is a bit much, but definitely not a stalwart success. Then again, it’s hard to accomplish much of anything when you have these yahoos running around in congress trying their best to ensure he’s a one term president at any cost.

  13. IWonderIF says:

    you know I didn’t vote for the guy but I have to agree with what he is saying as far as a balance approach.. Its basic economics 101. In a recession, the government needs to spend upfront but also find a ways to make the multiplier effect work . This will then reduce debt over time.. This is basic college 101 stuff he is spouting off. Not spending is what caused the great depression. Every economist in the world would agree there. But its not the Spending of how much.. Its where is it being spent… And another thing for the idiotic posting about spending.. The spending is on us. US consumption.. AS IN TAX BREAKS, Unemployment, Ect.. SO sure, lets stop spending on pet projects and spend on things that puts money into the hands of the people that spend it and thats the middle class by a large volume of people…

    1. Metal DJ says:


      1. Iconoclast says:


        We’ve learned a valuable lesson here: You don’t have the slightest clue about that which you speak. Have a nice (ignorant of the reality of the world around you) day.

  14. Jane says:

    Can’t watch a 13 minute video if the page reloads before it’s over…

    1. Bill says:

      Don’t worry you aren’t missing anything

  15. Steven L says:

    The TeapubliCON’S set out to destroy Obama and ended up destroying the Nation instead…and some of you actually are proud of this?

    1. Iconoclast says:

      They’re proud of it and will shout the rally cry, because they would burn the U.S. to the ground if it meant Obama would go up in flames too. Talk about selfish.

    2. Anita MoreTEA says:

      Wait the media and liberals (I repeat myself) told me that the TEA party people were just washed-up, angry old people that made up a small number of fringe kooks.

      Are you trying to tell me that this small group of of gray-haired Bible clingers that the rest of the country should just ignore has the power to destroy the regime of our “historic” young president? or even the nation?

      You can’t be serious, after all the liberals and the media assured me that these people were just in the minority and were fading in numbers.

    3. Sue says:

      Hey Commie hit the road loser!!! You hate to work, and want us to pay for it!!

      1. markH says:


        Commie? Don’t you have some house cleaning to take care of? Politics isn’t your strong suit, Sue.

    4. Jake says:

      obama had a democratic congress for 2 years. He had the whole shebang. NO BUDGET. Rammed obamacare down our throats. Refuses to pull our troops out of many places around the world. Gives aid to Somalia, only for it to be stolen and sold on the black market streets. Extends unemployment to 3 years, and maybe longer, if he has his way. Gives TONS of money to Wall Street, GM and Chrysler, rural broadband, free cellphones to the poor (I wonder when free cable will be coming), wants to build expensive, unprofitable rail systems all over the country, green industries, etc. This is ALL of HIS DOING, and the majority of Americans do NOT see the benefits, short OR long term. He’s out of bullets to maintain this shaky economy, I predict a big stock market crash this October.

  16. Metal DJ says:

    I remember when people were SCREAMING at Bush because unemplyment was at 6.9%. They were SCREAMING at Bush because he invaded Iraq and took out a brutal dictator. They were SCREAMING at Bush for running up so much debt. They were SCREAMING at Bush from atop bridges, holding signs about “No Blood for Oil”, and Anti-War signs.

    Now, with Obama ….

    1. Unemplyment is almost 10%
    2.. He has continued Bush’s 2 wars, and started another one in Libya. Oh, he said he was bringing 30K troops home this August? Ask him how many troops he shipped over there in July. My little bro was one of them.
    3. In 2 1/2 years Obama has spent 4 times what Bush did in 8.
    4. What happened to all the war protesters on the bridges? All of a sudden because Obama is in office, they stop protesting the war?

    How can you Democrats defend Obama with a straight face? Honestly?

    But, like so many Democrats, and many of my Liberal/Democrat friends, it’s never your fault. There’s always someone else to blame. Democrats are GREAT at shifting blame.

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Presidents don’t spend, congress does. You are another typical know nothing, believe everything I hear on fox, dumba$$.

      1. Metal DJ says:

        Again with the it’s somebody else’s fault. You are proving my point so brilliantly. Isn’t the Congress majority Democrat?

        It was Obam’s plan to spend the money. Congress approved it. DUMBOCRAT.

        And by your logic, back when Bush was being SCREAMED at by all you libs for spending so much money, they were all “dumba$$”es for blaming Bush instead of Congress?

        The problem with you libs, is that your memories are soooo short. There’s never any consistency with your politics. Just like when it’s hot out, it’s global warming. And, when it’s cold out, that’s global warming.

      2. Lucifer says:

        Talk about dunba$$e$…..

        Obummer supported the TARP funding. Don’t you recall him coming off the campaign trail to push for its passage? Then he supported the diversion of those funds that were suppose to go to removing toxic assets (bad home loans to unworthy buyers) to bail out corporations like GM and most of the banks.

        Obummer supported the stimulus bill which was spent almost entirely as payback money to those that supported him (teachers unions, police unions, firemans unions, colleges, etc). Nothing was invested in stimulating the private sector or the general economy.

        Obummer wasted his whole first year working on ObummerCare while ignoring jobs and the economy. Apparently he is still working on calibrating his lazer to focus on jobs.

        The congress that you so correctly point the finger of blame to was controlled by Peelousy and the seneate was controlled by reid for the first two years of Obummer’s administration. Obummer was a willing supporter of Peelousy’s spending as was dirty harry reid.

        I know of not one person that feels they are better off now than they were when Obummer took office and I know of noone that is pleased with the way Obummer has viserated our constitutional rights.

        Obummer proclaimed that noone that earns under $250,000 would pay one nickle more in taxes but he quickly passed a $1 per pack tax increase on cigarettes, pushed for cap and trade laws that would have increased the cost of gasoline (and everything else) to EVERYONE in America.

        Etc, Etc., Etc……..

        Either you are a dumba$$ or pathetic liar drunk on the Obummer kool-aide. Which is it dumba$$. Are you still living in mommy’s basement while you advocate for more taxes for everyone else so you can feel better about your worthless life?

        The Obummer spending and free money to worthless leeches like yourself are coming to an end. You better prepare yourself and get a job dumba$$.

    2. Reasonable says:

      There’s no doubt that, on the whole, President Obama hasn’t been able to accomplish much of what he set out to do in terms campaign promises. On the other hand he’s been obstructed more often than not, simply because he believes in the process and civic republicanism.

      There are still anti-war protestors, but the media focus is off of combat and on economic issues right now. It isn’t flashy and new a decade later…

      To address your points specifically
      1.) Yet corporate taxes as a % of govt revenue are near all time lows and the top ten Fortune 500 companies are holding capital like nobody’s business. There’s money there and it could be used to hire. It just isn’t happening.
      2.) In deed the wars continue, this is wrongheaded and more of a boondoggle than it was originally. It just needs to stop. No argument against that at all.
      3.) Also added the cost of the war effort to the offical govt spending as opposed to keeping it hidden.
      4.) See above.

      On the other hand, Obama is at least TRYING to get something accomplished. If the crazy portion of the right would sit down and listen instead of waiting for their opportunity to shout out about taxes being too high (again, near record lows both individual and corporate) and how the only way to solve everything is to remove the safety nets.

      What I’d honestly like to know, is how “the right” thinks that not helping people helps people? Why is it a good idea to pull out the bottom of a fragile structure? If low taxes boost jobs, why is there more unemployment now than before the tax bracket reductions? If govt jobs are evil, why did Bush II create so many (a net increase of roughly 650,000)? And most importantly, why is it that “the right” confuses opinion and fact with such ease?

      Honestly, I want to know.

      1. Metal DJ says:

        This is my favorite excuse of all. He’s “trying”. Guess what, in what other job can you suck wind so hard, and underperform, and still have a job because everytime the boss rolls around you shrug your shoulders, and say, “hey, I’m trying”.

        This is just more blame shifting from the left. America wants results or GTFO.

        Name one campaign promise he’s delivered on?

        I remember seeing interviews from people who voted for Obama after he was elected. They honestly thought they weren’t going to have to pay for their mortgage, car payment etc.

        1. Paul Solinger says:

          “This is my favorite excuse of all. He’s “trying”. Guess what, in what other job can you suck wind so hard, and underperform, and still have a job because everytime the boss rolls around you shrug your shoulders, and say, “hey, I’m trying”.”

          Professional baseball

      2. digger says:

        ask his buddy that RUNS GE

    3. Iconoclast says:

      We are not at war in Libya. Who told you that?

    4. markH says:

      “They were SCREAMING at Bush because he invaded Iraq and took out a brutal dictator.”

      As well they (and we) should have. There was no cause to go invade Iraq and take out a “brutal dictator.”


  17. Sue says:

    We are here and voting!! Tea party!! 2012!!!

    1. Iconoclast says:

      What should be done with gays, Sue?

  18. Tea party 2012 says:

    Obama lied to us, I voted for him, but no more!! His speech was a joke today, never again

  19. Sue says:

    WCCO is tracking your ISP Address and giving it away to the police. Watch what you write!! It will bite you!!

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Paranoia runs deep.

    2. Iconoclast says:

      My ISP address?


      Have a ball.

  20. MeME says:

    Obama should have put 1/4th the effort into the economy that he put into ramming healthcare down peoples throats causing financial concrn for businesses.

    The healthcare plan is against the constitution.. forcing people to buy insurance especially when they probably can’t afford it anf expect them to do so all their lives. My children could not afford to buy their own insurance.

    Healthcare reform was meant to provide insurance to those who could not affford it… about 20 million people. Now.. with 2000 businesses getting a pardon from having to provide it and the courts ruling against forciing people to pay for it… the only thing that has been accomplished is taking away the good healthcare that the people have currebtly and forcing us into government run less quality healthcare. THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!
    Obama needs to go!

  21. Naomi says:

    My goodness, I cannot believe anyone can defend this president. He will go down as the worst in history. Its time boys and girls for you to find a new horse cause the one your on ain’t in the race no more.

    1. digger says:

      Is he going to be worse than Carter ? my favorite worst. Obama has 1 1/2 to avoid that rating

    2. Ruth says:

      Amen! Wake up America and see how the USA is sinking lower and lower into the sewer – thanks to the current administration.

      Obama’s tour is nothing but a colossal waste of my tax dollar!

      1. Waste says:

        Obama is the worst. However, if Bush would not have been on a spending spree, went to war when no WMD’s were found, we may not be in this democratic mess.
        Republicans have to learn from Bush’s mistakes, the rhino’s have to go or it will just be more spending for the repub’s special interest to tack onto this monumental democrats ape ing spree.

        1. Lucifer says:

          Exactly! I agree completely

          The Tea Party is the only movement and our only hope to fixing the mess that both political parties have made of our country.

          The republican party is on probation with the Tea Party movement only because it would be easier and more efficient to make the necessary changes within the confines of the two party system rather than create a new party. The democratic party has been hijacked by progressive socialists and they cannot be reasoned with to make the necessary changes. They are everything that America is not. They cannot be reasoned with and need to be destroyed if we are to save America. They have infiltrated every major media corporation and every government agency and like a cancer they will destroy us if we don’t destroy them first.

          Join the battle… Join the Tea Party movement and help us save America. Do it for your children and grandchiuldren.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            The Tea Party members are batspit crazy loons who want to run through the streets like the Nazis of 1931. Welcome to Nuremburg.

    3. markH says:

      And I can’t believe you would support Republicans. I can think of no good reason. So, touche, Naomi.

  22. Lucifer says:

    Obummer Lied once again at his “town hall” meeting in Cannon Falls, MN.

    He correctly mentioned that social security is not an entitlement program because we pay into the system. He lied when he said the “other political party” wants to cut your social security benefits to balance the budget.

    Obummer is the ONLY ONE who threatened social security recipients that they may not receive their August checks if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by August 2nd. No memebr of the conservative republican party every made such a threat.

    Why can’t seniors see though his lies? Why can’t they see that they are being used as political pawns?

    Cutting social security checks was Obummer’s first solution and only answer to dealing without more borrowing. Yet, so many seniors falsely believe that it is the conservatives that would cut thier much needed monthy checks. Why is that? Why do they continue to believe the rubbish that the main stream media spews when they have proven themselves to be dishonest?

    Social security and medicare need to be repaired from the damage that both political parties have done to the insurance fund. The current tax code needs to be stripped of all loop holes and tax breaks that benefit the rich and poor alike. Our lawmakers have created a monster of our tax code to give themselves power over you. None of this is sustainable and unless it is fixed it will not be there for your children and grandchildren. Healthcare in America is disgustingly expensive and it will become moreso expensive under ObummerCare… just ask your doctor!

  23. Lucifer says:

    Its shameful….. Folks are starving all over America and Obummer doesn’t eat his cole slaw or pickle at the Cannon Falls Deli. What a slug!

  24. Incredulous1 says:

    Obama O12!

  25. Answer says:

    Here is the problem with this country. Everyone is divided now more than ever. The US is simply spending to much money, our country has a spending issue not a revenue problem. Everyone blames Bush, but here’s the thing real “conservatives” did not like the performance of Bush 2. He was a big spending social program loving republican. We need a true conservative in the white house. Someone that has ran a successful business and with real life experience. We get these career politicans who have never worked an honest man or womans day in their life. Obama or Bush never worked a REAL day in their lives. They never had to balance their own personal budgets or make a payroll. They simply do not know hoe business works. The budget has doubled since GW took office. With a much smaller foot print in Iraq, where does all of this money go? Obama continues to grow spending by 10 plus % per year. Where is this money going?? Cut, for the love of god cut. its the only way we can help things.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      America does not need a CEO for a leader. The USA is not a corporation. Its job is not to get money for itself.

      1. Answer says:

        How do you figure??? How else are things run in this country?? If you do not have money nothing gets done. The governments main objective is to create money for itself. They do this through soaking us tax payers. Are you really this crazy!!! I just say we know someone in there that knows the value of a dollar and a hard days work. When you start talking about 50 billion dollars here or there not being a big deal, these people are so out of check its sickening. You need an ordinary Joe that can seperate and know how the real world operates and functions daily. So who do you propose we put in their, these big talking no action politicians that get nothing done but know how to talk the talk? Everyone is sick of it and real CHANGE needs to take place. This guy has changed most everything for the worse. Now hes going around on a tax payer funded re election campaign telling us how he will make everything better. Haha please let this guy be a one and done!!

  26. No Obama says:

    I find it Ironic that CBS – WCCO won’t let anyone comment on the 1.1 million dollar bus that is payed for by tax payers that Obama is traveling around in. Its in another listed news report. Equal time should be given on the bus to other Republican canidates

    1. A Voter says:

      That’s one of the perks that President enjoy. I suppose you want the wannabes to have equal time in Air force One, and the White House to.

      1. Hugh G Rection says:

        What is he supposed to go about in a green Wellstone bus? Get a clue. This bus is armored to the hilt.I am surprised it was that cheap.

  27. Figureitout says:

    “The president is traveling in a new $1.1 million bus purchased by the Secret Service.”

    You would have thought with the country in XXXX trillion (fill in your own number) in debt thay could have chartered a bus for $500K or less, but I woul imaginane that would not have been up to his magisties expectations.

    I would post more on what you morons that still blame Bush for everything are wrong about, but it isn’t worth my time, I need to go to work in the morning.

    You voted for Obama in ’08 to prove you weren’t a receist, don’t vote for him again in ’12 and prove you are an idiot.

    I would have thought there were a few people in MN with brains that would have figured it out by now, I guess not.

  28. garage illogic says:

    Time to bring some revenue in to reduce this deficit. Buffett has it right. Tax those making over 1 Million a year. Cut spending and get this beast under control.

  29. Scared in Minnesota says:

    I am tired of hearing Warren Buffett tell the same story that his secretary pays more taxes at a higher rate than he does. But Buffett has protected his income over the years and pays @ capital gain rates. So why doesn’t he write a huge check to the treasurer instead of telling us what we should do? We and all of the other billionaires could do a lot more if they wanted to. As for our President, do any of you have any idea what this bus tour is costing us the taxpayer? Two bullet proof buses plus the plane to bring them here and Air Force 1 (so much for green). If he had stayed home and disclosed this wonderful plan he could have supported people in northern MN and parts of Iowa & Illinois where unemployment numbers are higher than where he traveled. He was (his staff) were very selective on going to areas with lower unemployment rates than other parts of the states he went to. Lastly, the Congress he complains about–the Senate is controlled by the Dems remember. He also had both houses of Congress for 2 years and look what that got us. Government control, higher prices and larger debt. Also Bush had 2 years of Congress controlled by Dems and he could have vetoed but did not. They all spent. 4 years of Dems in Congress wow!! Trade agreements that have been waiting for 2+ years to be signed, but Obama wants the jobs to be promised to unions (not you non-union people you don’t count). Labor relations board blocking Boeing from finishing the plant in SC for non-union jobs that are good paying. I wouldn’t blame Boeing if they go to Canada or Mexico. And then there is the oil pipeline from Canada to TX–blocked. The oil may go to China instead of the US. Obama helps us a lot. With this kind of help, my family may not survive and we have never taken a dime from the government and worked hard (sometimes 2 jobs).

  30. Amira Goodstein says:

    A guilt ridden mind must concede. A piece involving artwork is often a admission.

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