ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said cuts in state aid will lead to higher property taxes in his city. On Monday, he said he’s calling for a 6 1/2 percent hike in his new budget.

“Repeatedly cities across the state of Minnesota have warned the legislature that continued erosion of local aid doesn’t prevent tax increases. It only increases the burden to property owners, placing particular harm on homeowners on fixed incomes and small business owners,” Coleman said.

The mayor also proposed cutting firefighter overtime and eliminating two civil service jobs in the police department.

He said the problem would have been even worse under the first budget the legislature passed, which Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed.

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  1. mike says:

    Go figure, we don’t get an increase in state income tax, but the local cities are still going to get their money from its citizens. How about a 6.5 % decrease in your pay.

  2. fkafka says:

    That’s the price we gotta pay to get the other monkeys off our backs. At least we know these monkeys.

  3. Barb says:

    How about negotiating lower benefits for all the public union employees? The private sector has been hit.

    1. The guy who comes when you call 911 says:

      What exactly do you mean by “hit”? Wage freezes? Hiring freezes? Staffing cuts? Rising insurance costs? Yeah we’ve dealt with that too, not just the folks in the private sector. The difference is this: many went to work in the private sector to chase down that American dream of wealth and power. More power to you. I got into my line of work not to get rich, but to make a liveable wage helping others who live in the state. We all make choices. Those who work in the private sector made a choice to do so. Now times are tough and they fell ALL workers should feel the pain simply because they are?

      1. The guy who pays your salary!!! says:

        Typical union cop. We pay your wages. Our wages have stagnated or fallen, yours have not. How does this work. Plus you get way better benefits than an average private worker. In the old days people went to work for the public to help people and actually make a substantially smaller salary than those they served. Now it is the opposite. You have soaked us long enough. Why do you think their is a waiting line to become a cop about a thousand names long in any city you go to. Cut their salaries till that number is just high enough to fill the vacancies.

        1. frozenrunner says:

          Simplistic thinking hits once again. When the fecal matter hits the fan you want a minimum wage worker saving your butt. You really think that is going to work? You are proof educators are paid too much and it was a waste of money to send you beyond the 5th grade.

          1. Answer says:

            Whoa you sure got him frozenrunner. Pretty sure the guy didn’t say anything about minnimum wage. I know several cops in their mid forties who make over 100K a year, how about cutting that back to a more reasonable 50-60K?? is that to little for your special Ed budget??

            Little light reading.
            The BLS slices and dices wage and benefit data for both private sector workers and employees of state and local governments. Federal employees are excluded from the survey.

            Here’s how the $30.07 total hourly compensation breaks down between wages and benefits. The percent figure is the share of total compensation:

            • Wage and salary: $20.91 (69.6 percent)
            • Insurance (Life/Health/Disability): $2.67 (8.9 percent)
            • Social Security/Medicare/Unemployment/Worker’s Comp: $2.33 (7.8 percent)
            • Paid Vacation/Holiday/Sick Days: $2.09 (7 percent)
            • Retirement plan contributions: $1.36 (4.5 percent)
            • Overtime & Bonuses: $0.70 (2.3 percent)

            That $30.07 includes both private and public sector workers. Among just private-sector workers, total average compensation was $28.10, compared to $40.54 for state and local government workers. Yes, benefits are a sizable part of the difference: Private sector workers average $8.25 an hour in benefits while state and local government employees average $13.99 an hour in benefits. But much of the gap is from straight-up wages and salary: $19.85 for the private sector and $26.55 for public workers.

  4. Waste says:

    Typical, disfunctional beurocrat, don’ t try to make any meaningful cuts, just raise taxes.

    I hope the people say no…

    1. Pat says:

      Too true, if the people never say no, the politicians will never do the work to figure out where to cut spending.

      Just like an alcoholic, if you nev take the bottle away, they will drink as much as you give them, and then ask for more…

  5. Dave says:

    I agree cuts need to be made, but lets make them in the right places. Welfare-axe it. Public schools-anyone out there been in an elementary school classroom lately? Smart boards, flat-screen TV’s, DVD players. I learned just fine with filmstrips and an overhead projector, why can’t today’s kids? I don’t think cutting the public workforce or pensions is the answer either.

  6. KeepItReal says:

    No it means cutting services. Not raising taxes on those who have less to pay taxes with. This clown must be a demosnat! Cut pensions for under-deserving workers, before raising taxes!!!

  7. Angus says:

    Dave, it’s a whole new world out there and schools must adjust. From the comments of the commentaters, they did not learn very well. Private schools have the toys and public school students cant compete unless they get a good education. Why are teachers buying supplies out of their own pockets?
    The Republicans have a very sucessfuil campaign of sterotyping that depends on people’s prejudices and stereotypes. Unfortunately, too many people believe them. Note: These are the same people who claim we are a Christian nation and they are good Christians. Their actions belie their words.

    Next time there is a crime why don’t you call your Republican rep. to come help you. If there is a fire at your house, get your garden house out and put it out.

    1. Answer says:

      This makes no sense!! Since private schools create a profit and their students and families pay more for them to go there, they should have all the “toys”. Dave is correct, schools have gotten more money every single year, yet scores remain the same or lower through the years. How about we try cutting their budgets and see what scores do?? I bet they stay exactly the same. We the tax payer just think they are being paid to much right now to do these jobs. What school do you teach at because I would bet anything you are a public school teacher. You make 40K a year to work 190 days a year 8-3:30. Plus you get the cadillac of all benefit plans. Twenty some days off a year on top of only working 190. Make every tax payer sick to see these numbers and hear you guys say every year you need more money for teachers and larger budgets, Than you use our kids as leverage, absolute slime move!!

  8. Jake says:

    Spoken like a true democrat. I just can’t come up with a BETTER example…

    1. Amen Angus says:

      Good one Jake. Angus reminds us again what a good Christian he is.

  9. liam Gilmorasy says:

    This is absolutely the nightmare of nightmares.
    It is not enough that our property taxes are rising as home values and wages decrease or remain stagnant, to add insult to injury, if we think for a moment where these tax dollars are going it would cause the strongest of us to get stomach aches.
    Just who are productive taxpayers supporting here in the twin cities?
    I can accept supporting the police and fire departments and those that make a good effort to maintain our infrastructure.
    But if I stop for a moment and look beyond that i begin to see a huge population that gives little if anything in support of the above.
    Where are the Church and charitable organizations the brought numerous refuges to the Twin Cities then merely dropped the ball with the idea that a prosperous economy (on the backs of those who work for a living) would pick up their tab from then on?
    How many tax dollars to there?
    And those who chose to have child after child on the backs or those who work and are now expected to pay even more of their efforts and labor.
    This is not to say that subsidizing any corporation is any fairer (Bachmann included in this rant).
    Those working on the dole (in government policy positioins) should be obligated to take a cut the same proportion as wages and home values have cascaded ever downward.
    And workers should be paid what they are truly worth based on their skills and ability not on some arbitrary wage based on expected or hoped for tax revenue.
    What does a floor cleaner make in a small private company compared to a government position?
    The working middle class, and by that I mean those who work for a living in the private sector, government workers do not make real money with the value of skill and labor behind it, the working middle class should be as upset about the Mayor Coleman’s suggest property tax increase as any of those who cry out in pain when they fear their entitlements will be decreased.
    Before you give in to Coleman’s increase please check the value of your home based on last years assessment.
    And please, please, please get a copy of last year’s city budget and get a better idea of where your dollars are going.
    Find out who has made an honest effort to earn your sweat and labor and those who feel entitled to it based on emotional blackmail and the threat of “mob justice”.
    You do that.. and I’ll make the same effort in my city.

  10. Kevin says:

    Get rid of him at the next election.

  11. Angus says:

    Never said I was a good Christian.
    Never was a teacher as I do not have the patience to be a good one. Worked 50 to 60 hours a week, no overtime prior to retirement.
    Teachers do not work 8-330 because they still have to grade papers, plan next days work, deal with parents with your stereotypes, and politicians who use them as whipping boys.
    Schools need more money because costs keep going up. You can’t run a 2011/2012 school on a 1950s budget.
    Why didn’t you go into teaching or public service if it is such a well paying easy life? Maybe law enforcement, deal with drunks, domestics disturbances, gun wielding nut cases, etc. How about fire fighting and deal with accident victims, deliver babies, go into smoke filled houses and hope to get out alive. Work odd shifts, mids, swings, whatever and again be whipping boys by politicians who use them to feather their own nests by appealing to your prejudices.

    Incidentally I love your personal attack on me when you have no idea who I am or what I did prior to retirement. Just use a stereotype, it is easier than checking and learning something new

    1. Answer says:

      You didn’t really answer any of my questions. You simply rambled on about how hard public workers have it. Well my family and I own a small manufacturing business. You want to hear some tough situations just sit back and relax. How about working 70-80 hours a week and getting nothing more than a 30 hour pay check because I still have to pay my employees their wages. Or how people like you claim unemployment is earned because workers pay for it, which is an outright lie, their employer pays for it, employees pay zero towards it. Or how about how my property taxes on my small 9K square foot building are over $25,000 a year and my values plummet 10% yearly. Or how about payroll taxes, OSHA, corporate taxes. And at the end of the day if I do ever make a profit it gets taxed at 35-40%. And people like you still want more. Well I would gladly take any of the situations you discussed over what my family and I go through everday over these last few years. But you go ahead and sit on your butt and blame others and villanize hard working people like my self. Someone has to step up to the plate and create things and create wealth, not everyone can sit on the public payroll, someone has to pay the BILL!!! You never did say what your former occupation was. Union?????

      1. mj says:

        Can’t wait to hear his response. He always says he would be happy to pay more taxes. Send it all in Angus. Every last penny.

  12. Amen Angus says:

    Ramble on Angus. We get it. You are perfect, all Republicans are evil.

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