Twins fans need something to talk about. Mr. Thome is taking his sweet time making it to #600, ranting about the bullpen is getting old and Mauer is already a first baseman (sometimes).

Today’s the day Twins fans needed. It takes focus off this fun season and puts it on the future. The Twins dumped Delmon Young on the Tigers for a pitching prospect, originally from Edina, named Cole Nelson and a player to be named later.

There are a few theories why the Twins pulled another “Mientkiewicz” and booted Delmon off the bus, forced him to wear a Tigers uniform and play against his former team all in the same day. Some reports suggest the Twins were tired of his attitude and his inability to listen to advice. Others think he was the odd man out in a crowded outfield … even though he’s moving to another crowed outfield in DTown.

This is my theory. The Twins aren’t throwing in the Division towel by giving the Tigers an early congratulatory bat. Instead they are sabotaging the Tiger’s chances at winning by dropping Delmon’s dopey defense into left field. If every hit goes to left field tonight, then my theory will be correct and the Twins will have a chance.

Now let’s take a moment and remember our friend Doug Mientkiewicz. A similar thing happened to him seven years ago when he was traded to Boston while the BoSux were in town.

Finally, let’s not forget the best part … I can finally get a legitimate Twins jersey with my last name on it … even if it takes Nelson four years to get up to the bigs.

Comments (2)
  1. Gardenhosersux says:

    Frikkin idiot. Young will see no action in the field. He will be used as a part time pinch hitter. Do you think Leyland wants this pile of garbage? Unlike Gardenhoser, Leyland actually knows something about baseball.

  2. darryl says:

    Uh really? Check your facts gardenhosersux. He’s playing in left tonight. Tigers 8/15 Lineup: Jackson CF, Raburn 2B, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Peralta SS, Ordonez RF, Avila C, Betemit 3B

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