DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Tigers got some help for their outfield Monday, acquiring Delmon Young from the division rival Minnesota Twins for a minor league pitcher and a player to be named.

Young doesn’t have far to go to join his new team. The Twins are in Detroit to open a series against the Tigers at Comerica Park.

The Twins received left-hander Cole Nelson from the Tigers.

Young, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2003 draft by Tampa Bay, didn’t become the feared power hitter that the Twins were hoping for when they acquired him in 2008. He was hitting .266 with just four homers and 32 RBIs in 84 games this season.

He’s still only 25, though, and had what was probably his best season in 2010, hitting .298 with 21 home runs.

The first-place Tigers add another potentially big bat to their roster as they try to hold on in the AL Central. They lead Cleveland by 2 1/2 games heading into Monday night’s action.

The Twins are 11 1/2 games back.

Young and the Twins avoided salary arbitration before this season, agreeing in February to a one-year contract worth $5,375,000. He should have a chance to play for the Tigers. Detroit outfielder Brennan Boesch has been recovering from a sprained right thumb, and Magglio Ordonez is hitting only .223 with four home runs.

Nelson was a 10th round pick in 2010. He was 5-11 with a 4.87 ERA in 26 appearances for Class-A Lakeland this season.

The Tigers plan to announce a corresponding roster move to add Young to the 25-man roster before Monday night’s game.

Young has made a couple of trips to the disabled list this season with a strained left oblique and sprained right ankle.

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Comments (20)
  1. Me says:

    Can we send Liriano with him?

  2. Fire Gardenhoser says:

    Not even worth mentioning.

  3. Kent says:

    I think Detroit is way ahead on this deal. Our history with late season trades stinks to high heaven.
    Detroit could make him a superstar.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Shannon Stewart wasn’t a bad late season trade. I can’t think of many others though.

  4. StraycatStrut says:

    Why to Detroit? And for a losing minor league pitcher? Brother…. does not look good.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      A “losing minor league pitcher”?

      That is not exactly an accurate statement.

      Last year was his first year, doofus. You are trying to make him sound like a career minor leaguer with no chance of success.

  5. Ron Gardenhoser says:

    A looooong time ago we had a fairly decent, servicable shortstop named Bartlett. This pile of garbage Young is waht we got for him. Young had done nothing in 5 years, and we have had NOBODY at short since. Ok, Hardy was alright. Every other bag of bones Gardensucker has wheeled out there has been garbage. How many have there been?

    1. MARK says:

      We also sent Matt Garza to Tampa in that deal and received Brendan Harris. A terrible, terrible trade for us.

      I have to say I think your ire is misplaced. Gardenhire doesn’t make these bad roster decisions, Bill Smith does. I can’t think of a single good move he’s made.

    2. Iconoclast says:

      Hardy sucked too. We haven’t had a solid, every day shortstop since Greg Friggin Gagne. And really, Bartlett was only so-so here in MN. He was far from an All-Star when he played for the Twins.

  6. Another dumb move, it should be Mauer instead! says:

    If they traded Young because of his performance than they should also trade Mauer, Morneau, and half the team for their performance, what a rotten deal, I will bet you that Young will flourish in Detroit and become a superstar because that is what every ex-twin has done since leaving Minnesota, Ortiz, Garza, Barlett, Pierz, etc. because the twins do not know how to use the people properly or how to teach them, Young is only 25 and he will develop into a descent player it’s just a matter of when or who is coaching him, when a coach doesn’t have confidence in you and let’s the whole team and media know that like the comments Gardenhire has said about him then he’s not going to produce for you, just wait and see, next year he will hit at least 25 homers and turn out to be a valuable player.

    1. No Way possible says:


  7. the crux of the buscuit says:

    Solves the outfield problem though.

  8. Bubba Gump says:

    and he homers in 1st inning off Liriano.

  9. Kevin says:

    The Twinkies pay all of their players way too much money. Where else can you succeed every 2.5 out of 10 times and get 5 million a year for it.

    Get rid of everybody while you can get something for them, and start over with young, fast, hungry kids and see where it goes.

  10. Shawn says:

    Bill Smith is slowly turning us in to the Royals!!! Fire this idiot asap!

  11. Adios... says:

    I have no problem getting rid of D. Young however you might as well let him finish this year, see if he gets hot then offer him arbitration again at most, They received nothing for him, In my opinion the twins feel like they can pay B revere his $500,000 to play left instead of over 5mill. for D. Young, neither is very impressive at the plate, Young’s arm is 5times better but thats where it ends, Im a better outfielder than him, faster and have less of a dumb look on my face 24/7

    1. Iconoclast says:

      They weren’t looking to “get” something for him. How is it you all missed that? They were dumping his inflated contract to make room to sign other players who will contribute.

  12. Brady Allan Kalk says:

    oh boy here go again what has gardy really done since taking over for tom kelly other win division titles and pretty much put hes team in first round in divison series against the yankees i rember a time this team actually cared about hitting deffense and pitching for one thing it they do little things this year to make it

    1. Iconoclast says:

      You are a fool and don’t know what you’re talking about.

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