Bachmann Wishes Elvis Happy Birthday On Death Date

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann got her Elvis Presley dates all shook up during a campaign stop Tuesday in South Carolina.

The congresswoman from Minnesota played the Elvis tune “Promised Land” at a local restaurant and told the crowd of 300 that she wanted to say happy birthday to the king of rock `n’ roll.

“Before we get started, let’s all say happy birthday to Elvis Presley today!” Bachmann said.

But Aug. 16 is the anniversary of Elvis’ death, in 1977, and someone in the crowd shouted back, “He died today!”

Bachmann didn’t respond and launched into her speech.

She didn’t miss a beat on the Elvis front either. As she signed autographs, she paused for a brief shag dance with one of her fans.

Bachmann corrected herself later as she spoke with reporters, noting the date marked Presley’s passing, not his birth.

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s still alive in our hearts,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann has stumbled over cultural references before. In June, she kicked off her presidential campaign in Waterloo, Iowa, calling it the home of American actor John Wayne. The town was actually home for a time to serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

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  • dflsux

    Rather her, than Obama…

    At least we know she could do a much better job.

    • nc

      Please!!!! Are you serious? How do you think she could do a better job? You must be blinded by her supposed good looks or you’ve got your politics and religious views mixed up!

      • PFred

        Good looks, I think she has that deer in a headlights glazed over look ALL the time. She doesn’t think before she speaks, she quote things inaccurately CONSTANTLY and also contradicts her own statements on a regular basis. Their family business as she says is not her’s, its her husband’s. A family business is just that, a family business. AND, you don’t think her husband runs his ideas on how to deal with people and the issues they come to their clinic with? Give me a break. She’s just as much behind the “cure your gayness” as her hubby is. Not too bright!!!

      • 'Did I do that?" -M.B.

        Its kinda funny, in the picture she has that “I F’ed up again?’ look on her face.



      • Tom


        And then they wonder why we call them nuts!

        • r

          kind of like biden telling the disabled veteran in the wheelchair to stand up and take a bow or obama calling the the Marine corpses

          • TopB

            @r: Uh….kinda, but NOT really. Biden and Obama can readily apologize, laugh, or self-deprecate after such an error. NOT Michelle…nope. BOO!

    • GulfWarVet

      I would rather take another bullet then have her in the white house.

      • PFred

        YUP!!!! Me too! I agree 101%%

      • Me

        That’s a terrible thing to say and I am happily reporting your inappropriate comment.

        • internet police

          Grow a set would ya?

      • Al

        I’ve never taken a bullet, but would be willing to make the same sacrifice.

        • Jenn

          Same here.

    • rangerrick

      As a lifelong Republican, local business owner, and ardent defender of our nation, please allow me to be the first to say, YOU are an idiot.

      • Jim

        rangerrick, you just replied to three people and no one knows who your comment is directed toward. Welcome to the internet.

        • noticereplytoarrows

          I can tell rangerrick replied to dflsux, as well as I see you replied directly to rangerrick.

          Internet 2.0

          • Jim

            GulfWarVet’s reply appears below nc’s post, but he’s obviously responding to dflsux. See how that works?

            This internet stuff is pretty easy for most people.

        • rangerrick

          Jim, the fact that you do not have the capacity to comprehend the functionality of the WCCO comments section leads me to believe that you and “dflsux” are roommates in the same hospital. Medication time?

          • Jim

            “Medication time?”

            I wish.

          • IWonderIF

            hahahahahah LMAO… are these idiots for real!

        • TopB

          @Jim: Actually, the far left arrow to the left side of “rangerrick” denotes that he is replying directly to “dflsux”.

          rangerrick is clearly making the point that as passionate a Republican and patriot as he is, he finds Michelle to not be a suitable candidate; she’s not necessarily better than Obama in his conservative opinion.

          Hope that helps.

      • snowman

        Let me be the first to say YOU are a hillbilly If I knew what your small business is i would boycott it cant be very successful or you wouldnt be wasting your time on here

        • rangerrick

          I sell English language and grammar study programs. We’re having a special on punctuation and run-on sentences this week. Are you certain about that boycott?

          • rangerrick is my hero

            Do I get a finder’s fee if I refer folks to you? There are plenty of morons on these pages. I could earn a few extra bucks for a vacation.

          • I*am*a*Star

            You have a run on name rangerrick

          • i*heart*rangerrick


    • Tom


      You are delusional to make that statement!

    • Lake of the Isles Res.

      You can’t really be serious. I did’t vote for Obama but at least the guy is predictable. This woman scares the heck out of me because you have no idea what’s going on in that head.

      • Architect

        Still not as bad as Barry saying there was 57 states. At least Bachmann believes in the Constitution!!

        • Jim

          In both cases it was just a slip of the tongue. I don’t care if MB knows when Elvis was born, and President Obama obviously does not believe there are fifty states. But it’s telling that Repubs keep bringing it up over, and over, and over again.

          Another poorly designed post by the “Architect.”

          • Counselor Mackey

            Have you ever wondered (or considered) how many commenters are using that moniker, Jim?

            Any time someone here doesn’t like what you have to say, they will steal your moniker and post something they feel is exactly opposite of your actual sentiment in a weak effort to mock you.

            Just thought I’d clue you in on what happens here on ‘CCO…

      • what do you want?

        Predicable in a BAD WAY!

      • Inside Michele's Head?


    • Aaron

      Bachman is about as qualified to run this country as Palin.

      • yo bro!!!!

        as qualified as obama

    • King

      What a nut job ! If anybody would even vote for her, would also be a nut job.

  • GOPSuxMore

    One more way MB has demonstrated she is a true moron. Yes, this is seemingly a trivial matter, but her history of misrepresenting facts, misquoting, and backtracking does NOTHING for her credibility.

    • meow

      AGREED 1000% … is this seriously the best that the GOP has to offer in a time when they could win the election? They won’t be winning with the Bachmann brand.

      • bark

        Who said she was the “best the GOP had to offer!”

        I have said since day one she rubbs people the wrong way…..

        Still…I like her ideas! (Beats the situation we are currently in!)

        I PROMISE you she will NOT be the GOP’s choice…..

        Mit or Herman….my bet…..

        Still…MB is still better than OBAM!

        • Frank Rizzo

          “Still…I like her ideas!”

          No you don’t. You couldn’t. She hasn’t presented any ideas of her own. Never, not once. She is a puppet, and a friggin ugly one at that.

          • Jim

            She presented the idea that you can make yourself less gay by praying for it to be so. And that it’s a good idea to complain publicly about federal farm subsidies while collecting them privately. Those are both ideas; one stupid and one hypocritical, but ideas nonetheless.

          • Jerky boy?

            True to a Point Frank…I will give you that…..she has been more of a “Spokesperson” for the tea party than an actual “doer” but this whole thing is mute!
            She will drop out in the next 2 to 3 weeks….watch…then she will just be good ol’ MB from MN again….and you can all make fun of her as the repub in Dem land….
            I just have to laugh though guys…..Obam’s about giving you people LESS choices….and you say MB has never had an original thought in her head…..
            Be careful what you wish for. Pretty soon you will be drinking the DFL cool-aid, eating DLF corn, and reading books on ways to “better yourself through increased taxes and fewer choices”

            • mute on moot

              Or should I say it’s a MOOT point…..sorry..old habbits die hard….

        • Tom

          @ bark

          You obviously don’t understand that Social Conservatives do not want smart, intelligent , self thinkers for their candidates!

          If she is who Social Conservatives want to be the nominee to go againest Obama how do you see the GOP getting out of that one?

    • Murph

      You left out that she will NEVER be the smartest person in the room even if she’s there alone! But at least Timmy the boringest ghoul is gone! I have to thank her for that! Thanx Michele! Now go home and consult with one of your imaginary visitors! She has a talent and future in comedy and doesn’t even know it!

    • Matt

      I don’t even consider Tea Party members part of the GOP they are just too crazy even for GOP standards

      • Counselor Mackey

        Just like the GOP, they wish to add a constitutional amendment restricting the rights of certain Americans.

  • Mike

    …… cant ……. stop ……… laughing

    She is BEYOND ridiculous and delusional. She has the CRAZY EYES too. You know, windows to the soul. (shudder)

    • StraycatStrut

      Welll at least Bachman knows how many states we have…… 57 right?

      • Matt

        If you count the us territories in the world we’ll have 66 Peurto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Somoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands and 11 more islands

    • Whacked Out

      I believe she found Elvis’ lost stash.

      Since she wants to talk about dead musicans I think she makes Janis Joplin look straight.

  • Pat

    I think it’s funny. So what if she got it wrong, although the John Wayne thing is quite the guffaw. This made the news? Pretty ludicrous. I guess we know how cco runs with politics.

    • Matt

      wcco has focus on local figures.

    • Sean

      The same wcco that ran the worst possible picture of Mark Dayton . Pat would appear to be one of those fecalheads who think that if you write the least bit negative (forget that it is true) about a conservative you are a whacked out liberal. Too blind or unable to think through that wcco likes to put all politicians in the worst possible light except for Arne Carlson.

  • Funny

    Bachman the Sarah Palin of 2012….It will be nice to have a few laughs and a new SNL character.

    • Peggy

      You are so-o-o-o right!

    • Swamp Rat

      She’s not like Sarah Palin but SNL appearances for Bachmann might not be ‘politically correct’! She’s needs more gray matter between the ears to have a SNL sense of humor. It would be hilarious though! LMAO! already.

    • The Axe Swinger

      At least Sarah Palin is hot. Bachmann would make Charlie Sheen celibate.

      • Jim

        The idea that Sarah Palin is hot is a vile lie. I can’t think of a single hot female politician. Not one. Some are better looking than others. But hot? No.

        • Frank Rizzo

          She’s so hot that I have every episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska recorded on my DVR. Her daughters are smokin hot too.

          Hot. Yes.

          Mind you, I wouldn’t vote for her to be the person who reads the school lunches on the morning announcements. But damn is she fun to look at! Wowsers!

          • Jim

            Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I can’t argue with a man who DVRed Sarah Palin’s Alaska. That’s dedication! I don’t deny that she looks great for a 46-year-old mother of five.

      • mushroom stamper

        I’d give them both a mushroom stamp of approval.

        • Counselor Mackey

          You would voluntarily view Michele Bachmann unclothed?

          I have to ask why, and what would you be looking forward to seeing exactly??

  • Swamp Rat

    Ms Bachmann strikes again. She can’t tell the difference between a birthday or funeral/death anniversary! She wants to be President? Too bad she wasn’t in Memphis when this gaffe occurred. Tar-&-feathering by Elvis would have been too good for her.

    Don’t mean to sound disrespectful but isn’t time Bachmann gets a new intelligent knowledgeable staff to help through her lapses of historical note? Otherwise, it’s the Michelle Bachman “LMAO Show”!!! Don’t you love T-Bagger politics???

    • meow

      I’m sure you could hear her staff giggling behind her knowing full well they gave her the wrong info. But no worries… her spine is made of TITANIUM

      • Chris

        @meow… That is what I thought too… Feeding her bad info…

        Too bad for her, but we wouldn’t want them working at the Whitehouse!

        Obama needs to be replaced, so we are hoping for the GOP to get it together soon… all of this other stuff is just distraction/entertainment!

  • Don't worry

    She’ll be out of it by October. The GOP money players will see to that. The BigBoys want Romney, and that’s who they’ll get.

    • meow

      I think you have a good point. Bachmann is just a diversion for the haters to hate on. I think she is a disgrace to the GOP party… but then again, so was Bush.

      • frozenrunner

        The old axiom of any news is good news. Don’t you think the getting small inconsequential stuff wrong is an act set up by the handlers?
        Romney might not be controllable as say a Perry. If the GOP power brokers wanted Romney it would have happened in 08.

  • Bachmann Wishes Elvis A Happy Birthday On Day Of His Death « CBS Minnesota

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  • Tom L

    every time she talks….lessens her chances of being president of ANYTHING…she might as well join T-Pee on the sidelines. I will say these supposed republican candidates do offer comic relief….and nothing else.

  • BillyJeanKing

    Michelle longs to be dominated by a strong woman.

    • Who?


  • Mike Merker

    I wonder if she will repeat that in all 57 states? Or maybe she has asthma and she needed a breathalyzer to clear her lungs! Or that unemployment benefits creates jobs! Face it every politician says something stupid on the campaign trail, it’s a fact of life. This gets all blown up but you would never know president downgrade said any of the above since the press didn’t want to tarnish him!

    • Citizen


      Of course someone had to come say “But what about Obama???” even while Bachmann continues to disgrace and dishonor Americans, America, and her party. How freaking sad you are.

      • StraycatStrut

        @Citizen……… if someone does not mirror you they are out of touch …. right? You must be a Perfect Citizen!!!! You should run for President….. how many agree?

        • Citizen for Prez!!

          Citizen for Prez? Hell yeah. As long as I can be her right hand woman. We could clean up this place in 30 minutes. Old O-done-a had to respond to that one!

        • frozenrunner

          @ Stray
          The out of touch comment in regards to politics is usually used by the right wingers to describe anyone who dares disagree with them. IMHO The poster with the moniker Citizen will merely inform you of everything you probably don’t know and a book or two that will correct that situation (while forgetting that you might not read anything longer than 25 words).

          • CITIZEN

            @frozenrunner. The “Citizen” poster is not me, the one who points out books and reading material. I have almost ceased reading ‘CCO or commenting because life is too precious to waste it on stupidity and a website that does not provide a good factual story. You can see that anyone who signs on as me will get the rage of the right because I have poked them so many times and revealed their pathetic ignorance. You will notice also that the real “O-done-a” is probably gone, too.

  • The Axe Swinger

    Go ahead & hate on her all you want..She’s a natural leader with solid,fresh ideas & would make a fine President in 2012..Simple irrelevant so-called gaffes don’t disqualify her..She’s got my support & vote!

    • Roll N Eyes

      Yes please please!!

      Bachmann Palin in 2012
      Palin Bachmann in 2012

      I would LOVVVVVVE to see that – let’s make it happen…. *groan*

    • Mark

      Natural leader? She has led what to what precisely? What fresh idea? I’m pretty sure the GOP has shouted no new taxes for eons. What solutions does she offer, what insight? All she has going for her is being photogenic and an ability to yell a lot while saying things that get attention. She’s the new Palin because everyone already figured out Palin and her game.

      • Just Sayin



        In what effing way is Michele Bachmann “photogenic?????”

    • Tom L

      thanks for your permission….

      if she gaffes as much as she does on the campaigne trail…. how can anyone trust her to speak intelligently if she is, God forbid, elected and in the White House speaking to other leaders – foreign and domestic? No thanks.

      we’ve already went through 8 yrs of speech impediments prior to Obama….dont think we need to go through that again, genius.

    • nancy


  • garage illogic

    Funny how the right hates it when you print the facts.

  • Roll N Eyes


    How did her district elect and then re-elect her again!!

    • Frank Rizzo

      Chronic Moronism.

    • Reasonable

      National money that buys a lot of attack ads in a market with less than 1 million voters?

  • gonzo

    She’s made some erroneous references, and so a media already in attack mode watches every word for more fodder. And you would think that her staff would be having some chats with her about winging it. Still, the John Wayne Gacy mixup, it’s like Larry says, I don’t care who ya are, that there’s funny.

  • Gloria

    She is nothing more than an idiotic fool!

  • Max

    This is hardly the only thing this woman is “confused” about…….LOL.

  • dflsux

    I was simply saying, I’d rather her than Obama…

    Anybody can run presidency better than obama. He’s already proven that.

    All you liberal morons are just in fear because she is actually gaining some pretty good ground. And, you all know very well that Obama doesn’t stand a chance for re-election.

    How’s that hope and change workin out?

    Don’t be upset when you lose.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Nobody is in “fear” that she’s “gaining ground.”

      She’s an idiot. We all see that. There’s no fear, there’s no hatred, there’s no misogyny. She’s just a moron. That’s it. It doesn’t even get down to her politics (what politics?) when she’s as outwardly dumb as she is.

  • Christin

    You call this news? Come on, people! If you have to ridicule someone for such an insignifant verbal mistake, you are obviously insecure. Grow up, CBS News and anyone else who spent any amount of paid working hours on drawing attention to this. Unbelievable!

    • Counselor Mackey

      What might constitute a “significant” verbal mistake? I’m curious.

  • ang

    Big deal. Give her a break. So she made a mistake. Are republicans not allowed, only democrats? Joe Biden made bigger flubs than that and I didn’t see a story about it on wcco everytime. In one of Obama’s speeches he said he visited 57 states by the way. So critical.

    • Frank Rizzo

      She gets no breaks. She is an idiot. This wasn’t some random, strange misstated fact here. She says false statements CONSTANTLY.

      The only break she needs is across that hideous face of hers.

  • Murph

    She’s so insane I bet she thinks this article is about her! I bet she told Elvis personally during one of her seances.If she had dealt the tarot cards first I bet she would have got it right! Yep she’s Presidential material alright! You can take that all the way to the asylum! Tea Partiers just make themselves look like fools supporting such a basket case as Michele!

  • ANG


    • GOPinhales

      She is running for the leader of the free world. You can’t give a pass on something so ignorant. If she was just a person down the street, I would say lay off, it was a mistake. See the difference?

    • Nelson

      HA HA!!

    • reader

      Ive seen alot of mean comments from republicans at dems, so it goes both ways.

    • Murph

      Ang, please just take a good look at those glazed eyes.She’s a space cadet!

      • Living Proof.....

        ……that “they” have landed!

  • snowman

    Why would any body support a candidate that wants to dismantle healthcare reform and go back to the future of an expensive broken healthcare system?

    • Michael E.

      because this is not socialist america. be responsable for YOURSELF, and not rely on anyone else.

      • snowman

        Thats right,and when people can no longer pay for healhcare from the big,moneygrabbing insurance cos, and Republicans have broken up medicare,people like you will be paying our E.R. bills

      • reader

        so, if you were laid off from your job, because your job was sent overseas, I can assume you would not apply for Unemployment because it is a resource by the government.

  • JoeyJoJo_MN

    As good as the corndog pics.

  • Michael E.

    this is not American idol people. morons that can think for themselves and need government to hold their hands are so threatened by her ability to make decisions that are going to turn this country around. Get off your wagons and be prepared, 2012 baby, end of this yellow brick road !!!!

    • Frank Rizzo

      She has no ability to make decisions. Nobody is threatened by her.

      The moron is Michele Bachmann, and now also you.

    • frozenrunner

      @ Michael E. Decisions? She votes no, she takes government money, she has to decide what to wear. She has made no decisions of consequence. Has she proposed what programs to cut and how to do it? There is no evident of an idea anywhere. Like almost all of the rest of them, they talk a lot, but do nothing. They all hold jobs in government except for Cain. Not a one but Ron Paul has ever proposed a bill to cut anything. You are not going to balance the budget by quiting to fund the arts.

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