MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Bloomington man has pleaded guilty to charges in a crash that killed a mother and her two sons in Hennepin County.

Prosecutors say 29-year-old Rufus Victor was fleeing from a state trooper Dec. 5 and smashed into a car driven by 29-year-old Amanda Thomas. The woman, her 12-year-old son Andre and 3-month-old Akeron were killed.

Victor agreed to a plea deal just as a jury was about to be selected in Hennepin County District Court. He pleaded guilty Monday to fleeing police in a motor vehicle causing death.

If Victor is given consecutive sentences for each of the three deaths, the sentencing guidelines call for a prison term of 45 years. He will be sentenced Sept. 15.

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Comments (26)
  1. just sayin says:

    Wow. What a dirtball. Nice hair brutha. “I whip my hair back and forth”.
    Sure bubba is gonna like your girly hair. Something for him to hang on to so you can’t get away.

    Just fry this moron.

  2. Dave says:

    There are so many people just like this. Do they ever contribute one iota to society?

    1. Paulzisky says:

      Calling this guy ‘garbage’ would be a compliment. Even garbage once served a purpose in life. This guy is just pure worthless filth. He probably never earned a dollar in his life. Now we tax payers have to pay for the rest of his.

  3. Real Talk says:

    You killed a mother and her two children because you didnt want to get arrested?

    There is not an allowable punishment to fit this crime. This POS needs to get his braids beat in on a weekly basis, while being sodomized with a box cutter.

    This man is a monster….literally a human piece of garbage. Like Dave said, what has he ever contributed to life on earth, other than taking from others?

    1. markH says:

      So do the adrenaline-pumped, ego-driven, Rambio-immitating cops who just had to chase this moron at deadly speeds instead of using other means (forward positioned units, spike strips, helicopter, or just backing off and following in an unmarked car until the suspect actually stops). There are hundreds of innocent motorists and pedestrians killed each year because our police are immature amateurs at the business of law enforcement. Peace.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        Don’t let the fact that you’re an idiot stop you from responding with total bollocks, markH.

      2. AlotOfSense says:

        Your comment makes a TON of sense. Let’s blame the police because it’s always there fault. Yep, makes al ot of sense to me.
        It’s the police that kill hundreds of people each year, it’s the police that are immature.
        I will assume that you, your friends or family haven’t had any tragedies that have involved the stupidity of another human. Which I will say is a good thing. But maybe unless you can understand how this woman’s family is feeling, keep your comments to yourself.

      3. Real Talk says:

        I can agree with the essence of your comment. However, your suggestion would seem to be problematic and ineffective as well. 1st of all, the resources need to accomplish those tactics would be tremendous. Our state is broke as it is.

        2nd, there is no guarantee or evenly an extreme likelihood that after the police backed off, the driver would resume responsible driving habits. He is still on the run from the law, and still adrenaline-pumped in that flight or fight mentality….that is when things go wrong. The only way to avoid that scenario would be to not initiate a traffic stop in the first place….

        3rd it is a slippery slope that has the potential to render our police force permanently ineffective. If i am getting pulled over for speeding…i’ll just step on the gas knowing the cops wont pursue.

        4th in a society that makes a living of transferring responsiblity and lack of ownership for actions…your statement only perpetuates the problem. All of the sudden it is the police who killed the mother and her kids? Why would you ever take the blame away from the one individual who is solely responsible for this travesty? This guy, and this guy alone is responsible for the deaths…..an argument to the contrary is not only extremely obtuse but reckless and ignorant.

      4. Should Be Working says:

        You watch too many movies. We’re in the real world now.

      5. StacyLiz says:

        In a perfect world there would be enough police officers, holicopters and time to shut down roads and throw up spike strips. That family lost three lives because he fled, NOT because the police were chasing him. It was his actions that caused the accident.
        The “adrenaline-pumped, ego-driven, Rambio-immitating cops who just had to chase this moron at deadly speed” were only going as fast as the Moron.

  4. TL the alligator says:

    …if ever a death penalty is warranted its this case….but given that spineless lawmakers here have successfully kept the death penalty out of possibility i’d say this POS girly man with his rat nest hair deserve to get the maximum 15 years on each count with no parole and the sentences to be served consecutively……just sayin.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      To show respect and sorrow, he should take his own life as a gesture of apology.

  5. goodguy says:

    The box cutter idea seems a little extreme. I would prefer he got the 45 years in prison, serving in general population. We all know that won’t happen. He will say he is sorry, and end up serving 5. look for his name in future police reports and news stories.

    1. Real Talk says:

      Perhaps a little extreme…but just so PO’d there is no justice for the innocent in our country anymore.

  6. MC HAMMER says:

    Another loser off the streets!!!!!!!!! This state needs to start frying these guys!! Its time get out OLD SPARKEY and light’em up!!!!!!!

  7. Ruth Taylor says:

    Save me a nicka….

  8. Kessler says:

    Checking this turds criminal record, he has been arrested for everything from tresspassing to assault more than 15 times since 1999.
    Maybe he should have been in prison (or dead)

  9. Milli Vanilli? says:

    Milli Vanilli??

  10. I'd do it says:

    Please hang him for the public eye to see. Let me pull the lever.

  11. RetroDude says:

    Doggone it, more racial profiling. I’m sure this upstanding brother was just on his way to his second job so he could support his family and the man nabbed him just because he’s black. Oh, the injustice!

    1. nanna says:

      Retro Dude -Shut UP why did you have to make this a racial thing. The guy is a criminal period. Oh the injustice of your ignorance.

  12. we says:

    Hook him up to a truck and drag him down I- 35 all the way to Texas!!!!

  13. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Rufus is just another black dog that will be bent over and driven home, as he should be. Howl at the moon, Rufus! JAFN…

    1. rufus sux says:

      I wonder if he’ll get a kiss first?

  14. Kent says:

    Your right this is Minnesota, he’ll get 15 years on each charge but one of our brillant judges will let him serve them concurrentrly and give him time for good behavior. He killed three people and tore aprt a family. 15 years minus goodtime he’ll be out in 8 years ….Minnesota Nice.

  15. em0886 says:

    This is just so sad; this poor family that lost the daughter and grand babies…not to mention her husband or boyfriend and their family. It’s so funny how people are so quick to do the crime but when it comes down to paying for their choices they are a bunch of p****s and either run or rat everyone out that they considered their “boys”

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