ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican lawmakers are questioning Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s authority to move ahead with a state health insurance exchange using federal dollars.

Sen. David Hann said Tuesday that Dayton is bypassing the Legislature by taking a $4.2 million federal grant to design a major feature of the federal health care overhaul.

Dayton has been a strong supporter of the health care overhaul since taking office in January and signing an order to expand the Medicaid health care program.

Republicans including Sen. Chris Gerlach say they wish Dayton instead would join them in resisting the federal health law.

State-based health exchanges are envisioned as online marketplaces where consumers can compare and buy health insurance coverage starting in 2014. Federal and state authorities announced the latest grant last week.

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Comments (12)
  1. Denise says:

    These are the same legislators who took their pay and maintained their health insurance while they shut down the state government? Wonderful

    1. Papa K says:

      Quit your complaining! This passed bohh the US Senate and House and it’s LAW whether you like it or not. If the Sumpreme Court strikes it down then we know it’s politics.

      It’s funny … Real Funny … That this is what the Republicans wanted a few years ago and now they don’t. Probably because their special interest groups don’t.

      Listen up … They make you icon but to the voters, politician are odors. Especially the Republicans and Tea Party.

      1. Lady says:

        So you’re saying that a few years ago the Republicans wanted this but now they don’t? So that means that a few years ago the Dems didn’t want it but now they do?

  2. Thaddman says:

    Same guys who call an exchange where you can compare health insurance costs socialism…

    what gives….

    oh I know.

    the guy whose giving them PAC money namelessly (along with those twice weekly golfing and fishing outtings

  3. Lucas says:

    This is such a waste of money. Obamacare is gone next year either by the supreme court or by the elections. Why not wait and see.

  4. Anita says:

    Was there this much discussion in 1935? 1962? Did you pay for Mandatory Pension and Medical Care on each paycheck (medical is paid until the day you die), since you started working? Check your pay stubs, you will notice that you pay into Mandatory Health Care to be used later, and an income fund to be collected later. What is so wrong with extending health care to all?

  5. jmh says:

    Not a good thing if you have preexisting medical problems it will either be to much where no one could afford it or you will not qualify. the medical problems would not be so high if people would stop using the emergency room as a doctor office that alone can cost up to 10.000 a visit by the time the test and so on

  6. Pavel says:

    Same “nay sayers” as always in this legislature. Anything to try to defeat Obama. They have no concern for those who need the insurance, only that they defeat any initiative offered by the President. Get rid of these folks!

  7. Lucifer says:

    Whether you are for or against ObummerCare it has been challenged by 26 states. The individual mandate has been deemed unconstitutional by one court and deemed constitutional by another court. The Supreme Court needs to weigh in on ObummerCare and render its decision before ANY more money is spent implimenting ObummerCare and any further progress is done to impliment it.

    All federal moneys come with strings attached and states rights being surrendered. It was improper for Dayton to take this money until the Supreme Court makes its decision.

    I also have a BIG problem with how Obummer, Peelousy and Dirty Harry Reid rolled student loans into this massive law. How do student loans relate to health care? What happened to the rules that required that all provisions of a bill had to be related?

  8. Marcus B says:

    Republican douchbaggery.

    1. Lucifer says:

      Geeze Marcus…. such an intelligent response. You must be one of those so called “educated liberals” that has all the answers to everything (LOL). Why do you even bother to post if that is the best you can do?

      Grab a bag of potato chips and go back to your mothers basement.

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