ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — During a tough economy people are looking to make money any way they can, and in some cases that means stealing someone’s dog.

St. Paul and other cities are reporting an increase in dog thefts and attempted dog abductions.

The theory is that people are trying to steal the dogs for breeding purposes, dog-fighting or to re-sell them.

Nation-wide, the American Kennel Club is reporting more than a 30 percent increase in dog thefts. Officials said it is probably even higher because not all thefts are reported.

“The main thing is if people have lost their dogs they need to file a police report immediately,” said Angie Wiese, a spokesperson for St. Paul’s Department of Safety and Inspections.

Wiese also said a microchip goes a long way towards tracking down a family pet.

It’s a nightmare scenario for Mark, who said his dog Brinks is a mobile assist K-9 for his wife who has ALS, not to mention an important member of the family.

“It’s shocking and incredibly sad because the bond between dogs and humans is so incredibly strong. You would have to be the scum of the earth to do something like that,” said Mark.

There have been reported cases of people stealing dogs and then waiting for a reward to be put out by the pet’s owner, before they give them back.

Comments (10)
  1. Help Murph says:

    You pulled it off. Took a missing dog story and ran it in for a touchdown. You seem very angry and all stories will be able to be linked back to your mis guided beliefs. Good Luck!

  2. em0886 says:

    This is so sad…I feel so bad for the dogs and the owner’s, pets truly are a member of the family. Maybe these people should get jobs instead of stealing; where there’s a will there’s a way to find work.

  3. me says:

    Unbelievable…to stoop so low as to steal someones dog…companion….assistant etc. first our children, then our dogs??? Now, we can’t even leave our independant dogs out of our sight for even a second.

    sorry FIdo…I know you’re used to playing in the yard…but not anymore…not only do I have to keep my teenagers at home next to me…I now have to keep fido next to me at all times..A virtual prisoner these days. not like in the day where the dogs could roam free, and I could walk to the store for candy at the age of 10. now…you have to stay at home until you’re an adult, and fido cannot be left out of your site for even a second. crazy *@*@ world is what this is.

  4. Julia Childs says:

    “The theory is that people are trying to steal the dogs for breeding purposes, dog-fighting or to re-sell them.”

    Yeah, I’m sure that is the case. What information is this theory based on?

    1. M B says:

      What else would they be doing with them? Cooking them for dinner? Well, actually, some Asian cultures will, so I guess it can’t be ruled out entirely.

      If these thieves are too poor to be able to afford one from the shelter, they’re probably too poor to be able to keep one fed and under medical treatment for any extended period of time as a family pet. So any money making purposes are likely to win out.

  5. TL the alligator says:

    ….there is also a disgusting element of society that will steal your pet and then sell it to “research” where they will tortuire and subject it to “tests” on products intended for eventual human use.

    1. Jules says:

      99.9% of all dogs used in research are purpose bred research animals that cost more than the average household pet. Research is all about keeping any variables (such as breed, weight, genetic background) consistant. Reseach labs that use dogs are very highly regulated by the UDSA. Most labs would not take pets from the street. Most labs want animals that are as genetically simalar as they can be, such as littermates. I know it is a touchy subject and PETA has done an excellent job showing the negatives, but if you do some homework yourself, look on websites such a, you will see that these days reseach is not about “torture”.

  6. TL the alligator says:

    Yo Julia Childs……..its a “theory”… know what a theory is?….most 12 year olds do…..and this one is based on common sense….something you clearly DO NOT have….there are many morons amongst us and you exemplify that fact.

  7. Counselor Mackey says:

    To associate this with “the economy” is fallacy and completely inaccurate. It implies that hard-working people are brought to the brink by being unable to support their family and pay their bills and keep their homes. That isn’t what’s happening here. There is a criminal element in our society, and “the economy” has no bearing upon it.

    For example, how much financial trouble would you have to be in, in order to go home invade your neighbor or burglarize your neighbor to take his property and keep it as your own or sell it for profit to pay your overdue utility bills or to pay for little Johnny’s chemotherapy?

    I’m sorry, but there is no situation that would motivate me to steal from someone to pay my bills.

    Blaming “the economy” as the reason why pig-faced criminals would steal your dog is making an absolute mockery of the hardships actual hard-working Americans are enduring in “the economy.”

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