RED WING, Minn. (WCCO) — It is a river town that offers some of the best scenes of the summer. But this year, Red Wing Police have their hands full with a crime spree stealing some of the town’s beauty.

Red Wing Police have received 54 burglary reports since June 1. Thieves have hit unlocked cars, homes and boats. Two arrests in the last few weeks haven’t stopped it.

Bob Furchner said he believes a group has been casing homes in his neighborhood for weeks. He points out the homes that have been hit.

“Two right over there. One up the street and two around the corner then there’s even two more,” Furchner said.

Anita Ripley lives across the street. A couple of weeks ago she cracked her door open early one morning and went back to sleep. Someone walked in and swiped her purse and medications off of her kitchen counter.

“They must of just come right through the front doors,” Ripley said. “It just scares you.”

Beyond stealing anything in plain sight from unlocked homes and cars, boats docked at several marinas have also been hit. Even Red Wing’s baseball fields have been a target. Someone broke into the concession stand stealing candy and beer only to come back a few days later and do it again.

So far, there haven’t been any confrontations. But, Red Wing Police Captain Darold Glander worries that could change. Just two days ago, a thief got away with three shotguns from another home.

“We’re really afraid something bad is going to happen,” Captain Glander said.

People are living a little differently now, vacationing this summer from a carefree life.

“People work hard for what they have. They don’t like it being stolen,” Ripley said.

Red Wing Police have made two arrests in these cases in the last few weeks but that still hasn’t stopped the crime spree.  Paul Mahoney, 56, was arrested for stealing items from boats.

Police said William Raley, 22, is responsible for some of the other thefts.  Police aren’t sure if the cases have a connection at this point, but they’re not ruling that out.

Comments (21)
  1. Joe says:

    They tried getting into my house. I dare them to come back!

    1. seriously says:

      ooooh tough guy

  2. Mike says:

    This isn’t news…homes are robbed all the time in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, Alexandria….so what.

    1. Real Talk says:

      By definition this is news Mike. Maybe this isnt surprising to you…but rest assured my simple minded goober, this is news.

  3. KegHead says:

    Is this St. Louis?

  4. the truth says:

    In most cases, they are black people.

    1. Mark says:

      @the truth

      Careful. Your racism and bigotry is showing.

      1. the truth says:

        Just as I said, in most cases…..

        And that isn’t racism, thats called stereotyping.

        1. Real Talk says:

          Actually…that is not sterotyping. How dumb are you?

          A stereotype is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals. In this case, you made no such assertion. You simply said you thought black people were responsible for break-ins in this specific case.

          What was the last grade you actually graduated buddy…yikes!!!

    2. Real Talk says:

      In most cases, they were pink elaphants.

      See….i can make up nonsense based on my own fantasies too. And both of us have the same amount of facts to back up our statements….interesting huh?

      1. Mark says:

        @Real Talk
        Great comeback!

        And to The Truth, racism; sterotyping… It doesn’t really matter, your first comment refereing to race was not factual, only disgusting!

  5. db1861 says:

    Pretty Red Wing isn’t so pretty.

  6. Red Wing Winger says:

    I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open. I echo the sentiment of the earlier commenter. I’ll offer a Hornady 4-Buck welcoming gift to would-be burglars and thieves. The area of the Smokin Oak can be considered secure…

  7. Just Sayin says:

    I don’t think either of the guys in the photos look black. Just sayin!

    1. truth says:

      Nope! Suprised!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jon Salle says:

    Red Wing has slowly been going down hill for some time now!..

    1. Red Wing Winger says:

      I don’t think I can agree with that. What are you basing that opinion on?

  9. rj says:

    Without hesitation, thieves will be carried out with few extra holes in them.

  10. Shannon Hicks says:

    What streets are these robberies happening? I’ve been out of town since 8/2. I got the shotgun out and ready to go…..

  11. Rom says:

    South Park, East Avenue, 10th street up though 15th street. It’s local punks who will probably “catch one” when they surprise another homeowner.

    1. Hello says:

      I live in Red Wing, sad when I have to hear there are 54 reports from WCCO. Why isn’t the local paper reporting how many there are; and where? Our taxes pay the Police Department, I think they should be informing the pubilic better.

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