6-Year-Old Calls 911 For Grandmother

CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — Quick thinking from a 6-year-old may have saved her grandmother’s life in Chaska Wednesday.

According to police, the girl found her grandmother lying on the floor of their garage, unconscious and bleeding from her head. The grandmother had been babysitting for her grandchildren.

Police said the girl called 911, just as she had been taught whenever there was an emergency, a fire, or if “bad guys” ever came to her home.

Paramedics responded and took the woman to be hospitalized.

They say she lost a lot of blood, but will be just fine thanks to some quick thinking by her granddaughter.

Police didn’t say what they think happened to cause the woman to fall.

  • anonymous


  • em0886

    How amazing!! What good parenting as well!!

  • Nikki

    What a great story. She’s definitely Grandma’s Little Angel! Hopefully the grandmother will be just fine to enjoy many more years with her family. Kudos to the little girls parents too for teaching her about 911!

  • chong

    time to buy that kid a pony!!!

  • red

    Way to go young lady-!

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