MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins have announced their season ticket prices for 2012, and they will not change from the prices charged this season.

The Twins have sold out 49 of their first 57 home games of the season, with Target Field still proving to be a big draw for locals in its second year of existence.

The Twins have capped the season-ticket list at 25,000 and there remains a waiting list fans can join to get access to the tickets. So the demand is still high, despite there being more nights this season with plenty of empty seats as the team has dropped in the standings.

Twins President Dave St. Peter says the team is committed to ensuring that a Target Field ticket remains affordable for fans in a tough economy.

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Comments (2)
  1. Such fan appreciation. says:

    We build the Twins a new stadium. They jack up ticket prices and the cost of food and beverages soar through the roof. Oops, there is no roof – neither on the stadium nor on the upper limits of food and beverage prices.

    They have a less than exemplary season in the new home we gave them.

    And, to reward us, they will “hold” season ticket prices to the jacked up prices of this year.

    Isn’t that sweet and generous?

  2. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    Such fan,

    You are the perfect example of a fair weather fan and guess what Minnesota is full of them! It could be worse, Pittsburgh hasn’t had a winning season in 17 years! Newsflash, the twins have won 6 division titles in the past 9 seasons. That’s pretty good considering the payroll 5 of those titles the twins front office worked with. As far as the food and beverage go, eat and drink before you go into the stadium. The Twins easily could’ve increased ticket prices!

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