MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — Voters are more concerned about jobs and the economy than an occasional gaffe by a candidate, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Friday.

Bachmann who made two appearances before enthusiastic crowds on the strongly Republican South Carolina coast, also said the appeal that helped her win last week’s straw poll in Iowa will carry over into South Carolina, which has the first GOP presidential primary in the South.

Bachmann has misspoken a couple of times in recent weeks, most recently on Tuesday in Spartanburg, when she mentioned to a crowd that it was Elvis’ birthday when it was actually the anniversary of his death. Bachmann corrected herself later that day as she spoke with reporters saying “he’s still alive in our hearts.”

In June, she kicked off her presidential campaign in Waterloo, Iowa, calling it the home of American actor John Wayne. The town was actually home for a time to serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Asked about the gaffes after speaking to a crowd of about 200 in Mount Pleasant in front of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, Bachmann said “certainly when you speak six times a day, slipups can occur.”

She said she has corrected her errors and “the media will report what the media will report, but that goes with the territory when you are running for president of the United States.”

Bachmann added voters don’t seem to be paying attention to gaffes.

“The main thing people focus on in every single place I have gone to is the economy,” she said. “The main thing they are looking for is who can turn the economy around. Who can make their lives better?”

She said that, as in Iowa, “people in South Carolina are looking for a champion to take their voice to the White House.”

Earlier, Bachmann spoke to a crowd of about 250 people gathered outside under a blazing sun and 90-degree heat in Myrtle Beach, saying the nation can’t go on spending money it doesn’t have.

“We have voted ourselves a lifestyle we can’t possibly afford and now the day of reckoning has come,” she said.

Figures released Friday show South Carolina’s unemployment rate jumped to 10.9 percent in July, the third-highest rate in the nation and the highest rate among the early presidential primary states.

“We can do so much better than what we are doing now,” Bachmann told reporters. “We can do so much better than what we are doing now. I want to give hope and encouragement to people who are unemployed. I understand the problems of the economy and I understand how to turn it around.”

In both locations she said if she had been president and the nation’s credit was downgraded, she would have called Congress back to Washington to find ways to reduce spending. Bachmann said she would make sure those who serve in the military were paid and retirees had their Social Security benefits. Beyond that, she said, anything was on the table for cuts.

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Comments (81)
  1. James2 says:

    For a woman who thinks that gays are possessed by Satan, she’s doing pretty well. She will pray the ecomomy away, and terrorism will end for she’s so charismatic. And those eyes, the eyes have it. World leaders will be so mesmerized by them they will have to vote her Messiah wherein we can wear her Markus of the Beast number and finally have peace. I’m voting for her.

    1. TPaw says:

      Don’t be dragging Marcus into this. He can’t help “the pray away” didn’t work for him.

      1. Rachel Madcow says:

        If you think gay issues are the most important in any election you are seriously ill!! How’s that Barackbottom bus tour working out for you?

    2. $2 PER GALLON GAS? says:


      1. Carl says:

        So you dont think we will need petroleum products in 2030? Thats the same argument you have for not expanding drilling operations off the US coast. It would be nice if we didnt have to rely on oil to fuel our nation, but at this point it is the cheapest most economical fuel we have.
        Glad our forefathers were not as shortsighted as you

        1. Angie says:

          Carl, do you understand what you read? The MB proposal to drill now would not produce results for an about another 18 years. Those are the estimates on her proposal. In other words, her plan has no effect on prices any time soon. Nor will it have an effect on future prices.

          1. Carl says:

            Again, for you slower ones out there. We will need oil in 18 years. How do you know it wont have an effect on future Oil prices?

            1. Megan H says:

              Do you know anything at all about OPEC and the way oil prices are controlled. Obviously not.

            2. Harry says:

              The added oil supply is only expected to drop the price of gas by three cents.

      2. Jake says:

        Hey, STUPID, whether you believe it or not, this country RUNS ON OIL. You stop the oil, this country DIES. Is that what you want, STUPID?? Now, unliess you have the formula for an Arc Reactor, and can transform the world, that’s what we are stuck with. So either WE drill for ourselves, or somebody else drills for SOMEBODY ELSE. Which do you prefer?

        1. Me says:

          So you don’t think in 18 years we will have better energy sources. Perhaps more efficient solar power. Instead of relying on an archaic fuel source maybe we can spend some time and money on renewable energy. Gas prices went up and all of a sudden we have 50 mpg hybrid cars. In 18 years who knows what will happen.

        2. Carson says:

          Jake the Jerk off, no one is saying we do not need oil. What was said is that Bachmann’s Bright Idea to increase drilling in order to drop gas prices now is just not realistic. Doing so will have no impact now and most likely not have one in the future. Do a little research of your own if you don’t believe it.

          We’d have a greater impact on gas prices if we reduce our dependency on oil. That is the direction we need to go. Invest in the future, not in the same old failed drill more ideas. Realistically the only ones who stand to benefit from New Drilling and Tax Cuts are the BIG OIL COMPANIES, and not the American People

    1. meow says:

      cant …. stop …. laughing …. O M F G!!! ….. BEYOND FUNNY

    2. Tan pup says:

      OK, what is really creepy is that the “crazy” (s) Charles Manson, the pope – etc. seem to look normal with her eyes!

  2. Angus says:

    The eyes may be good but the triple chin has to go

    1. Jake says:

      You are probably the one with the triple chin, let’s see a photo of you.

  3. Murph says:

    Where is she headed for next? With her gang of thugs mugging reporters. Yes she’s a fascist nut case,but aren’t they all? So who to vote for? My old blind dog would make better decisions ,smell the right camera and see a better future ,plus dogs don’t lie! The old proverb says to let sleeping dogs lie.But nobody should let bleeping politicians lie! The girl ain’t right!

  4. noclueforUShistory says:

    I was expecting her to something along the lines of “Ain’t it great the South won the Civil War!!!”

  5. sickofhervoice says:

    And is she being paid her salary as an elected Minnesota official to do all this campaigning . . . if so then lets start talking about wasteful spending.

    1. Jake says:

      Yeah, just like obama, the worst prez since carter.

  6. A winner says:

    I was awaiting her to say the easiest and best way out of this economic mess is to “slay the dragon itself – we must blow up the USA” followed by her waving of her hands as the crowds screaming at her…..of course she mistakes that for applause as she blows them a kiss as she enters her bus.
    Yep Michelle – you one of a kind. Adolf was simialr but he’s long gone….hmmmm, or is he?

  7. brains dead and her candles out says:

    She announced she has put into play a new Navy unit called SHARKS_ that are said to assimilate the great White shark_ and had sent them, ahead of her pending successful Presidential bid, into the Sea of Japan to chomp on Russian swimmers.
    She announced the first mission to be a huge success and in the past few days claims to have severly damaged the beliefs that water is safe to swim in…
    her belief is she can scare the global waters free of pirates and illegal aliens from Mars entering our shores. say what ????? …………………………………

  8. meow says:

    I’m really tired of ragging on Michele. I’m trying to find nice things to say about her… but I struggle. I’ve watched close to 30 different YouTube videos of her talking or having interviews. She states that she is qualified then lists her reasons but really, those are sort of random reasons without enough true substance. She actually has many marks against her record along with being caught on flat out lies. It is beyond me why she has even been able to become a Governor.

    So can anyone offer up any good things about Michele that would qualify her to be the POTUS for millions of diverse Americans? Does she have a long list of outstanding and amazing accomplishments? I just don’t see it. Sorry, being a mom of five kids and helping foster kids doesn’t count to be POTUS.

    1. BobbleHead Doll says:

      she does NOT even have the required qualifications to be Head Greeter at the Mall’s RestRoom Hallway. They fired the beeetch when they realized she didn’t know the difference a Woman and Men sign after sending them to wrong spots.
      One could also assume she doesn’t know the “parts” are different on the 2 sexes too since her conceptions were miraculous by nature. 😉

      1. Jake says:

        So much for Minnesota “nice”.

        1. Sean says:

          Notice you coouldn’t refute any arguments

        2. Elroy says:

          “Minnesota Nice” is a myth. Something created by Minnesotans to mask the passive aggressiveness that they possess. Are you effin serious Jake? Maybe if you crawled out of MB’s A55 and looked around you would know what kind of a joke you and she are.

    2. Carl says:

      @ meow,

      You should have spent less time watching youtube and more time knowing what position Michelle holds in the state of Minnesota. The Govenor is actually Mark “Jobs Legacy” Dayton.
      Again, just shows again what little your comments mean on this site.

      1. meow says:

        NOT Governor. I knew that.

    3. Rebecca says:

      You think you are educated enough to comment on Politics but have no idea who the F’n govenor of MN is! What a drool of society

      1. meow says:

        LMAO … OK that was my bad. I meant Congress Woman. Not Governor. D’OH

        1. nope says:

          U being toooo nice. It is CongressSkank Bachmann
          Where the F have you been?

    4. mark says:

      she is not a governor

    5. Mel says:

      She’s not a governor, she’s a congresswoman.

    6. GIve me liberty says:

      If only the GOP could find a community organizer…

  9. Sam says:

    Who is Bachmann representing again? I’ve seen “trip to Iowa, trip to SC, trip to Iowa, trip to SC.” Any reference to “spending time in Lino Lakes, with her _constituents_”?
    In a recent interview with Fox News, she frequently said “I’ve been talking to the people of X state, and what they told me they wanted was this, which is why I’m voting that way.” Here’s the rub, “X state” was never MN. It was Iowa or South Carolina. She’s not representing the people of MN: She’s representing herself as the next president.

    1. dan says:

      I am not a fan of MB but my god dude come up with a different argument. Every presidential candidate that currently holds an office travels around to gather support and visit straw poll states. Do you think Obama did anything different?

    2. Jake says:

      Get a CLUE, sam, or get out of the arguement. This isn’t an 8th grade DEBATE.

      1. Deep Thinker says:

        @Jake………You say this isn’t an 8th grade debate, yet everyone of your posts has added nothing to this discussion. Furthmore Sam is right, name one piece of legislation that MB has introduced in Congress. You sit back & take shots at everyone else but add absolutley nothing….talk about 8th grade mentality.

  10. Sarah P says:

    Stop picking on MB”s children!!!!!

    1. Jenn says:

      That’s what she’s been doing the entire time. Just like Tpaw, she has been propping herself up to run for a higher calling.

  11. JOHN says:

    you know what you call it if you do not like any of the canidates of either party for the presidency? electiledysfuntion

  12. Tan pup says:

    She will be all southafied now. I bet she starts speaking with a southern accent.and made even more friends with her beliefs that black children would be better off as slaves. . .

    1. Barney Fwank says:

      Kinda like Insane speaks at the NAACP? Been there, done that!!!

  13. Renee says:

    MB and her traveling carnival show haaaaa Great entertainment wondering what next is going to come out of that big mouth haaaaa

  14. Boom!!!! says:

    ” I said DOON’T push the button! Aww geez, give me a breek, I haad to speak six times already today, don’t’cha knoow. Noobady’s perfect.”

    ~~President Bachmann, 30 min before the end of the world

  15. d dog says:

    Buffoon, simply a buffoon.
    She is a carnival freak show, the world must be laughing their tails off that this loon is even running!

    1. Nancy Pelosi says:

      Obamy is a buffoon, simply a buffoon!
      He’s a carnival freak show, the world must be laughing that he is spending 1 billion dollars on a losing campaign!!!! The polls speak volumes!!

  16. the crux of the buscuit says:

    One of the primary reasons certain areas in both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts are off-limits to oil production is because they aleady provide billions in economic resources as food producing areas. To risk another GOM type blowout in a primary fishery would result in huge economic losses to say nothing of the property losses.

  17. Queen Bee says:

    President Michele Bachmann – I am so proud to have brought this Toyota plant to Vancouver! This will employee 3400 people. Now, let’s sing our national anthem.

    Crowd – Oh, Canada…

    Gaffes do matter.

  18. Well Oh Boy!! says:

    “…after speaking to a crowd of about 200 in Mount Pleasant….”

    “Earlier, Bachmann spoke to a crowd of about 250 people gathered outside under a blazing sun….”

    Numbers like this are pretty pathetic, actually.

    1. Mel says:

      Um, not for a small town. The numbers are actually pretty good, trust me, I’m from Iowa. Most people are out in the fields right now.

      1. Well Oh Boy!! says:

        Ummm, Google is an amazing thing, ain’t it. Mount Pleasant is a suburb of Charleston, and “is the fifth largest municipality in South Carolina, and for several years it was one of the state’s fastest growing areas, literally doubling in population size between 1990 and 2000. The population was 67,843 at the 2010 census.”

        The other town she was in was Myrtle Beach, where “(t)he estimated 2009 population for the city is 31,968.”

        Not exactly farming towns, are they.

  19. Pray away the gay says:

    Does anyone else thinks she’s running just to make Perry look sane by comparison??? Not a fan of Obama, but I would really like to vote for someone that isn’t a loon.

    1. Toothless Bawney Fwank says:

      Gays will find out how irrelevant they really are next election!!!

  20. A Voter says:

    I’m a Voter, and I care that we might end up with an airhead in the White House.

    1. Sheriff Joe Biden says:

      Already got one or two!!!! He he he!! Joke’s on you!!!

  21. frozenrunner says:

    It is too bad the Republicans can not figure out in thier collection of retreads and freaks thaat they coulld win an election with a straightforward pragmatic approach. But the problemm with the base of the gop is they wouldd rather stick to their position and be wrong than actuallythink things through

  22. Ordinary Guy says:

    If oil can make a president, it can break one. We are in the power of oil, and we will be until it’s all gone. We need more, not less. If you were in oil, you would want more cheap crude oil, you would want to put competing fuel technologies out of business, then you could have whatever you wanted. You would be loyal to no one.

    Why would Arctic oil flow to Minnesota when Asia is just around the corner, hungry for oil, and flush with dollars? If they can sell it for $2, they can set it at $8 and get it. Oil alone is not enough to fill our energy needs and conservation is doing too little. We’d better protect ourselves and diversify our energy sources, or learn to kneel to the favor of oil.

    Is that what these candidates would do?

  23. Angus says:

    Yes, worried about jobs but laugh at her mistakes.

    Yest, Iowans are out in the filds, particularly political left field

    1. M B says:

      If that was the case, then why are the Republican Straw Polls so important there. If you actually looked up the data, you’d find they are almost 50/50 for president, except in the last election, which swung Democratic. I’m guessing the Republicans there got tired of Republican policy too.

  24. Citizen says:

    When Bush II took office, gas prices were around $2 a gallon. The war in Iraq drove prices to where they are today, but the price rise was also political because Texas oil companies could not make profits when crude was at $25 a barrel as it was when Bush II took office. In order to make the profit they wanted to in order to drill, Texas oil companies needed the price per barrel of oil to rise dramatically. Bush II took care of them. OPEC will maintain the supply of oil to maintain the price. There are already plenty of electric hybrid cars being rushed to market, and China is producing hydrogen cars which are truly the cars of the future. That hydrogen technology is here now and is viable–there just needs to be an infrastructure (hydrogen stations) to support it. Oil is on its way out, albeit slowly.

    1. M B-not bachmann says:

      They can’t build hydrogen fueling stations fast enough as far as I’m concerned. The future will either be in that, or in cars that run on natural gas. At least we have plenty of that here. You just need to travel to Washington DC to get tons of the stuff.

  25. easyrider says:

    I suppose it’s a non-issue by now, but in SC she was saying nearly half the population of the US don’t pay taxes. Just checking on the breakdown of the population, around 38% are either under 20 or over 65. I think Perry was also going about the census findings saying about the same as she was. Obviously everyone who buys something pays taxes, or rather it should be obvious. If they are strictly talking about income taxes 47% not paying them should be a realistic, economically healthy number. More to the point of this thread, when Bachmann says she’ll protect social security benefits she must mean medicare also since it’s one of the benefits of social security.

  26. Rico Suave says:

    The gaffes are fun aren’t they? I just wish liberals and the media paid as much attention to the hilarious ones made by their heroes like Biden and Obama. The Commander in Chief of the most powerful army in the free world referring to Navy corpsmen over and over as “corpse” men in one televised appearance. I think it’s a small thing to ask that the leader of the U.S. military know how to pronounce the names of its members. Aside from being a scream, it’s also scary how clueless this guy is about his job. Yet people think he’s brilliant because he knows how to properly pronounce the capital of Kazjerkistan. Campaigning he said “So far I’ve been to 57 states and have two more to go” I guess geography wasn’t his best thing and neither was math.

    Biden the plagiarist and gold standard of gaffes has too many to count. But the “stand up Chuck” line was pretty good, or the “what America needs most is a three letter word: jobs” That one was precious. plus he has lifted whole passages of other’s speeches about their family’s history and made it his own. Remember when he was talking about how the Real war was Afghanistan, and he outta know, because he was there and their helicopter was forced down in the mountains. But it wasn’t Stinger Missiles or sniper fire, apparently it was just snowing too hard to take off.

    But liberals howl with glee when a conservative makes a gaffe. And half the time they get it wrong like when Palin correctly referred to the year of the Boston Tea Party and the media jumped on it in unison until, woopsie, someone on the left blew the dust off a history book, cracked it open and lo and behold she had it exactly right. Liberals apparently think the entire American Revolution began in ended in 1776. And that’s the sum total of their knowledge on the matter. But they get site the exact moment Rosa Parks wouldn’t move to the back of the bus. Are these common claims of conservative dunces just liberals projecting??? One wonders. I think the liberal claims of the towering intellect among their heroes is an easily debunked urban myth.

    1. easyrider says:

      lol…remember Dubya Bush? How about Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh? And the year of the Boston Tea Party was? And it was over what? Very few people know what the Boston Tea Party was about, the current Tea Party doesn’t. There is no connection between the two.

      1. Sheriff Joe Biden says:

        I guess they are the POTUS NOW? Even I know that!!

  27. Incredulous1 says:

    Worried about jobs? Yes. Worried about Bachmann’s gaffes? No, not really. Worried about right-wing religious extremists making public policy? Much more so.

    1. M B-not bachmann says:

      Gaffs could be telling in the fact that they might point to a person who does not study history, geography, or current events, or one that chooses to interpret those events however they want nut not as they actually are. All of those are important for a candidate. If your candidate is out of touch with reality, then it’s rather dangerous to vote for them.

  28. SnowFire says:

    Rico Suave = Latin lover type with greesed hair, gold chains, flowing shirt, the whole bit. Said person usually has largely inflated ego and a slight lisp. (Urban Dictionary)

    I couldn’t find any pertinent information in the comments here (or the article) that would be of any use when casting my vote. I can’t believe all the meaningless comments and how so many waste this space and opportunity.

    1. Rico Suave says:

      I think you meant “greased” hair. I’ll give you largely inflated ego. But you’re way off on the rest. Try devilishly handsome, dead sexy, and a razor sharp rapier wit. And humble of course.

  29. Bleeding..... Red says:

    Bachmann Palin 2012
    Palin Bachmann 2012

    A team that will bring us to the forefront of the world again!

    ROFLMFAO!! 😀 😀 😀
    (sorry…. could not do it with a straight face!)

    1. Rachel Madcow says:

      Obama-Biden 2012 or really Dumbo-Goofy 2012 More of the same or had enough?
      Sorry couldn’t do it with a straight face either!!!!!!!

  30. The Crix of the Buscuit says:

    Bachmanns answer to more jobs is to lower marginal tax rates for the wealthy. This was done, repeatedly, and look where we are today. Jobs leaving the country by the millions, and yet she says we need more of the same? The people that believe her are even dumber that she is, even though to some of us that would seem an almost impossibility!

  31. Dr. Strangelove says:

    The President has her/his finger on the nuclear button. Imagine Michele Whack-job with that knid of power.

    Makes Freddy Kruger look sone.

    1. Sashay and Malaria says:

      Don’t talk about Big MO like that!!!

  32. Julie says:

    We notice, and care about more than you think, Michelle.
    You are an idiot, Michelle, along with your ‘prey… erm pray away the gay husband of yours.

    You are both so far into the closet…

  33. labman57 says:

    Bachmann to populace — pay no attention to the reality of my complete ignorance behind the curtain.

    Well thank God she’s applying for a job that has a fairly light work load and doesn’t require good communication skills.

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